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Freelancers Best Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Between a Travel Agency or DIY

Travel Agency or DIY

Let us face it, the world of tourism has changed. I am convinced that the sector is dying, this is because the market has changed rapidly with the advent of the internet, but travel agencies have been too slow to adapt.

If a customer asked for 5 days in the Canaries and was offered the classic 7-night package departing on Monday, he would surely have gone online to look for a low-cost flight and a hotel for 5 days!

And from the Canary Islands to a traveling trip to the USA, the step is short! Once we understand the mechanism, then we get a taste for it.

Then some travel agencies began to understand that the internet was not an enemy, but that it could be a tool to give customers what they were looking for, but it was now too late because many people had now embraced DIY travel.

And hence the crisis in the sector. This obviously is my point of view, and is, in my opinion, only one of the reasons that led to this strong crisis in tourism.

Returning to us, now practically all travel agencies have adapted to the change in the market and in almost all of them you will find the opportunity to buy almost everything you will need online, even if many, in the first instance, will always try to sell the charter package of some tour operators.

It is not for lack of desire or greater earnings, but it is only a question of responsibility. In practice, if a travel agency sells a package from a tour operator, it is not legally liable if something goes wrong. the responsibility lies with the tour operator.

If, on the other hand, you sell individual services and then create the package yourself (a flight + hotel, or flight + car rental, or transfer and hotel for example) would be enough, you will become the organizer, with full responsibility should any problem arise. Given the low earnings of travel agencies, not all of them feel like taking these responsibilities.

Then dispel the myth that the internet is spared. In the agency, they can sell you everything you find online. If they cannot sell a hotel with booking (because they probably do not have agreements) they will find that same hotel or a valid alternative with many other platforms. Often, I happened to offer customers lower prices than they had found online.

The only thing that is not convenient (only economically) to buy in the agency is only the airline ticket. Unfortunately, airlines have no longer paid anything to travel agencies for some time, so they must apply a fee since they certainly cannot work for free.

But for this fee they will give you different services: they will check you online, choose seats and meals where possible, and above all they will constantly check your flight in case of time changes.

And in case of cancellations, they will reprotect you on another flight. Even in case of changes or cancellations and delays, they will help you manage the request for a refund.

This was a promise to make you understand a little bit of how the world of agencies works and give you some useful information to make your choices.

When Do I Recommend Contacting a Travel Agency to Book Your Holidays?

It is not mandatory to go to the agency, you will experience some unpleasant inconveniences if you book your travel online. Everyone is free to do what they want obviously:

Go to the agency if:

  • you do not want or have time to plan everything down to the smallest detail (with children, especially if you are alone with them, better never leave anything to chance)
  • you are not sure you can handle an unexpected event while traveling
  • if there are complex procedures for entering the country or if you are unsure of the documents necessary for entry, especially if you travel alone with children
  • If you do not know exactly what documents are needed to leave Italy with children, especially if the child is with one parent
  • if you want assistance when you travel
  • if you prefer guided fly and drive tours
  • if you want to book cruises or packages with a charter flight
  • if you want help planning an itinerary
  • if you want to leave without worries (because your trusted agency will take care of everything)
  • if you are not very familiar with air travel, for example, if you do not have the slightest idea of what the minimum connecting time is if there is an airport change even more, you could easily miss a connection and the company would not refund anything, it would be their duty to reprotect you on another flight.
  • If you want to book your honeymoon, perhaps by managing the wedding list (it is not true that honeymooners cost more in the agency, indeed, there are wedding discounts).
  • If you do not know which is the best insurance for your destination (because you should never leave, for no reason in the world, without insurance, even more, if your children travel with you)
  • If you do not know where to go and you need the advice of a professional to choose
  • If you want assistance from booking to your return
  • If you do not know a minimum of a foreign language
  • If you do not have a credit card (if you want to book online, a credit card is mandatory)

When You Can Take Advantage of DIY

  • To ask for information only: remember that for them it is work, so advice must be paid
  • if you prefer to organize everything on your own and can do it
  • If you feel that assistance and advice are superfluous
  • If you can handle unexpected events while traveling without panicking
  • If you know exactly what documents are needed to leave Italy with children, especially if the child is with only one parent (be careful, because the legislation changes very often, and the authorities often give conflicting news)
  • If you can independently obtain all the documents necessary for entry into a foreign country
  • If you can speak at least English (you do not need to speak like a native speaker, but at least manage a simple conversation)
  • If you have no trouble understanding travel documents and are comfortable with air travel
  • If it is a passion for you, even just the organization of the trip and if you have time to do it
  • If you messed up a reservation and need help fixing it. Never do it! it is one of the things that travel agents just cannot stand! And who to blame!!!

Obviously, if you decide to go to a travel agency, you must look for the right one for you. It may take some time, but you will surely find the one that will satisfy your needs and will not disappoint you.

If, on the other hand, you are for DIY, do not do it just to save money (also because, as I said, it is not so true that you always save money) because it is not so simple. Do it only if you really are able to do it, especially if your children are with you.

Nobody says that you cannot organize a complex trip online, you can do everything but do it very carefully, do not leave anything out, check everything a thousand times and leave nothing to chance.

Organizing overseas trips with the help of the information on the internet is good and therefore the times between one stage, and another are easily calculated. But there are countries where this is much more difficult. You must study the destination well before you can organize a trip, for this you will need time and passion!

Each journey begins with a dream, then it is up to you to decide whether you want valid help to make it happen or if you prefer to make it a dream of your own!

Author Bio:

Julien is the founder of Julius Homes. His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.

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