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Time Management Tips When Working From Home

Almost everyone can use time management tips. That's especially true for those working from home.

When you work for an employer you have to turn up at a certain time and you leave at a set time. That's not the case when working from home, doing freelance work or taking jobs from companies that outsource work.

When you work for yourself it is essential to manage your time effectively because every wasted minute costs you money.

Develop a Work Routine

The first step in developing good time management skills is to set a working routine. It doesn't matter whether you get up and get dressed in a suit or work in your pajamas -- there's no dress code when you work at home.

What is important -- and it's one of the best time management tips you will ever get -- is that you set regular hours for working, just as you did when you went to the office.

That doesn't mean that you have to work a 9-to-5 day - you might be more productive from 5 to midnight - but having a regular work schedule is the first step to good time management.

Identify How You Use Your Time

Second, download a time tracking tool, an application tracking tool or both. These programs, many of which run automatically in the background, will allow you to see where you really spend your time. Get some suggestions on our time management tools page.

You may think that you are spending seven hours a day at work. In reality, though, you may be spending time on Twitter, e-mail, research, bidding and other tasks. Many of these are useful but they don't always bring in income.

For effective management of your time as a self-employed freelancer it is important, especially at the start, to focus on tasks that pay you.

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Third, use the information you have collected to plan your day. Think about when you are most creative and use that time to do creative work. Reduce e-mail checking to only a couple of times a day.

Streamline Your Work

Other good time management tips include creating templates for bidding and limiting the time you spend on the more social aspects of online freelance work.

This will help you make the most effective use of your time when working from home, and freelancing your skills.

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