Time Management Tools for the Self-Employed

There are dozens of time management tools are available for people who are starting a new business working from home.

Whether you are taking work from outsourcing companies, doing online freelance work or handling other home computer work, managing your time will help you to earn the right level, bill at the right level and concentrate on jobs that are really worth your while.

Here are some tools that can help you with time management.

Time Management Tracking Applications

Wakoopa is a small application that runs in the background on your computer. It tracks the applications you use and you can browse reports through its web interface. As well as keeping track of individual applications, such as Microsoft Word or Gmail, it also tracks applications by type. This means you can see how much time you spend on the web, how much time is spent doing e-mail and how much time you spent using office applications. This can be very useful in assessing your time usage.

freelancers also have deadline pressures

One of the best time management tools, Rescue Time, calculates how much time you've spent using productive applications as opposed to those which are really online time wasters and you can see this at a glance when you login to your account.

Track Your Billing Time

When managing your time it is also important to be able to handle billing correctly.

Office Time is a very useful tool for time management. It allows you to track your time by pressing a button at the start and end of a job. Add notes and other information and you will soon have a snapshot of how you have spent your time while working on a client project.

These are just a few of the time management tools available.

Others may include integration with invoicing and billing, which is very useful for those doing online freelance work. It's also worth considering online accounting programs, some of which include trackers to help you manage your time.

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