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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Freelance Writing

LinkedIn to Promote Your Freelance Writing

LinkedIn is the preferred lead generation platform at present. You can level up your expertise on LinkedIn by studying the stuff posted by other users or businesses. This can assist you in publishing your information as blog entries, social media pieces, or even videos to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

You can network with other independent contractors and others who share your interests and offer your services to anyone you believe might be able to help.

The 7 ways to use LinkedIn to promote your freelance writing are:

1. Establish Your Profile

Making your profile is not idle time that prevents you from looking for work. When hiring managers are looking for someone with your skills, they will look for it. Additionally, it is where prospective clients or employers will look to see whether you are a suitable fit. Listed below are some pointers for creating your profile:

Stay away from stodgy business-speak. Do not compose a report; instead, demonstrate your expertise and your familiarity with a certain industry. Ignore trendy terms. The terms "skilled" and "motivated" are present in every LinkedIn profile. Start with an introduction paragraph about yourself in the first post. Share a summary of your experience and expertise.

Consider the needs of the client as you write your synopsis. Distinguish your actions from your motivations. A "what" is writing articles on current issues in the fashion business. The "why" your client cares about most, though, is captivating readers with insider information from the top shows during Fashion Week. On your LinkedIn profile, list a lot of experience.

Yes, you want most of it to be centered on your career objectives and emphasize your relevant experience, but you never know when that job you held as a ski instructor while in college will catch the attention of an employer.

2. Make Use of Featured Section

Showcase your best work when marketing yourself as a writer. Any potential client who is on the fence about contacting you can use your samples to help them make up their minds. Your profile's Featured section is a great place to highlight your best articles. On your website, you can post whatever you are proud of writing for clients along with pertinent articles.

You can provide connections to other websites and create original articles when using the Featured section. You can also choose to add media or posts; to do this, click on the Plus icon in the upper right corner of the box. This is the best way to use LinkedIn to attract clients and fulfill your objectives.

3. Enhance Your About Page

If you want to launch a lucrative writing profession, you must realize that clients and employers will want to know more about you. As a result, you should make the best impression you can, and your LinkedIn About section is a great place to start. A lengthy About section is not necessary. However, you should make it obvious what you can offer and what your writing specialties are.

It is also a good idea to mention details related to contact information. Write in a thorough manner that influences the reader. Click the pencil icon in the "About" box of your profile to edit this section. When finished, click Save in the bottom right corner.

4. Add Links to Your Website and Include Tags of Services Provided

You can pick your areas of expertise as well as the places from which you are interested in hiring. Additionally, LinkedIn gives you the option to include a summary of your primary areas of expertise. You may advance your writing career by learning techniques like copywriting, blogging, and SEO.

Freelancers should have websites; if you are seeking full-time work, you really could not do worse than create one. Nevertheless, a lot of prospective customers and hiring managers might discover your LinkedIn profile first. If they do, you want to make sure they are aware of what they are getting. A useful feature on LinkedIn allows you to briefly describe the services you offer.

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5. Turn on Creator Mode

One of the common mistakes individuals make on LinkedIn is not making the most of all its capabilities. If you write, you might think about turning on Creator Mode, which informs users of the topics you will cover on the site. Up to five subjects are available for discussion on your profile. You might wish to choose activities like content marketing and freelancing to highlight your writing prowess.

You can also go live in Creator Mode, which is a fantastic choice if you want to hold a writing masterclass. You may also create newsletters using the tools provided by LinkedIn for artists. Navigate to Resources > Creator Mode to access the mode. Once you have included whatever you want, turn on the functionality.

6. Share Your Freelance Work Updates

You must take full advantage of the network you established on LinkedIn if you want to acquire freelance clients there and receive freelance work from them. Share a fresh, intriguing project you are working on so that potential customers will notice it in their feed. Share a link to a recent blog article and a follow-up question on LinkedIn or create your blog post from scratch.

You can list them down after saying something like, "These are the top 5 recipes to try on weekends.” If you are unsure of where to begin, you can also find out here how to pitch an article to a magazine. Make your content concise but interesting to read catchy titles.

7. Search for Contacts to Send Cold-Emails

To find the email addresses of marketing managers at the businesses you are studying, search LinkedIn for their names. With the aid of relevant tags, searching for them is simple. Whether their email bounces back, you might try to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Send them a brief message outlining your experience as a freelance content marketing writer to see if they require authors. You have the chance to network with experts and broaden your knowledge. It is also quite helpful for opening doors to a variety of opportunities.


These effective tips will help you create a professional profile and showcase your writing skills in the best ways possible. Align your goals in mind and work in a calculated manner.

This is guest post contribution from Jasmine Pope

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