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Top 20 Ways Video Can Improve A Business Client's Authority

If you are a Write for Us Guru or some other marketing freelancer working with businesses when you’re working for a client and trying to improve their overall online presence and authority in their field, it makes sense to use video.

Video content and video marketing are huge right now and businesses that ignore them tend to pay the price sooner or later. There are lots of ways in which businesses can benefit from the use of video content and you probably want to learn more about that.

We're going to discuss the top 20 ways in which businesses can benefit from video and why they should care about it. If the clients you're working for haven't currently embraced video, now is the time to make it happen.

Read on to find out more about why that's the case and how your client's authority will improve as a result.

1. Tell Your Founding Story

Founding Story

Every business starts somewhere, and those beginnings can be very interesting to consumers. They like to know where the business came from and where it's going next.

If you can achieve that and tell a founding story that's interesting and engaging to your audience, it'll only be a matter of time before you grow your customer base and achieve better levels of customer retention and loyalty.

Everyone's interested in how your client started out and how they got to where you are today. It helps customers feel closer to the company and they'll feel that they have a better understanding of it, which is never a bad thing.

Tell it in a way that's compelling and interesting, allowing people an insight into the business and maybe even helping them feel a part of its growth and continued success.

2. Keep People's Attention For Longer

When creating content for online distribution, keeping people's attention for as long as possible is definitely an important factor.

If people don't hang around long enough to get something out of your content or to appreciate it in full, they'll leave without receiving the message you wanted them to receive. That's obviously not what you want, but people do tend to stick around longer if the content is video based.

For a variety of reasons, people feel able and comfortable dedicating more time to a video than if it was a blog post or another kind of content. Video is certainly easier to consume and can take up less time and effort than a lengthy blog post, so maybe that's the reason.

3. Show Different Sides Of Your Business

There are so many directions you can go in when it comes to creating video content for your brand. If you're creating content that people enjoy, you can do different things with it and show everyone various sides to your business.

That's the way it should be, and it'll allow you to get your name out there as you provide a variety of messages to different target audiences.

Every business is multifaceted and has different things to offer. But it can sometimes be hard to get across all those different sides and aspects to your business. It's much easier to do that via video content.

You can place different focuses on different videos, allowing you to communicate different ideas in succinct and engaging ways.

4. Give Your Business A Human Face

Human Face

Creating video content gives your customers the chance to see a human face that they can associate with your brand.

This makes such a big difference because no one wants their business to come across as a soulless corporate entity. That creates exactly the wrong kind of impression on your target customers and should be avoided. Video content can remedy that issue though.

A human face makes your business much more relatable. The video content should contain charismatic and relatable individuals who are able to come across well on camera. Those are the people find it easiest to relate to, so think about who you're going to put in front of the camera if you are going to create that kind of video content.

5. Build Trust


When clients can see you and a human side of your business as we've discussed above, they'll find it much easier to trust your business generally.

Obviously, all businesses want there to be trust between themselves and their customers. If customers don't trust you, there'll be far less likely to hand over their money to you. That's just a very simple fact of business that can't be ignored.

The more you build trust, the better chance you'll have at creating customer loyalty for your client too. Selling a product or a service to someone once is one thing but doing it time and time again is much better.

That's why loyalty matters so much to all kinds of businesses, and it always comes about as a result of trust between the buyer and the seller or service provider.

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6. Expand Their Web Presence

Simply having more of a presence and more of a varied presence on the internet will help your client out a lot. They'll have a chance to get their voice heard because more people will be receptive to their videos.

Variety is always important when it comes to having a solid and productive web presence. It gets more people interested and has a greater impact.

Video content can appeal to lots of different people, as we'll talk about more below. An expanded web presence is never a bad thing and it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand either.

It's important that you allow yourself to experiment with different approaches to video content so you can find the balance that's right for your client.

7. Boost Their Google Ranking

Google Ranking

SEO is another big reason to use video content. Google and other search engines like websites and links that provide a variety of content. When your website is crawled by the algorithms, one of the things they'll look for is video content and they'll generally treat it positively.

