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15 Reasons Freelancers and Businesses Should Use
an AI Instant Video Creator


How good is artificial intelligence (AI) really

Let's put it like this: It can pass the final exam for an MBA and score a B-. That's thanks to ChatGPT 3, the latest iteration in AI technology that took the tech world by storm in late 2022.

But text generation is not the only thing an AI can do. The technology has come so far that it can do the work of a professional video creator, and an AI instant video creator does so at a fraction of the cost.

Read on to learn why it's your next marketing trump card.

What Is an AI Instant Video Creator

An AI instant video creator is the newest revolution in video software. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create new, unique videos from text and images.

The text doesn't have to be a script - stories, articles, short prompts, and important keywords are often enough. When combined with a selection of relevant video clips or images, the result is a visually appealing video appropriate for all ages.

Users need little technical expertise to create stunning visuals quickly and easily. This makes AI video creation tools ideal for small businesses and freelancers who need professional-grade videos but can't afford to hire a professional studio.

AI Video Creators vs. Video Templates

Video templates and AI video creators are different.

While video templates speed up your workflow, they still require you to do a lot of the work yourself. Most video templates come with stock footage and background music. The videos have placeholder text and headings that allow you to design videos without thinking too much about the structure of the video or the transitions between chapters.

AI video creators take it a step further.

With an AI creator, all you need to do is pick the tone of your video, choose a voice, and hand the AI a script


The Benefits of AI Video Creator Suites

Your main reason for creating video media is to increase website traffic.

Just like any other piece of content, it is a form of marketing that brings your customers to your site not because they're being advertised to, but because they're looking to learn.

Benefit #1: AI-Generated Videos Are Efficient

Overall, AI-generated, and AI-assisted video generation is much faster than hand-crafted content. An AI does the job efficiently - and that means that you can push more content more quickly.

Benefit #2: NLP Increases Engagement

AI video creators use natural language processing (NLP) technology to ensure content is accurate and will engage customers

What is NLP?

It's a branch of computer science that combines linguistics with deep learning to help AI understand the complexities of language. Thanks to innovation in technology, AI-written scripts don't sound monotone or robotic but flow naturally.


Benefit #3: Multiple Designs At Your Fingertips

AI video creators offer options and settings that you can pick between easily. Generating multiple versions of content with different styles, colour schemes, and chapters happens at the click of a button - and having a wide variety of options at your disposal makes it easier to pick the best.

Benefit #4: AI Adds Professional Touches

Boring videos do not get watched. Traditionally, it's the professional touches that help them stand out from the crowd. But these touches take a lot of time and effort to create. Background music, animations, shot transitions, and voiceover changes leave a lasting impact that draws viewers in and keeps them.

It is professional flair and it's in all your favourite high-quality videos. And now, AI can do it, too.

NLP and deep learning techniques are refined and understand how to emphasize words to make them sound natural, and when to transition or add a subtle, human-like pause to the script.

Benefit #5: AI Is Cost-Effective

Video content is engaging. It is easy to consume and appeals to audiences with attention-grabbing visuals and clear narration. Yet traditional video creation methods require either a lot of time and skill or come with a hefty price tag.

Cutting down on editing time and the need for expensive professional studios (and software) makes AI far most cost-effective than traditional methods.

Benefit #6: You Can Iterate On Ideas Quickly

Rapid-fire content creation is AI's specialty and it's where it truly shines.

As the final arbiter of what stays and what doesn't, it's up to you to pick the videos you find the most catchy.

But you do not have to stop there.

Artificial intelligence outputs work at a consistent rate, so you can revise and refine elements of a script on the fly. Think of it like taking an AI-generated video and saying, "yes, but...".

Fast iteration helps with your own imagination, too. It's like a collaboration between you and a professional editor - but it's faster and easier to arrive at the result you want.

Benefit #7: ASR Technology Crafts Clear and Humanlike Voiceovers

Gone are the days of boring robotic voices that could put a pot of coffee to sleep.

Modern AIs use automated speech recognition (ASR) technology that makes the voices used in videos sound clear, human-like, and appealing without skirting the uncanny valley that puts people off.

Benefit #8: AI Video Creators Write With Emotion

Emotion runs deep in our brains and being able to connect with your audiences on an emotional level is a powerful tool in the right hands.

AI has learned to use it.

Whether it's the right use of background music or a video script that carries powerful emotional resonance, viewers will relate better to the messages being conveyed.

Traditional video editing software is complicated to use and requires years of practice to master. For freelancers and small businesses, the barrier to entry is often too high - and the software is often expensive to obtain on top.

AI-generated video levels the playing field, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.


Benefit #10: AI Uses Clear and Simple Language

While a lot of technical jargon might look good on paper, in practice it only scares potential clients and customers away. AIs are also capable of using clear, concise language which is easy to understand even by younger viewers.

The AI never mumbles its words or garbles its output.

With an AI, you know you are reaching the largest audience possible. You can write the script together with an AI script generator and produce the video with an instant video maker.

Benefit #11: AI Is Consistent

The videos created with AI are consistent. Its output is assured, its workflow is fast, and it will never call in sick or fail to turn in work on time.

With AI, you know that the results you get will be the same time and time again.

Benefit #12: Turnaround Times Are Fast

Imagine taking a well-written blog post and turning it into a video moments later.

All you need to do is copy parts of the text body and plug it into an AI video generator. Audiences who prefer to read can dive into the post, while those with less time on their hands (or shorter attention spans) can simply watch a video.

In other words: The turnaround times are lightning-fast, and you can repurpose content instantly with AI. The more types of content, the more people you will reach.

Benefit #13: AI Video Generators Guarantee Quality

Video is crucial for online businesses to succeed, but mistakes can happen in the creation process. Yet with AI, manual errors are a thing of the past. Instant video creators provide consistent results every time, eliminating risks of inconsistency.

And the quality they provide means you end up with more shareable content.

Benefit #14: AI Generators Support Multiple Languages

Most AI video creators support a range of languages and can seamlessly translate content to reach larger audiences.

A wide availability of languages will widen your content funnel - helping you to reach new niches and customers across the globe. And using new languages for your content requires the same amount of technical skill as generation videos:

It does not.

Benefit #15: Your Content Will Rank

A bucketload of content only helps your business if it ranks in search engine results. Otherwise, it's dead weight - dead weight that can penalize your rankings and do more harm than good.

But specialist content AIs are designed to rank higher with Google. They optimize your video title and descriptions and confer the SEO benefits that doing so entails: Easily digestible content written with the right keywords, composed with the right pacing, and appropriate for the right audiences.

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Get Started With AI Today

An AI instant video creator helps you create quality video content without the technical know-how. It is easy to use, fast, and cost-effective. It provides professional results on-time, every time.

And it's only a few clicks away.

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