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Becoming unemployed could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Freelance work opportunities are everywhere and they are perfect for someone with years of experience in their field.

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More and more businesses are outsourcing jobs because they don't want the expense of paying benefits to salaried employees.

While that is a difficult situation, it also presents opportunities for those same ex-employees to offer their services to the highest bidder.

If you are in your fifties and sixties and are suddenly made redundant, you may never be an employee again, but you may have the skills to become a freelancer.

This website guide is designed to help you to find information about...

  • Where do you find work as a freelancer?
  • Types of freelancing work
  • Guides to freelancing and how to "go solo" as a self-employed freelancer
  • Freelancing your skills over the internet
  • How an internet freelancing organization can help you to get a fresh start

Where to Find Freelance Employment

A good place to start looking for freelance employment is on the freelance job boards. A quick search will show dozens of these.

Some job boards are specific to particular niches, while others have a much broader scope. You will soon discover which one best suits your expertise.

Sometimes it's the most basic skills that can get you started in freelance work. You would be surprised how many people are lacking computer skills and provide computer work at home that you can do from the comfort of your living room.

Suddenly, trading that long commute for a more relaxed work at home existence doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

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There are hundreds of job websites where you can source legitimate work at home jobs. Many of these are free, though you may have to register in order to fill out a profile so that companies that outsource can find you.

Another option for online freelance work is to visit freelance writing jobs websites. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but if you can write reports or prepare informational presentations, then you already have some of the skills you need to begin working from home.

Time Management When You're Self Employed

One difference between self employment and working for an employer is the need for self discipline. With no-one but you to manage your schedule, it is essential to develop your time management skills and find good time management tools to help you to provide the best service.

Any good self employment guide will give you some time management tips to get you started.

So don't despair if you find that you're out of a job.

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While companies are totting up the advantages of outsourcing, you can prepare yourself to take advantage of the freelance work opportunities that are certain to come along.

All the best,

John Cosstick

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