So, if you're looking to help your client climb up the Google rankings and achieve better SEO outcomes, video content should be a part of that.

All business owners and marketers know the importance of SEO, but that doesn't necessarily mean they all have a plan for how to improve on it and work on it over time.

Lots of people have no idea that video content can improve SEO rankings, and that's just another reason to make the most of it. Allows you to get ahead and exploit the lack of knowledge held by some rival businesses.

8. Engage With Mobile Audience Better

Engage With Mobile

Mobile browsing and buying are bigger than ever before and that's a trend that's not going to reverse anytime soon. That's why you need to have a strategy for how you're going to help your client engage with mobile users better. If you fail to do that, you'll be ignoring a whole big chunk of your client's potential audience.

Video content is ideal for mobile device usage. People are always on the go with their phones in hand and their headphones in place. That allows them to watch a quick video wherever they are.

People generally prefer to watch short video content on their smartphones or tablets when they're on the go, and your client can make the most of that. It makes sense to tap into that audience.

9. Show Their Competences

The business your working for will be good at a variety of things. Every business has its niche and certain things that they focus on and specialise in more than others. If that's the case, you should find a way of displaying those core competencies and focuses. One of the best ways of doing that is by using video content and outlining what they do and focus on in a fun way.

There are lots of different ways to approach this and it'll depend on the business and the nature of that business. Be sure to take a tailored approach that you know your client will approve of and appreciate. If you do that, you can show just what your business does best and what it can achieve going forward for the people who want to buy from it or use its services.

10. Educate Customers On The Client's Products Or Services

One way in which video content is useful is that it allows you to deliver information in a fun and efficient way. People need to know about a business, their niche and what they're offering. That comes through the delivery of information and education. Receiving that kind of information via a video is far more appealing and far easier than reading a blog post or something like that.

When people know more about your products or services, they'll be more likely to pay for them and want them. That means using video is a simple way to boost sales. People want to be informed and armed with the right knowledge before they make a purchase, especially if it's a purchase that means spending a lot of money.

11. Increase Social Shares

Getting your client's content shared by as many people as possible will increase their authority and help them to spread awareness of their brand. Video content is great at encouraging social shares.

People will click that share button or retweet that tweet if they like what they see. A quick and easy video can be enlightening of entertaining or even both of those things at the same time.

When people feel that they've benefitted in some way from watching your content, they'll be more than happy to share it with people so their friends can benefit from it too.

It's so easy to consume video content and that's why people are happy to view it and then share it. That ease makes sharing more likely, so make the most of it. It's not as easily achievable with other kinds of content.

12. Video Appeals To A Wide Range Of Audiences And Demographics


Video is known to be the best format for reaching out to the broadest possible range of people. Everyone likes video content, whereas with other forms of content, there are groups that like it and groups that don't. If you're working with a client that wants to appeal to different people from different demographics, the best way to engage that diverse audience is with video content.

Of course, you still need to make sure the content of your videos is up to scratch. If it is, you'll find that your content engages more people and produces the kinds of outcomes that you want to achieve.

That's the way it should be, so don't be afraid to try video content, even if you don't have much experience of it. It's what the audience and various demographics want most of all.

13. Start New Conversations


Video can also offer a great way for your business to start new conversations. It's important to be engaging with your audience in various ways, so if the business you're working for isn't doing that very well now, video could provide the answer.

It allows you to ask questions, gauge audience feelings and opinions and get people communicating with your brand, which is always important.

Those conversations and what they're about will depend on the business you're working with and what they're trying to achieve. Of course, every business is unique and has a unique set of aims and requirements.

So, be sure to start the kinds of conversations that you feel will be beneficial to the company that you're working for. It'll pay off for them in the long-term.

14. Highlight The Business's Accomplishments In A Fun Way

A business bragging about its accomplishments and achievements might sound a little too much and difficult to pull off in a graceful way.

