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20 Steps To Becoming A Freelance Write For Us Guru For Business

While there are many ways you can earn as a freelancer, among the most effective ways you can increase your income as an online freelancer is becoming a 'write for us' guru.

But before discussing how you become a 'write for us' guru for business, let us first define what this 'write for us' concept is.

'Write For Us' Strategy: Things You Need To Know

A 'write for us' strategy is a program where websites encourage writers to do guest posts on their websites.

As a website owner, allowing other writers to guest post on your website will do wonders for your brand, like increasing your audience reach or giving you more page and domain authority (we will get into more detail here as we go along).

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If That's What A 'Write For Us' Strategy Is, What Is A 'Write For Us' Guru?

We can look at a 'write for us' guru for business from two perspectives. First, you can be a 'write for us' guru who's also a website owner. Second, you can be a 'write for us' guru who's a writer.

Write for us guru website owners are the ones who own the platform and ask for guest posts from writers. On the other hand, write for us guru writers are the ones who do guest posts for various websites.

We'll discuss how you can become a 'write for us' guru for business both as a website owner and as a writer shortly.

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What's In It For You?

As a website owner, why do you need to become a 'write for us' guru for business? As a writer, why do you need to become a 'write for us' guru for business?

Here are the benefits of becoming a 'write for us' guru that go both ways (for writers and website owners alike):

1. A Steady Flow Of Income.

Writers who are able to become 'write for us' gurus are able to earn steadily by doing guest posts for other websites.

If you are a writer, you can get paid for what you write. While this is a benefit that's more obvious for writers, write for us guru website owners may also earn from having guest posts on their website.

When done correctly, website owners who are able to generate more traffic to their website may leverage this traffic to develop their brand, allow paid ads and create digital products.

2. More Traffic.

One of the things that website owners aspire to have is greater traffic for their website. As a 'write for us' guru slash website owner, you can do that.

Opening up your website to writers will allow you to gain more traffic-as you engage brilliant writers and influencers to share their insights on your platform, you are also gaining followers.

Likewise, if you're a writer and you have your own blog, doing guest posts on websites will also boost traffic to your blog.

3. Increased Authority.

Increased domain authority is also one of the things that becoming a 'write for us' guru for business can give you.

As a 'write for us' guru-website owner, you can gain more backlinks from more authoritative websites as you open your doors for other writers and other website owners.

As a 'write for us' guru writer, you can also gain valuable backlinks as you produce quality content.

4. Expanded Network.

Whether as a writer or a website owner, when you become a 'write for us guru', you connect with other people in the same niche. You build relationships. You form partnerships.

And as you build these relationships with people in the online industry, you are expanding your sphere of influence and allowing your business to gain more traction through these connections that you have.

5. Open Opportunities To Earn More.

Becoming a 'write for us' guru opens up plenty of opportunities for you to earn more.

As a website owner with increased website traffic as a result of opening your doors to more writers to contribute content to your platform, you will also have more chances to earn.

With more traffic, you can leverage ads, pay per clicks, affiliate programs and product sales to maximize your earnings.

As a writer, on the other hand, becoming a 'write for us' guru will enable you to explore various kinds of content deliverables for your existing (and future) clients apart from creating guest blog posts.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of becoming a 'write for us' guru, whether as a writer or a website owner, you can read our ebook "How to be a freelance 'write for us' guru for business".

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20 Steps To Becoming A Freelance Write For Us Guru For Business

We would share how you can become a freelance 'write for us' guru for business. In this article, you'll learn the specific steps on how you can become a freelance 'write for us' guru, whether you're a website owner or a writer.

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10 Steps To Becoming A 'Write For Us' Guru For Business - Tips For Writers

When done correctly, becoming a website owner 'write for us' guru for business can help you gain more visitors and help you effectively grow your business, regardless of your niche.

Step 1. Identify Your Goals

Identify your Goals

How should you begin? Although there are no fixed guidelines when it comes to creating a 'write for us' program for your platform, you have to cover the basics. First of all, you have to have a clear list of goals for the program. Once you've identified your goals, write them down.

You can ask yourself the following:

  • Why do you want guest posts?
    Do you want more traffic or do you just want a new voice for your blog?

  • What kind of writers are you looking forward to featuring?
    Do you want someone who can share new ideas or do you want to feature someone who's just within your niche?

