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How Would You Explain Why Are You The Best Freelancer For A Job?

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Being the best freelancer for a job is important. A very common question that most of the job seeker faces in the interview board that is "Why are you the best person for the job?". Freelancers face this type of questions while they are in an interview with a potential client.

Explain Best Freelancer

Through this question the job provider wants to be assured that you have enough knowledge about their task. So, when you face a job interview, you must have the answers to questions that you can reasonably anticipate. 

The answer for each job interview question should be concise and appropriate. Alison Doyle has published an article in www.thebalance.com blog showing the different ways to answer these type of interview questions, coupled with some tips and some sample answers too! 

You can read Alison's tips here. Tip number three is my favourite!

Motivate Yourself!

8 Awesome Strategies To Ensure Your Success

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
Helen Keller

Success Strategies

Once you set up your goal, "progress" will be a step to measure your success. Break your goal into small pieces and try to achieve one of them every day. Don't care whether the piece of your success is small or big. This process will run you towards success. 

You can apply this method in various spheres of your life It applies to your freelance business, your health, or specially in your finance to ensure success. You just need to figure out which skill is required for your success. 

These small pieces of progress will work as fuel in your everyday life. Each morning you'll feel more energetic and encouraged in your job by the power of your progress. 

To make progress in your life you need to follow some strategies. These strategies are simple but awesome. I've found them in Max Weigand's article in the www.dumblittleman.com blog.

You can read Max's article here. I think that strategy number two is the most powerful!

Productivity Tip Of The Week

How To Choose The Perfect Graphic Designer For You?

Perfect Graphic DesignerImage Credit pixabay.com

When you're in need of a graphic designer for your business, its website or related content it's better to leave it to a professional if you're not a professional graphic designer yourself. 

It's very simple to find and hire a professional freelancer. However, finding the right graphic designer for your job requires that you must know how to evaluate a designer's portfolio.

Choosing the right person involves some techniques. You must follow these techniques to evaluate their portfolio! Evaluating the portfolio of a designer requires that you answer some critical questions. Anada Lakra has written a detailed article about this in the www.99designs.com blog.

This article will also be very helpful for graphic designers preparing their own portfolio to promote their services to potential clients. For the article from Anada click here. I particularly like her strategy of focusing firstly on the logistical questions. I think you will agree with me.

Work-Life Balance Tip Of The Week

Do You Believe That You Can Burn Your Calories Just By Sitting?


Sitting for a long time increases your health risk. It is especially true for freelancers who are often required to sit for a long time doing creative work. When you sit for too long, you burn less calories than the recommended amount. But the good news is that you can burn calories by sitting. 

This is all about controlling the intake of calories while sitting and following some tricks to continue to burn calories. Alice Mackenzie reveals some burning calories secrets in the www.dumblittleman.com blog. You can read Alice's article here. I like number 2 most and intend to try it!

Financial Tip of the Week

Do You Know What Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Places To Retire In Your Country?

Expensive Places To Retire

In an article by Megan Palin for www.news.com.au Megan looked at Cost of living comparisons: cheapest and most expensive places to live. Megan looks at which states and cities are best for living in with the lowest cost. You need to do your research before retiring. You can read Megan article here.

Skills Development and Inspiration News

Freelancer Skills Development NewsImage Credit Pixabay.com

We are constantly searching for news articles and videos on skills development and inspiration for freelancers.

Each week we have decided to bring you the links to what we consider are the top three articles or videos. Here they are for this week:

  • Many freelancers are parents or even grandparents and one of the skills that is necessary in the digital age is to be aware of young people being cyberbullied.

    Here is 15 indicators that your child is being cyberbullied from our related website which you can read here. Not to know these signs early can be devastating for families. Note the affiliate disclosure on the page.

  • For users of Pinterest and Instagram hoping to grow their business from referrals, but find that it takes a lot of time here is our article 15 reasons to use the Tailwind App for Pinterest and Instagram from our website which you can read here. Note the affiliate disclosure on the page.

  • For many freelancers they will have started freelancing following a redundancy whether switching from moonlighting from their day job to full time or just starting out from employee to freelancing.

    This can be challenging from a psychological point of view. Dan Collison has written for www.psychologytoday.com Redundancy – How negative experiences can result in positive outcomes. You can read Dan's article here.

There are now 5,000 skills in 90 categories that the digital economy can offer, according to Upwork's 1st. Quarter 2019 Skills Index which you can read here.

Number twenty on the list is podcasting. Here is an article on podcasts: 5 must listen to podcasts for freelancers launching a business from www.lazimillennial.com which you can read here.

Articles now on our website that are relevant to the outcome of new skills training are listed here: 

The latest one is here:

Amazon News

Amazon News

The weekly AWS news video link to acloud.guru is here. They are the leading trainers globally for Amazon Web Services freelancers.

Amazon Associates Website Case Study 

Amazon Associates Website Case Study

As discussed in previous newsletters we are focussing on the niche website in the future because it is producing better results i.e. sales.

Here is a recent article Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews. There have been 65 Amazon product sales (across all our websites) in the past month due to the keyword research and skills of Mamun, my virtual assistant.

Freelancers And Cyber Security

We have decided to expand our search for appropriate articles for freelancers about cybersecurity and online scams.

The Australian Government's eSafety Commissioner's article on Sextortion should be of interest to freelancers who have families because teenagers are quite often the victims of sextortion. The Commissioner's article tells you how to deal with the situation and can be read here.

Robert Siciliano is an identity theft expert and consultant. He also runs a cyber security and fraud prevention website which you can see here.



What Is Account Takeover Fraud? (Part-2)

What Is Account Takeover Fraud? Part-3
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