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Top 20 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Use Video In Content Marketing

Video content marketing has undoubtedly been a central feature of digital strategies for several years.

In today's climate, though, video content marketing is king. Furthermore, it's set to retain its place at the top of the pile for many years to come. 

As such, now is the time to start incorporating successful video marketing strategies into your company's DNA.

Here's why video content is the most significant weapon in your digital marketing arsenal.

1. Other Businesses Are Doing It

While it's true that you shouldn't simply follow the herd, the fact more and more businesses are using video content marketing tells a story in itself.

Figures have increased from 63% to 81% in the space of a year, meaning that 4 in 5 companies are now using this type of marketing. If your business fails to join the revolution, it will run the risk of being left behind.

2. Consumers Are Consuming It


Mobile video consumption doubles every year, showing that its importance is moving in one direction.

Furthermore, it underlines how video marketing is the preferred way to reach younger audiences including millennials and generation z.

People expect their favourite brands to have a strong digital presence, and video is a big part of it. Do not disappoint them.

3. Video Generates Conversions

All marketing ploys are ultimately designed with the main aim of generating conversions in mind.

Adding video content to landing pages can bring an 80% increase in sales.

The content engages audiences with very strong results because they can actually see the product, which can build their excitement.

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4. Video Turns Interest Into Conversion

Video content doesn't need to be a standard advertisement like the ones you'd see on TV. There are many different types of video content to consider, and they can all have a telling impact on your success.

Roughly 3 in 4 people that watch explainer videos will complete a purchase. This is a far greater success rate than any other form of marketing communication.

5. Videos Encourage Trust

Videos provide great insight into the people behind the brand. Consumers love this, with 57% stating that video content increases their trust in the business.

When customers trust a company, they are far more likely to look favourably on their products and services. When combined with the engaging elements, this promotes greater conversion rates and revenue.

6. Videos Break Down Communication Barriers

The marketplace is more multicultural than ever before, especially when your products are aimed at an international or global audience.

It is suggested that a minute of video can paint 1.8 million words, making it far easier for non-native English speakers to digest the content with ease.

In turn, this sense of inclusion can boost the hopes of gaining their custom.

7. Videos Have The Share Factor

In addition to the many ways that video content can boost engagement with direct customers, it's also a great way to build a bigger audience through social sharing. 92% of consumers share videos with friends and family.

Whether it's a funny brand message or content that promotes a great product, the tags and comments can bring new customers to your door.

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9. Video Content Is Google Friendly

While video content can have a massive impact on conversions, SEO is still your greatest marketing tool. After all, you cannot achieve success without visibility.

Your site's hopes of appearing on the first page of Google are boosted by over 5000% when video content is present on your website. That statistics alone shows how important video is for search engine rankings.

10. Video Is Wanted

Aside from the fact that consumers watch product and brand videos, most users prefer this type of visual content over traditional methods.

Up to 68% of users prefer explainer videos to solve their product-related problems. Having the content can promote new sales while also boosting satisfaction among existing customers, which can lead to added brand loyalty.

11. Video Boasts High CTRs

Click-Through Rates are an important metric for monitoring the success of any digital campaign. Videos boast CTRs of 1.84%, which is greater than all alternative digital ad types.

Ad completion rates on adverts placed within YouTube videos is in excess of 90% too, ensuring that the message is expressed in the most powerful manner. This can only bring great results.

12. Video Is The King Of Online Content

Online Content

Due to a whole host of reasons, not least the changing consumer trends in relation to mobile versus desktop browsing, video content now accounts for 80% of all global web traffic.

If your business doesn't have any video content, it is heavily limiting its hopes of reaching clients. The opportunities offered by the World Wide Web are huge, but you'll only unlock them through video content.

13. Videos Boost Email Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a very effective way to market your products and services, from a financial perspective as well as a logistical one. Including the word 'video' in the subject line almost doubles email open rates.

When coupled with the engagement and CTRs of the video content itself, this can completely transform the success of your email marketing campaigns.

14. Video Is More Memorable

Knowing that consumers have seen your advert is one thing, but knowing that they've remembered the message is another altogether.

Viewers retain 95% of the content explained in a video compared to just 10% of the text that they read in blog posts or other forms of written content.

Staying fresh in the mind ensures that content is more likely to bring success, even if it's not right away.

15. Video Outperforms Images

Outperforms Images

Given that video is a form of visual media, you may assume that images and infographics are equally rewarding. While they still have a role to play, video is more crucial.

In fact, videos on Facebook reach 135% more people than images on the same platform. To reach the greatest number of people, your business will need to utilise video within its digital marketing strategy.

16. Videos Form A Key Part Of Consumer Research

Consumer Research

Understanding customer behaviours is a crucial responsibility for all marketing teams to master. Roughly half of all consumers will watch videos before visiting a local store or web store.

Providing this valuable info to supplement the other aspects of your digital strategy will pay dividends in the long run. Not least because, once published, the videos can stay online for years.

17. Video Encourages Longer Interactions

Extending the duration of interaction will naturally boost your hopes of gaining a sale, and there have been many studies to confirm those correlations.

Given that webpages that include video retain visitors for 2.6x longer than webpages that don't. Even without factoring the impact that videos can make, this can have a serious impact for the brand and its conversion rates.

18. Video Is More Popular

Not only is video marketing reaching more people and considered preferential to TV, but it is also being consumed more often.

More than 70% of online users state that they watch more video content than they did 12 months ago.

As such, companies that do not use it already are advised to start while those that do should increase the frequency of their output.

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19. Video Aids Brand Association

The success of a marketing feature shouldn't be defined solely by its immediate conversions.

Brand association is another key metric that goes beyond memorability to ensure that the company is the go-to solution when clients consider a product.

Video increases brand association by 139%, bringing a host of short and long-term rewards for the business.

20. Video Brings Qualified Leads

qualified leads

Lead generation is important, but qualified leads are the true holy grail for marketing teams. Video marketers achieve 66% more qualified leads than those using alternative media types.

Qualified leads result in greater conversions and often increased spend per visit, as well as repeat business. Video content can, therefore, be considered to be the most essential tool of all.

Video content can take many forms including vlogs, interviews, product descriptions, tutorials, company culture, webinars, testimonials, and traditional advertisements.

Either way, embracing a range of different video types and incorporating them into your marketing strategy will work wonders.

This is especially true when videos are used alongside other features such as blogs, infographics, and audio.

When used well, video content will boost everything from your presence on Google and social media to the level of customer engagement.

Ultimately, then, this can bring more leads, more sales, and more profits. If that doesn't inspire you to pay attention to video marketing, perhaps nothing will.

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