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Steps to Organize a Virtual Birthday Party!

Virtual Birthday Party

Since the beginning of this year, the world feels like utter chaos. It feels like life has come to a halt. Well metaphorically? Yes but not literally. As we sit at our homes, in front of our laptop screens, waiting for the pandemic to go by, we are still aging. And before you know it, you are a year older. But you need not worry! A pandemic birthday celebration can be just as special as any other.

And we are going to tell you how.

We live in a world of marvelling potential and have managed to find a way around physical distancing. Virtual experiences are the way to be. With the eruption of video conferencing apps and thriving internet speed, a face to face experience with our loved ones from distant corners of the world is not alien to us. You can be exchanging the hottest gossip with your mates with a simple click of a button. Let us use all these resources at our disposal to create the most adventurous party of all time.

Now if the word "Adventure" sounds like a stretch, believe me, it is not. Especially not in the world of gaming. In case you are not a gamer then that is fine too because this new breed of the immersive gaming experience is far from the traditional digital experience. And that incredible option is virtual escape rooms. Virtual escape rooms are traditional escape games that one can play through video conferencing. A volunteer will be provided to you by the company who will guide you through the entire room acting as your remote control.

The best quality of virtual escape rooms is that you do not need to limit yourself to the nearest location and proximity. One can play any room theme and place one desire. Here is your step by step guide as to how you can get this eclectic experience.


1. Gather the party people

To throw a party one needs to invite their friends. Make a list of all your friends and confirm their availability.

2. Look for your preferred room

With an abundance of options on the web, look at all the options you think will best suit everyone’s taste. And accordingly, pin down your favourite.

3. Reserved

Once you know your birthday destination, reach out to the company via their website and look for a slot that suits your eventful day the best. In case of any confusion, you can also ring up the companies to know more about their work process.

4. Done deal

With a confirmed booking, the brand will send you a link to a desired video conference app like zoom, skype, etc. along with a confirmation mail. Make sure to share the link with your friends with pertinent information like time and date.

5. Be prepared

Be readily available to your guests throughout the day. Make sure you have downloaded the relevant app and remember to send a reminder to all your friends to avoid any confusion.

6. Party time!!

The game master will be waiting for you on time. Be attentive to the instruction before heading into a whole new world of characters. Rest assured that you will have the full command of the game. The volunteer will closely follow your instruction.

7. Here you are

Do not forget to have fun with your bunch now. You can be as loud and chaotic as you want. Venture through these amazing secrets and mysteries with your craziest pal. Might as well have a little competition. Whoever solves the most puzzle gets an Amazon gift card! What a night would that be.

8. Spice it up

Now just because it is a virtual party does not mean you cannot turn up the level. Get out of your pyjamas and into your fancy clothes a night like no other. Decorate your background with balloons and decorations because you do not get to party in a pandemic every day.

9. The party never stops

Your fun-filled adventure with a virtual escape room does not mean the end of the night. There are so many other fun activities you can indulge in with your guests. How about a fan of Pictionary? Use the online work generation to heighten the stakes and break into an intense game. Or another crazy option is a Netflix party! Call up your girlfriend and dude to watch your favourite shows while having hilarious conversations. Or even better if your friend is an art or an animal lover, many of the museums and zoos around the world are offering virtual tours. Sit back and view the most ancient art and interact with animals across the globe. 

10. We got the gift

Now in case you got sucked into this rabbit hole because you are one of the guests and have no idea what to gift your dear friend, we got your cover too. In case you are tight on money due to all the online shopping you did because of sheer boredom, just send a virtual customized card to your friend. Or if you are feeling inclined to take it up a notch then anything could be delivered to your doorstep these days. Your older friend can enjoy a glass of the finest wine while your little ones would surely enjoy a new bike. 

A virtual experience cannot replace a face-to-face one but indulging and investing in the digital space would aid anyone feeling less isolated. And at the end of the day that is the main goal of any kind of celebration. To bring people together. And while you are at it, why not enjoy and take advantage of all this technology that is available at the snap of a finger.

So, there you go, be the pioneer of bringing joy to your near and dear ones who are far away. A virtual trend that will warm your heart and give everyone a break from the brain-dead routines that all of us have been trapped within. And let be honest we can use some warm-up for the original social interactions because somewhere everyone has lost their touch! Virtual interaction is the saviour for all of us from the socially awkward being that we are converting into.

Author Bio:
Roy Smith can usually be found reading grammar and literature books. He loves hoarding novels yet reads more of Roald Dahl's collection or Harry Potter. He likes to cook and feed others. He loves playing cards. Most time goes on tutoring students and writing for them. His ideal time is holding a cup of hot chocolate and lying in a chair at the roof, gazing at the sunset, and enjoying the breeze.

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