Online Writing Jobs -- What Are Your Options?

Online writing jobs are a great option for you to consider if you are looking for legitimate work at home jobs.

There are literally thousands of freelance writing jobs on offer, all of them suitable for someone wanting to make a living working from home.

The start-up costs are minimal as all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

If you enjoy learning about new things and have the ability to translate what you learn into easy to understand articles for the web, then online freelance work is a good choice for your next career.

Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs

There are lots of different types of freelance writing jobs. For example, you can distinguish between them by the market you are writing for and the purpose of the copy.

When seeking online writing assignments, you could write content for websites and blogs, promotional sales letters, press releases, marketing copy, E books, as well as content for newspapers and magazines, whether these are online or off-line.

Don't worry that you may not have been trained as a writer. Whatever your job, the chances are that you have already written thousands of words for company reports and presentations. All you have to do is transfer those skills to a new format.

Think about your area of expertise and then look for online writing jobs that match that.

freelancing writing and programming

Freelance Job Boards

Some of the best places to seek online freelance work are freelance job boards. There are dozens to choose from, with more springing up every day, but among the best are Elance, Guru, Ifreelance and Rentacoder.

Most freelance job boards have a free level of membership so that you can test them out and see if they are a good fit.

To get started, create a profile which showcases your writing skills as well as some examples of your work. Then search the boards to see what is on offer and start bidding.

Take advantage of the online advice on crafting successful bids as this will help you to get freelance work much sooner.

Once you have done a few jobs and received positive ratings from your clients you will be able to get even better paid online writing jobs and it won't be long till you are making a good living working from home.

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