  • Do you prefer to feature expert writers?
    Do you want to reach out to influencers and renowned bloggers in the industry or would you be willing to hire brilliant writers without blogs? We'll get into this deeper in the next step.

Once you've identified your goals for your 'write for us' program, it's time to study the best practices for guest post writing and include them into your actual set of guidelines for your 'write for us' program.

Step 2. Include A Clear Set Of Guidelines For Aspiring Guest Writers.

To prevent having to spend a lot of time screening tons of unqualified writers, make sure to enumerate the traits you're looking for when it comes to your future guest writers.

Crafting guidelines for accepted guest posts is a must, to prevent unnecessary editing on your part.

Here are a few tips on what you can include in your guest post writing guidelines:

1. Give Clear Instructions On The Output Criteria.

How long each post would be? Would there be graphics, images or infographics along with the article? Be sure to inform your aspiring writers about the specifics of their guest posts on your blog.

2. Make Sure You're Clear On Your Guest Writer Requirements.

One thing you need to consider when drafting this is your author's track record.

It doesn't matter if the writer hasn't guest posted on other sites yet-chances are, writers interested in your write for us program are likely newbies on guest writing.

If this is the case, here are a couple of things you should look at instead:

  • Past Content Quality.
    Ask for content samples, whether on their blog or somewhere else.

    Check if these guest writers have the depth you're looking for if you think their style and voice will resonate with your audience.

  • Check For Spam.
    Just simply Google-ing their names will tell you if they're pushing spam content or linking to spam sites.

    You have to check this because Google will penalize you if your website associates with authors that are linking to spam content.
  • Good Fit.
    While the guest may be a brilliant writer, he may not be a good fit for your blog.

    Consider things like their expertise and their tone (amongst many other things) and evaluate if your guest writer's style would work for your audience.

4. Let The Writers Know Your Limit For Links.

One or two outgoing links in the author bio would be fine. Be clear about your no spam link policy.

It must also be clear to your guest writers where you want to link your website-let them know that you want outbound links to sites that will inform your audience.

5. Make Sure To Screen Topics Accordingly.

Guest post topics should be unique and preferably one you haven't covered in your blog yet, unless the guest writer will be able to give an interesting spin to it.

Ask the writers to be more specific when pitching their topics to you-ask them to provide an outline so you can have a good idea on the direction they're going for in the article.

Other Reminders:

Just Take The Article.

Don't give access to your platform to your guest writers. You (or someone on your team) should upload the article so you can double check the article against your best practices before it goes live.


Be sure to include in your guidelines that you will own the rights to the article, so you will not need to ask for the author's permission in case another party is interested in using the article.

Ask The Authors To Be Mindful Of Your Community.

Community engagement an important part of the work you do for your brand.

Actively engaging with your readers by replying to their comments, whether on your blog or on social media can help you boost your presence more.

In the same way, you should request your guest authors to take part in community discussions involving their guest blog posts on your website.

Step 3. Make It Clear Why Writers Should Guest Write For You.

Like you, writers and other blog owners are also conscious about who they associate with especially if they are trying to build (or maintain) their domain authority.

Because of this, you have to build up your website to them by giving emphasis to your stats, like how big your email list is or how large is your following on social media.

Make them want to link to your site by letting them know the extent of your network and influence on the web. If you don’t have this yet, find things that are great about your platform and let your prospect writers know.

Step 4. Pay Your Writers Or Compensate Them In Other Ways.

Pay Your Writers

To help set realistic expectations for writers on your platform, let them know how much you'd pay for an article.

Be specific-whether you're paying $20 or $200 for each article on your website, it's good to let the public know so that you would attract writers who would be interested in what you have to offer.

It is also possible that you won't need to pay your writers though, as other websites don't compensate their writers monetarily.

However, this can be an option for you if your website's already authoritative to begin with or if you already have a large email list or social media following.

Step 5. Give Your Homepage The Best You've Got.

First impressions last and this is also the case with your home page. Your home page says a lot about your brand, so make it worth visiting.

Although there is more to your website than its looks, you also need to focus on its aesthetics so writers would want to associate with your platform in the future.

Step 6. Prep Your Website For Incoming Traffic.

incoming traffic

It is not merely being optimistic, but you have to prepare your website for an influx of traffic to your website in the future.

Your 'write for us' strategy will definitely help you increase traffic (due to inquiries and guest post submissions) and it would be helpful to optimize your site in preparation for this.

Optimizing your website more will help keep visitors on your page and would encourage writers and other bloggers to want to link to your site.

