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Social Media Optimization Strategies

Social media optimization seeks to create a cohesive strategy for your social media efforts that will ultimately result in increasing content exposure.

While most strategies seek to drive traffic to a website in order to increase conversions, it's no longer as vital that people actually land on a web page.

Instead, the focus should be on getting people to view your content, wherever it is, and getting them to engage with you as a company. Let's take a look at five ways to accomplish this goal.

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  • Content Sharing - Make it easy for people to share your content with their friends by including share buttons on your Facebook page, on your blog, and in email newsletters.

    Statistics show that people are more likely to view your content if they don't have to visit your website in order to do so.

  • RSS Feeds - If you haven't incorporated an RSS feed on your blog as part of your social media optimization strategy, do it now.

    Regular blog readers love the convenience of viewing all their favorite content in one place. If you don't give them that option, you may very well be passed over altogether.
  • Commenting - Engaging your customers in conversation builds both loyalty and trust with the people who use your services.

    Whether you're commenting on other people's blogs or replying to comments on your own, taking part in the conversation allows you to position yourself as a credible source.
  • Blogging - Another way to build credibility using social media is to maintain a regular blog. Even if you don't think you have much to talk about, blogging keeps you at the forefront of your field.

    It also enables you to respond immediately to new developments, negative press, or innovations that affect your business.
  • Social Sign-In - Social sign-in allows users to access site content using Facebook or other social media ID/password combinations without filling out cumbersome registration forms.

    While that may sound like bad news for businesses, in reality it means that more people will be willing to share their information with you via social media venues than ever would have using traditional registration. It can even help your brand image by making you appear more up to date.

If you're still uncomfortable with the idea of social media optimization, the time to begin learning is now.

As the social landscape continues to evolve, the rules of online engagement will change permanently. Whether that's a positive or negative thing for your business depends on how prepared you are to handle the changes.

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