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Ten Job Search Resources For
Work From Home Moms

Work from home moms sometimes find it difficult to get legitimate work at home jobs from reputable sources. If you want to avoid getting scammed and find genuine online freelance work, here are some key job search resources you can use.

10 Best Websites For Work from Home Moms

1. Freelance Writing Gigs provides free daily job listings culled from around the web and the authors relentlessly weed out anything that looks like a scam. Many successful work at home writers have got their start with gigs from this list.

2. Rentacoder (now a part of Freelancer) is a job marketplace similar to Guru and Upwork. While it started as a job marketplace for coders, it's now a useful resource for web developers, web designers and content writers. 

3. Guru is an online job marketplace which lists jobs in many categories. There is a charge for membership, and there are several bands depending on how many bids you want to make and what categories you want to be listed in.

4. Upwork is very similar to Guru, with banded membership fees. With both Upwork and Guru, the advantage of getting jobs through the site is the ability to be paid by escrow.

5. Ifreelance is also an online job marketplace, with jobs in a variety of categories. There are three levels of paid membership, but it's up to you to make sure that your client meets the agreed payment terms.

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6. The Studio.Envato.com lists opportunities for freelance designers and writers (more of the former than the latter). While you have to pay for membership, a good tip is to pay when there's a job you want to apply for and cancel the $7 fee the following month.

7. Smashing Jobs lists a variety of jobs for bloggers, writers, and web professionals in various fields. It is free.

8. Krop is a job marketplace catering for freelance designers. Searching for jobs is free and you can also create a nifty online resume.

9. The Sitepoint marketplace lists web development, design and coding jobs, with occasional writing jobs. You can browse jobs for free, but need to become a member to be able to comment and ask questions.

10. Though Craigslist has a reputation for having scammy job postings, work at home moms can still find great jobs here, if they are prepared to be picky.

Once you have regular freelance work, consider ways to build and market your business online.

Find out how Solo Build It! has helped other moms to work from home. Watch the video below of an example of a work from home Mom turning a passion into a business.

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