Things you have to check include:

  • Your website loading speed
  • Internal links 
  • Broken links (if there are any)
  • Quality of your existing content 

Step 7. Create A Dedicated Page For Your 'Write For Us' Program

After you've identified your goals and laid down the guidelines for your writers to follow and after you've optimized your website for future traffic, it's time to create a dedicated page for your "write for us" program.

A dedicated 'write for us' page makes it clear for guest writers that you are interested in what they have to offer, otherwise no one would bother to ask if you're accepting guest posts!

Communicating this clearly to your audience will make it easier for you to search for guest writers whose writing you will include on your website.

Step 8. Draft A Marketing Plan For Your 'Write For Us' Strategy.

Draft Marketing Plan

Creating a 'write for us' page is just the beginning. You have to let people know about your program through other platforms. A 'write for us' strategy is only as good as how you advertise it to the public.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Through social media - post your need for guest writers on various social media platforms
  • Through YouTube - if you're active on YouTube, you can create a video about your 'write for us' strategy and the benefits of writing for you 
  • Through your network - leverage your connections; ask around
  • Through your email list - send a broadcast informing your readers that you're eager to accept guest posts for your site

Step 9. Take Care Of Your Social Media Presence.

Social Media Presence

Part of your marketing strategy for your 'write for us' program is to advertise it through social media. If you are still having trouble with your social media presence, this is the time to create engagement with your audience through various social media sites.

Create a Facebook page, a Twitter and an IG handle or start exploring LinkedIn and Pinterest. When it comes to social media, it's never too late to start using it!

As you take care of your social media platforms (publish posts regularly, engage with your community, etc.), you will be able to build a solid foundation of followers on social media. You can use your influence on social media to reach your 'write for us' goals.

Step 10. Delegate

Part of becoming a 'write for us' guru for business is to have a lot of things to do but with very little time to handle them all. This may become overwhelming especially if you already have plenty of other responsibilities too. 

That's why the last step in becoming a 'write for us' guru is to delegate and let other people in your team take care of parts of the job so that you can still have enough time to do your other priorities in your business.

10 Steps To Becoming A 'Write For Us' Guru For Business - Tips For Writers

Step 1. Write Down Your Goals.

Write Down Your Goals

Whether you're a 'write for us' guru website owner or writer, you have to write down your goals. Why are you doing this? If you're a freelance writer, perhaps you see guest posting as a way to improve your income stream.

Perhaps you're also looking to get published on authoritative websites and to be established as an expert on your field.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger, you may have other goals like:

  • Building referral traffic
  • Growing your email list
  • Link building and SEO 
  • Build a good network of connections 
  • Build blog awareness 

Whatever your goals for writing for other websites are, your goals must be "SMART":

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Step 2. Early On, Have A Website Of Your Own

Although it is not required for would-be guest post writers to have their own blogs, you should aspire to have one early on. I know that this is scary for some writers since they think this would involve some investment on their part, but there are plenty of platforms you can use (like Wordpress) for free.

Later on, you can consider purchasing a domain of your own (which isn't expensive, by the way) if you are serious on gaining more authority in your niche or earning more through content.

It is also important to note that most websites looking for contributors require their writers to have their own blogs so that their collaboration will have a greater impact when it comes to increasing followers and traffic to their website.

Step 3. Regularly Publish Blogs.

If you have taken the time to build a website or if you already have one, it's time to regularly publish blogs. This is not only so you can advertise your skills as a 'write for us' guru for business, but it is also so you can build your audience base in preparation for guest posting in the future.

Step 4. Choose A Specialty

Be consistent. Pick a niche to write in. Identify your expertise and build your blogs around them. If it's technology, social media, medicine, parenthood or whatever else, you have to choose something that your writings will gravitate towards.

By doing so, you are developing your unique voice and slowly building your expertise around the niche you have chosen. This will also make it easier for you to look for websites to write for.

Step 5. Build Your Credentials/Portfolio

Whether as a freelance writer or a guest blogger, you must have a portfolio ready to show your prospective clients.

You can use your blog or you can create your prospects would want to know the kind of clients you have worked for in the past-they would like to know what you can bring to the table before they choose you amongst many other writers who are also aspiring to write guest posts.

Step 6. Search For Guest Blogging Opportunities

Search Guest Blogging Opportunities

After you're ready prepping your profile, blog or portfolio to show your prospects, it's time to look for guest posting opportunities on the web.