However, it can be done in a fun way if you have a sense of humour and let that come to the fore. One way to do that is to use video content and be playful and creative with it. It's more than possible and it's something businesses do very often.

For example, you could use animated graphics to show what the business is capable of and what it's achieved. As a result, customers will find it easier to trust the business and be more likely to buy from it or use its services. If it's fun and not too in your face, it'll come across well and it won't seem like bragging or anything like that.

15. Tease a Launch

Video content can be used as a great way of teasing a launch. When the business you're working for has a new product or service that's about to launch, you want to get people interested.

You want as many people as possible excited about that upcoming launch and interested in what the business is about to offer up next. The very best way of doing that is via video content.

The way to tease a launch with video is to make the video enticing in some way. You can give away little things without telling all. That way, the most important information and details can be saved for the full launch reveal.

People will then be anticipating the full reveal because they already have some details and want to find out more. And video does this best for businesses.

16. Improve Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A big way in which businesses use video content these days is via email marketing. They use videos embedded in the marketing emails in order to engage recipients and make them more likely to click through to their website. It's something that's proven to work. Email recipients are more likely to click through to the website of the company when there's a video for them to view.

Email marketing is still a big deal and when it's done successfully, it's a real marketing force for all kinds of businesses. But it's very easy to ignore emails and if your client is finding that its emails are not really landing and not yielding the results you're looking for; it might be because you're not using video content in those emails. It's worth making that change and seeing the difference it can make.

17. Increase Conversions

All the research shows that more video content leads to increased conversions. 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates are higher than the conversion rates for the other marketing content they use.

Customers also say they're more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about a product. That visual engagement can really capture the attention of the customer and make them interested in your products.

Every business wants to convert on its website. Getting people to visit your website more often is only truly useful if you're increasing conversions at the same time.

More customers mean more sales and increased revenue for your business and that's the way it should be. There's no doubting the fact that video is the best content format to increase conversions, so can your clients afford to ignore that?

18. Shift With The Rise Of Technology That Favours Video

Rise Of Technology

As the technology that people use each day changes, the way businesses communicate with their customers must too. More than ever, your client's customers are focused on visual media and content.

That's what they're used to and, most importantly, it's what the technology they use is made for. We all use devices with large screens that make viewing videos appealing and easy. All businesses engaged in marketing campaigns should take that into account.

Shifting with the times has always been an important aspect of running a business and that's as true now as it always has been. In order to stay on trend and able to engage your audience in a direct way that fits in with their existing habits, you need to use video content. It's about moving with the times and understanding the needs of your target customers better.

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19. Offer A More Personalised Experience

Brands are increasingly looking to create a more personalised experience for their customers. It's what people expect from companies these days and there's no getting away from that. Video allows for a more personalised customer experience because of the directness of the format. You're speaking directly to your customers and the passion and enthusiasm you have for your products or services won't be lost on them.

It's a way of making sure that the content you create and your campaigns in general reflect what makes your brand unique. That added personality and infectious enthusiasm for your brand and what you're offering to customers can really come across well via video content. It's why so many brands now rely on this kind of content to connect with their audience and deliver information about what they're doing.

20. Create A Relatable Yet Authoritative Brand Image

A business's brand image is something that's always important. Every business owner wants their company to come across as relatable and appealing to customers. When customers find it easy to relate to a company, they're more likely to buy from them. And that's important because video content offers a great way to make businesses more relatable to their target customers.

It's not just about making the company come across as easy to relate to though. It's just as important to ensure the brand is authoritative. With the right video strategy, content can be created that makes the company come across as knowledgeable, reliable and run by experts in their field. Every customer wants to have confidence in the companies they're buying from and it's easier to have confidence in an authoritative brand.

So, now it's time to create a coherent and well-planned out video strategy for your clients. Doing so will bring about all the improvements and benefits we've discussed above, so it'll certainly pay off for your clients. And when something pays off for your clients, it pays off for you as well.

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