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How To Avoid the Many
Work From Home Scams

Working from home may be wonderful but you can also fall prey to scammers. Here are some work from home scams to watch out for.

Avoid The "Submit An Example Of Your Work" Scam

One of the most pernicious scams is where clients ask for free samples in order to assess the quality of your work.

Watch out for job postings that say that each applicant must submit a sample on a topic chosen by the potential client. Sometimes unscrupulous job posters use this as a way to get all of the content they want for free.

People who are new to online freelance work are particularly prone to falling for this scam as they are in a position where they need the work and feel they can't argue.

However, there are two ways to avoid being taken for a ride with this work from home scam. The first is to provide a sample which you have previously published on the topic the client is interested in.

The second is to write an original piece of work and publish it on your own blog. Either way, the client won't want to republish existing content. You may lose the gig, but at least you won't be scammed.

beware of freelancing work scams

The "Low Rate First" Scam

Another common scam targeting people doing online freelance work is suggesting that they do a job of work at a very low rate on the promise of getting a higher rate for the second gig. Needless to say, that second gig never materialises.

Know What Is A Fair And Reasonable Price For Your Work

The best way to avoid work from home scams relating to rates is to know your worth. This may be easier said than done. If the rate being paid is below your minimum then don't do the work.

Sometimes freelancers can get scammed by those saying that they have an urgent job. You do the job and then you never get paid. There are two ways to avoid this.

The first is to seek freelancing gigs through freelance job boards which allow payment through an escrow system. This means that the client has to show that the money is available before confirming that you have the job.

The second is to ask for a deposit upfront as a sign of good faith. Clients who refuse to do this should be avoided.

Learn How To Be A Freelancer By Taking A Formal Course

Some job boards provide a service to new freelancers to help them start up as freelancers. One of these is Elance through its Elance University ecourse. The topics covered are :

  • Creating an Effective Profile
  • Strategies for Creating Effective Proposals
  • Effective Engagement, Management and Communication

Freelance Jobs

Have Stories to Share about Work From Home Scams?

Do you have a story to share about work from home scams? What were your experiences? Share them here!

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You cannot go off of articles like so. How about look up the business, ignore all those "scam" opinions. Because in all honestly, you pay for a business …

People Are Embarrassed Not rated yet
Our Office of Fair Trading in England gets only a small amount of scam complaints compared to the number of people that get taken in by work-from-home …

Another Idea Not rated yet
I agree that you can publish the sample work on your blog first so that the client can't say that it's their property -- or at least they will be turned …

My 40 year-old self wouldn't have fallen for the scam but I was only 21 Not rated yet
When I was just out of college, I found an ad in a Washington newspaper that offered work from home. I went along to the seminar and heard that no money …

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