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How To Win More Contracts and Make More Money

Top freelancers know how to win contracts and keep well-paying clients coming back! Do you know their secret? It is simple really; they have copied the success of other freelancers that have gone before them.  Avoiding the mistakes others have made that have gone before you is one of the main keys when you are starting out. 

The other main secret is to then copy the successful strategies of the top freelancers who win contracts. To help you we  have researched the key steps to  being a top freelancer and produced our Amazon eBook Freelancers 20 Critical Steps to Winning Freelancing Contracts. Click on the link to go to our Ultimate Freelancing Library to see the eBook and what else is available 

How Can You Avoid the Main Mistakes that Other Freelancers Have Made? 

One of the first steps is to locate an eBook on the subject written and edited by people who know the subject and have collated the information and crystallized it down into key points.  We have done this for you with our Amazon eBook Freelancers 20 Critical Mistakes to Avoid.  Click on the link to go to our Ultimate Freelancing Library to see the eBook and what else is available. 

How to Keep up to Date With the Top Freelancers’ Ideas and Strategies

Freelancers are at the cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!  It does not take you long to learn that the internet freelancing community is a hot bed of innovation, ideas, contracts, plus competition.  How do you compete and keep up?  Initially, we thought that a weekly newsletter would do this, but we soon realized that this was limiting the flow of ideas from the top freelancers.

Many of the top freelancers and writers have their own websites and blogs to promote their services and profile. We had to come up with a better way of keeping our followers up to date with news from the Top Freelancers.  We have researched what we consider are the most helpful freelancer blogs and freelancing platform community forums. 

If you think that we have missed one let us know by using the contact form at the end of the page or send us an email at john@freelance-work-guide.  

Here are the current RSS feeds that we have selected: 

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Communication at Work

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Overcome 

Cyber Security 

Women Empowerment 

Students Engagement

Automation Tools Benefit

Critical Steps To international Competition 

Coronavirus News

Top Freelancing News

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