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3 Tips for Landing Your Dream Freelance Job

This is a contributor’s article from Jenny Holt.

Freelancing is still on track to be a fantastic career or side opportunity and shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. In fact, with many marketers now integrating video content to reach audiences, more freelance writers will be needed to produce video scripts and speaking points.

Tips for Landing Your Dream Freelance Job

Additionally, the increased need for marketing content like e-mail blasts, white papers, and social media articles, has resulted in storytelling skills being in high demand, making freelance writing an easy--and fun!--side gig that brings in extra cash.

But there's a fine line between freelancing as a hobby and landing jobs that are worth your time and energy. Landing your dream job as a freelancer can be tough work, and you will need to spend a lot of time distributing your resume to potential employers.

Sometimes you will even have to take on many small, insignificant jobs before you will reach this "dream job" level. By following these 3 tips, you can work towards landing your dream freelancing job in a more streamlined, effective manner:

How to Land Your Dream Freelance Job? - Top 3 Tips

tips for getting targeted job

1. Grow Your Network

Most freelance writers will attest to the power of a strong network. Belonging to a writing community, whether you network online through a website or in person through a remote working location, will help to build your reputation as a freelancer.

You can strengthen your network by reaching out and offering your writing skills, which will lead to completed jobs to add to your resume.

Then, you can distribute your enhanced resume to recruiters who will recognize your established network and be impressed by the freelancing experience you’ve had as a result of these connections. To professionally present your strengths in the freelancing field, use an ATS resume template.

Grow Network

2. Spruce Up Your Blog

Companies looking to outsource their writing to freelancers will appreciate your work and dedication to writing as shown on your blog.

Nowadays, having a functioning, stable blog that receives a good amount of traffic is seen as a professional writing skill and will appeal to recruiters.

Keeping a blog is basically another version of a resume, as it will show potential employers that you have the ability to write well and can market your work.

Freelancers Union

3. Follow Up and Reach Out

While it is important to establish your freelancing network to land your eventual dream job, it is equally as important to continually follow up and reach out to the connections that you've made.

Follow Up and Reach Out

If you recently completed a job that you were proud of, follow up with the employer and ask if there are any other projects on the table. You can even send new work that you've done to prior employers to remind them of your talents and keep in touch.

The more social you are, the more available you’ll appear to recruiters—and who knows, they may end up reaching out and offering your dream job.

By growing your network, sprucing up your blog and reaching out to your connections, you will be on the right path to landing your dream job as a freelance writer.

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