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The Best 11 Tailwind Strategies For Your Pinterest Account

This article was written by Dayana Dancheva for Freelance-Work-Guide.com

When you hear or read about Pinterest Marketing or strategy, most of the time, it is directly associated with the scheduling platform called Tailwind. And there is a very good reason for that. Tailwind can skyrocket your Pinterest account - repins, views, followers, website traffic whatever you want, you can have with the help of this great platform.

Top 11 Tailwind Strategies For Pinterest

Today, we are giving you the best 11 Tailwind strategies for your Pinterest account to boost and grow your business in no time:

1. Use Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are one of my favorite things. You can get so much exposure and traffic from them, it is crazy. What are Tribes and how to use them?

A Tailwind Tribe, just like the name suggests, is a community of people within a specific niche. For example, my blog is focused on Social Media Marketing, so I am part of Tribes focused on my niche and blogging: 

use tailwind tribes

When you become part of a tribe, you will have to follow their rules. Most of them have the 1:1 rule - for every one pin, you add to the tribe, you are supposed to repin one of other people’s pins to your boards. You can find the rules for each tribe here:

If you want to repin content, you have to select the pin you want to schedule, type the Pinterest board you would like to add it to and press the Add it to the Queue button. The pin you have just saved will be directly scheduled. The layout is just like the Tailwind scheduling tool I’ve discussed above but your only scheduling option is to add the pin you choose to the queue:

To share your own pins, simply go to the pin you want to share on Pinterest, click the Tailwind icon and select Add to Tribes:

Once you click the Add to (10) Tribes button, your pin will be saved in Drafts and you can close the Tailwind scheduling tool. You can also delete this pin and it won’t appear anywhere except the selected tribes:

You can find your content in your Tribes and keep an eye on how many people are repinning it:

The more repins you get, the better you will rank for the Weekly Highlights section, where you can get even more exposure and repins from fellow cretors.

You will also have the opportunity to see Insights of your Tribes performance:

Keep an eye on each one of your Tribes, so you can see which one is worth it. When you start, you will be limited to 5 Tribes but you can add PowerUps to your account and purchase more space and repins per month.

To Find Tribes, take a look at the categories or search for a keyword connected to your niche:

You will see the name of each tribe, members and activity. Join the Tribes with the most activity, even if they are not open and you have to apply to be accepted.

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2. Use Tailwind Automation To Pin/Repin Content

Unlike any other Social Media platform (except Twitter), the more you post on Pinterest, the better results you will get. However, it is very exhausting to produce so much content of your own, so you will also need to share pins from other people on Pinterest.

If you have a lot of content, share 50% of your own pins and repin 50% of other people’s content. If you lack content, pin 20%-30% of your own pins and repin the rest. If you are a new Pinterest account, this behaviour will help you gain traction across the platform.

Keep in mind that you need to stick to a specific topic and find repins within this topic. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build a consistent audience.

3. Use Tailwind To Find, Save And Share HQ Pins

There are a lot of spammy profiles on Pinterest. Many of them use fake, misleading URLs or old outdated articles. That’s why it is important to find repins that are high-quality and will be helpful to your followers. 

You can find content on the Internet, Tribes, and Pinterest. Here is an example of scheduling content in bulk directly from Pinterest:

Click the Tailwind extension and you will get all of the pins on the page:

Select the ones you like.

Add each one of them to a board/boards of your choice.

Pay attention to the pins without a proper description or URL. If the pin is missing description, the link to it might be sketchy but if you are certain they are not, you can add a description of your own. Always check the link of the content you add for your followers. 

If the pin is missing a source URL, Tailwind won’t let you schedule it and you will have to remove/delete it from your Tailwind scheduling tool. 

When you are ready, just click on Schedule all and you will add the pins to your Tailwind queue.

4. Use Tailwind To Test Different Images

You can schedule a lot of content in advance with Tailwind. Try to schedule content for at least one week in advance and experiment with the design of your pins. A pin can go viral if you choose the best visuals. So test multiple options per one article/product and never settle. Don’t be afraid to share the same URL but with different text and structure.

For best results use long, vertical images. You can create these images in platforms like Photoshop or Canva and Crello, if you want an easier, cost-saving option. If you want to know more about Canva click on the icon below:

5. Use Tailwind Scheduling To Post Multiple Times A Day

As I have mentioned before, Pinterest is like no other Social Media platform. The lifespan of a pin can be up to 4 months. So, you really can't overwhelm your audience on Pinterest. A pin can show up in a user's feed weeks or even months after you originally post them if they’re relevant to a user’s search. That’s why it is suggested to post between 10 - 30 pins on a daily basis. 

6. Know Your Niche & Keywords And Find Relevant Tailwind Tribes & Pins

Pinterest is an excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. With more than 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest, the platform is a huge driver of website traffic across all industries. But to do that, you will need to utilize the right set of keywords for your pins. 

