Getting Started With Online Freelance Work

If you're feeling the pain of job loss, redundancy or early retirement, then finding online freelance work could be a lifesaver. It's not nice to feel as though you are no longer needed, but there are hundreds of companies that outsource looking for work at home professionals with your skills.

One of the advantages of outsourcing for those companies is that they can choose from a wide pool of skilled workers from around the world. They don't have to pay benefits to people who are not pulling their weight. This presents a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and gain a range of clients. Welcome to the world of self employment.

Help Clients Find You Online

If you are looking for freelance work online, then the first thing to do is to help people find you online. There are two ways to do this.

First, get a website or blog. To start with, this can be on a free site such as or Blogger, but it will look more professional to have your own domain and host your site there.

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Use Freelance Job Boards

Second, sign up with some freelance job boards and job sites where you can showcase any online freelance work you have already done. Include links to work done online, such as writing or design work, and copies or photos of work done offline. Make sure that clients have a way to contact you, such as a phone number or an instant messenger identity.

Benefits of Registration

Registering with a freelance job board gives you two ways to find legitimate work at home jobs: first, you can search the job board yourself; second, companies can look for freelancers that match their requirements - and you could be one of the people they approach.

Assessing Clients...

When taking jobs through freelance job boards, it is best to start with something small. This gives you the chance to assess whether you and the client are a good fit and to see how promptly they pay when a job is completed.

If this works well, then you can accept larger jobs from that same client. Before you know it, you will have a varied client base providing a range of online freelance work.

Understanding the Needs of Outsourcing Companies

It is a good idea to place yourself in the shoes of an outsourcing company prior to starting to look at freelance job boards so that you know what a potential hirer is looking for. I recommend that you browse through's website: What Type Of Projects Do Outsourcing Companies List.

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