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Effective Writing Techniques for the Online Freelancer

For the new freelance writer, understanding and applying the various writing techniques will become an indispensible part of your repertoire.

The market for website content and related writing services for marketing online is absolutely booming, with work ranging from article writing through to ghostwriting entire ebooks.

When you first set out to learn the finer points of writing techniques for online or offline projects, the following 4 free ebooks will come in handy:

Make Your Content PREsell! (MYCPS!)

Writing articles for websites is not the same as writing ad copy in the offline world. Web content requires a softer, trust-building approach, which the well-known Internet marketer and author Ken Evoy terms "PREselling."

Preselling is the process of developing a bond of trust with the visitor by providing useful information through the website, not just a hard-sell sales pitch.

The theory of PREselling distills down to the idea that consumers online are much more likely to buy based on a friendly recommendation, rather than high-pressure sales tactics. This e-book explains how to write to PRESell.

Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!)

The MYSS ebook has been long considered a classic in the internet marketing world, and you can understand why due to the sheer length of 800 pages or so.

Not all of that is relevant to your as a writer, but many of the gems from the other three ebooks here come from MYSS! first, so it's certainly worth reading. It provides an excellent bird's eye view of how Internet marketing works and the role various types of writing play in the process.

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Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!)

While PREselling serves the role of warming up a visitor to become a potential customer, every website needs to eventually close the deal - that's where the sales copy comes in.

Make Your Words Sell is an expert guide that covers the differences between selling online and selling in the world of face-to-face interactions and print.

Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!)

If you want to enter the lucrative markets of ebook writing and ghostwriting, this is a must-read.

This ebook is a step by step guide that takes you through every element of creating an information product. It covers important points of style and formatting that you need to know if you want to successfully make it as an ebook writer.

Writing ebooks is a great option for freelancers to earn a good income from their writing skills, alleviating some of the financial pressures of starting up as a writer.

To find out more, check out Writing Techniques.

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