There are several ways to find good keywords:

Pinterest Search Bar

This is just the regular Search bar you can see on Pinterest. When you type something related to your niche, you get a lot of suggestions. You can use some of these suggestions as part of your keyword strategy.

Pinterest Guided Search

If you go on Pinterest and type in seed keyword “Social Media”, you will see the top related keywords to what you’ve just typed:

You can modify your search based on the keywords below and the top related keywords will also change:

Pinterest Advertising

The last way to find pins is to look at promoted pins suggestions. Pinterest advertising is not allowed everywhere in the world, so not everyone has this option. But if you are lucky enough to have it, here is the process:

  • Go to Pinterest Business and Log in with your Pinterest account.
  • Click the account holder’s name at the top right and click to “cog” image and find Promoted Pins:
  • When the new window opens, click on the red “Promote” button at the top right.
  • You will be required to enter a campaign name and budget for your promoted pin.
  • Click on the red “Pick a Pin” button.
  • Enter a term related to your pin such as “hunting boots” and you will see all semantically related keywords and concepts:
  • You can copy the words and paste them into a text file where you can choose only the most relevant keywords for your business and products.

Once you have your list, you’re ready to move on! Keep the list handy and be ready to add to it when needed.

7. Use Tailwind To Post To Group Boards

Group boards are exactly like your boards. The only difference is that many people can post to them. They are also known as collaborators. When you become a collaborator, you can share your pins with the followers of the specific board in order to reach more people and get more repins.

The easiest way to find group boards is through Pingroupie. Just like everything else connected to Pinterest, Pingroupie is dependent on the right keywords for your niche. When you search for a specific keyword, you will see many group boards and statistics about them such as followers, collaborators and the owner of each one of the groups.

To join a Pinterest group board, the best approach is to leave a message to the owner of the group. You can find them on Pinterest and write a kind, genuine message with a request to join the group board. 

Then, you can use Tailwind to schedule on these group boards. An easy way to distinguish which one is a group board is the icon when you select a board in your Tailwind scheduling tool:

You can use this strategy to avoid being spammy in a group board and share efficiently.

8. Use Tailwind’s Newest Feature Smartloop To Post Your Favorite Pins Over And Over Again

SmartLoops are a game changer! With Tailwind, you can set up a collection of pins that you want to constantly reshare. This is called a SmartLoop. 

Tailwind will give you a tutorial when you create your first SmartLoop, so you will have to follow it in order to better understand them.

You can find the SmartLoop feature here:

When you add the pins you want to the SmartLoop, Tailwind app will re-circulate them indefinitely. You can set up multiple SmartLoops with different types of content that will automatically be distributed across your schedule. Tailwind works out the best times to share SmartLoop pins to your audience, so the hard work is done for you. 

SmartLoop allows you to easily see what is being pinned on the SmartLoop calendar set limits to ensure you are not spamming or breaking group board rules. Ideally you want to set up loops with your most popular pinning categories as well as different seasonal categories.

9. Use Tailwind To Track Pinterest Data

You can use Tailwind data for your Pinterest strategy. This is the best way to see which one of your pins are performing good and are bringing you the best results:

  • You can see your Profile Performance and change the date to see more data such as daily, weekly and monthly followers, pins, repins, and comment growth. 
  • You can use Board Insights to see board repins, virality, and engagement.
  • You can use Website Insights to see the daily amount of pins from your own domain.

Also, you will receive Tailwind weekly summary on your email:

In addition, you will receive Tailwind Tribe summary for each one of your Tribes:

10. Use Tailwind Board Lists To Save Even More Time

Tailwind has an amazing, time-saving feature called “Board Lists”. You can find this feature under Publisher -> Board Lists:

With this Tailwind feature you can categorize your boards and the pins that go on them:

When you schedule a pin through the Tailwind scheduling tool, you will find the board lists you’ve created, marked with a star and the number of boards you’ve added:

You can shuffle your pins to avoid spammy behaviour:

The best thing about this option is that if you set a specific day and time to your pins when you schedule them, this automatically locks them and prevents them from being shuffled.

11. Write Good Pin Captions To Get More Repins Through Tailwind

You can see how important descriptions are. If you don’t have one, you will for sure lose some potential repins. The same applies if your description is bad. Give a brief description of what your pin is about and add between 3-5 hashtags for extra reach and exposure.

Remember to use different strategies to see what works including:

  • Pinning your best performing content
  • Pinning articles/products that bring you the most money / monetize your most popular articles
  • Pinning others’ high-quality content to your boards

Tailwind can be a very helpful tool for your Pinterest account. Especially if you utilize all of the strategies mentioned above. The platform gives you the opportunity to be part of communities, interested in your niche, find relevant content and save a lot of time, while you still grow and reach more and more people with your Pinterest account. Give it a try and I guarantee you, you won’t regret it!

Happy pinning! Dayana.

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