If you don't have a list of websites with a 'write for us' program for writers like you, Google is the best place to do your search.

Here are a couple of search strings you can try to locate websites with 'write for us' programs in place. You can type your industry keyword plus the search terms, like these:

  • Keyword + "submit a post" (examples: technology + "submit a post", reviews + "submit a post")
  • Keyword + "guest blog"
  • Keyword + "guest post"
  • Keyword + "guest posting guidelines"
  • Keyword + "write for us"

Or you can replace what's inside the parentheses as you see fit.

If you want a list of 200 websites that are accepting guest posts in various niches, you can check out our ebook "Guest Posting Gold: Content Creation Strategies for Website Owners and Writers"

Step 7. Select Your Websites Carefully

Select Websites

When you have a list of websites to pitch, it's time to choose which ones to pitch. Choose websites that you can relate to or websites that you think "get" your tone and style of writing.

And like what I've emphasized in the write for us guru steps for website owners, guest writers should also look out for websites that appear spammy.

Check if the sites you're looking at share your ideals and observe best practices when it comes to link building and SEO.

Step 8. Read The Guidelines Before You Pitch.

Before we get to the pitching-the-websites part, there are a few more things for you to do. One thing you mustn't forget is to read the guidelines before you pitch.

If you're planning to pitch a couple of websites, then make sure to read all of their guidelines before reaching out to them. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

There may be different guidelines on various websites, but some of the basics are the following:

  • Link building guidelines
  • Topic requirements
  • Article formatting basics
  • Tone and style requirements
  • Credentials and track record of the writers they are interested in

Step 9. Pitch Best-Fit Websites (As Many As You Can)

Although you may have a list of best-fit prospect websites, you may not please all of them, hence the idea that you should pitch as many websites as you can.

But make sure that you study their guidelines first so you have a good grasp of what they’re looking for in their guest writers.

Here are 7 tips to help you in perfecting your pitch:

1. Be Mindful Of Your Pitch.

Your pitch may determine if you will land the job or not. That's why it is important to be aware of how you present your pitch. Here are a few things to consider:

2. Personalize Your Application.

Know who to address your letter and have a genuine interest to connect with your prospect website and their audience.

3. Not Everything Is About You.

While you're aspiring to do guest writer work on several websites, you should take into account what your prospects need to deliver to their followers. 

Think of how you can help them first before thinking of your returns.

4. Make Your Application Brief.

Don't spend too much time talking about yourself or your writing history. Get to the point and don't stall when creating your pitch. Ensure that your pitch is clear about what you can bring to the table.

5. Use A Business Email Address

Instead of using a generic email address whenever possible. This makes you appear more professional, more credible and serious about your craft.

6. The Topic You Pitch Should Be Relevant To The Website's Target Audience.

When it's time to select a topic to pitch your target website/s, make sure that it would be something that the website's target audience would be interested in-otherwise your pitch might not get a chance.

7. Search The Website For Topics That Are Already Covered.

Another important thing to do before pitching any website is to check whether the topic you want to write on is something that's previously covered by the website.

You can do a manual search on their site to find out which topics would be redundant to write on.

Step 10. Follow up

Make sure to follow up after you've sent your pitches, whether to know if you were chosen or not. Perhaps the editors are just waiting for a nudge or just forgot to get back to you because of the countless applications they've been sifting through.

And one last thing, don't give up!

Becoming a 'write for us' guru writer doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work and tons of patience. One thing's for sure though-as you keep producing great work and as you keep on improving your portfolio, you will eventually find best-fit websites that would be glad to have you as a guest writer!

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Final Word…

I hope these 20 steps have been valuable to you as someone who's on their journey in becoming a 'write for us' guru. However, these steps are merely the start-there is so much more to learn!

Here is a list of the materials you can use as a 'write for us' guru for business, whether as a website owner or as a writer:

  • How to be a 'write for us guru' for business videos
  • How to become a 'write for us' guru for business ebook
  • Infographic - a simple, step-by-step guide on how you can use all the 'write for us' guru materials

Also, if you wish to learn more about earning more through online freelancing and how to become a successful online freelancer, you may also find this ebook helpful:

How to Be Self-Employed: A Freelance Work from Home Guide

Guest Posting Gold: Content Creation Strategies for Website Owners and Writers

How To Be A Freelance 'Write For Us' Guru For Business



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