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Amazon Kindle Authors Should Be Using KDP Rocket Software For Researching - 19 Reasons Why

All aspiring Amazon Kindle authors and even successful ones should be using KDP Rocket software. Why? To help your books rank better in Amazon searches. KDP Rocket is a tool to find the keywords readers search for when looking for books on Kindle. 

What Is The KDP Rocket?

KDP Rocket is a software product that helps find the actual keywords shoppers type into Amazon when searching. Use them to boost Kindle Direct Published (KDP) book sales. It features three types of searches for real-time shopper’s search and purchasing data to help you understand your book’s market better. 

Use it to show you the potential money your book can make and what search terms your target market uses.

Why You Need KDP Rocket?

KDP Rocket is an all-in-one research tool for marketing your books. Use it as part of the writing and publishing process for every book you write. 

Each KDP book you publish can have seven keywords and/or keyword phrases used in its metadata. Use KDP Rocket to find the keywords shoppers are using on Amazon today. This increases your publications’ visibility in user searches. 

KDP Rocket generates popular keywords you had never thought of before. It is important to create a marketing strategy based on the KDP Rocket data.

So, what’s the hype? KDP Rocket is a tool that helps you find the best keyword to rank your Kindle ebooks to boost book sales. Here are 19 reasons why you should add it to your writing toolbox.

1. Keywords Are The Key 

Keywords are the key for Amazon Kindle Success

Type in a keyword and the software give results for four different types of searches. Keyword, Competitor, Category and AMS Keyword Search. All at the click of a button you have the information needed to boost each publication’s visibility. It is all about beating your competition. And, you cannot do that without the relevant data.

2. Analyse Keyword Competition

The Keyword Search screen shows the number of books competing in the Amazon marketplace based on each keyword. You may think the higher the number of competitors, the harder it is to compete based on these keywords. 

This is not always the case. What matters about this number is how easy it is for that keyword to rank you in the top 5 on the Amazon bestseller list.

3. Analyse Keyword Average Monthly Earnings

The Keyword Search screen also shows the total monthly earnings for all books sales for each keyword. This includes ebook but not paperback book sales. 

4. Google and Estimated Amazon Searches

Google and Estimated Amazon searches

Still in the Keyword Search screen. The Google and Estimated Amazon searches show how often people type in each keyword when searching Amazon products. This lets you know what the general public is looking for. KDP Rocket tells you what book categories and genres are currently trending. 

5. The Competitive Score is What Matters

The Competitive Score in the Keyword Search screen is the figure that matters. Anything above a score of 70 means the competition is high for this keyword. It will be hard to rank in search engines if you use it so avoid it. Numbers less than 35 are good because the competition is not so fierce. 

KDP Rocket gives you all the information you need. Things like keyword popularity and total revenue for keyword related searches. Your book will have a better chance of ranking higher in keywords searches when you select the relevant keywords. But, remember, the keywords used must still be relevant to your book. 

6. Check The Competition

Hit Check Competition next to the relevant keywords to go to the Competition Search screen. Details of the bestselling books, their authors and revenue pop up on this screen. Also, the book covers, how long they have been on the market and what categories authors put their books in pops up. 

This lets you understand the books you will be competing with. You can see their Amazon bestseller rank, daily sales, and other valuable data. 

7. Use Before Writing The Next Book

KDP Rocket is a handy little tool to use before writing your next book. Use it to find keywords that are in high demand in a niche area of interest. Using this right from the start gives you a better chance of increasing revenue. 

You can use the keywords in the title of the book and subtitle to help your search engine ranking. 

8. AMS Keyword Search

While you can use the same keywords for AMS campaigns, you should add more. Amazon Ads have tough competition so you need to stand out in the crowd. Type relevant keywords into the AMS Keyword Search screen. 

You will get pages of keywords results as well as the names of books using the same keywords. These will be the most popular books in searches using these keywords. Add the most relevant book titles and authors as keywords to your AMS campaigns. It will help raise your profile. 

9. Hunting For Categories

KDP Rocket has a Category Hunter that allows you to search for the best categories for your book. It also shows Amazon bestseller rankings of between 1 and 20 for each day. The information also lets you know how many books you need to sell that day to hit the top 20 bestseller list. 

10. Export Data To a CSV File

Export data to a CSV file

Every KDP Rocket screen makes it possible to export the data as a CSV file accessed through Excel. Download the data you need and access it at any time. 

11. Free Updates

Buy KDP Rocket and get free updates for life. The company often updates its product and adds new features. They have big plans for the future of the product and you get these absolutely free when released. 

12. Saves Time and Frustration

KDP Rocket is all about saving time. It is frustrating spending hours searching for the best keyword to skyrocket your Kindle book to the top of user searches. This software removes the frustration and makes it quick to find the best keywords for your book’s metadata.

13. More Time to Write Books

Use before writing the next book

With KDP Rocket saving heaps of time, you have more time to write. Use the software to help generate keyword ideas for your next bestseller.

14. Use on Any Operating System

Use KDP Rocket on Windows and Mac operating systems. It works on all versions of Windows later than Vista and on Mac 10.9 and above. There is nothing complicated. Simple and easy to use. 

15. Works for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors

This nifty software program works for fiction and nonfiction authors. With the AMS and Category features, this helps you find the most profitable keywords for book ads. 

You can see if your competitors are making money, what is trending and what shoppers are looking for on Amazon. KDP Rocket creators will soon release a video for fiction authors to show how it can help you. 

16. Video Tutorials Make it Easy to Learn

Video tutorials make it easy to learn

KDP Rocket videos make it easy and quick to learn. You can start using the software in minutes. These are short tutorials that cover: 

  1. Introduction to KDP Rocket. This tutorial gives you the basics, takes about the features and demonstrates the software layout. 
  2. Finding Keywords with KDP Rocket. In this lesson, you learn all about the Keyword Search feature to find the seven target keywords for your Kindle ebook. 
  3. Competition Analyser feature. Here you learn all about the Competition Analyser feature and data about your competition. This helps you better market your book to target audiences. 
  4. AMS Keyword feature. The AMS Keyword feature helps you find the most profitable and effective keywords for AMS book marketing campaigns. 
  5. Category Search feature. Learn how to use the Category Search feature to find the best categories for your books. 

The company is always publishing new videos about its software and how to use it to get the best out of it. Keep an eye out for new videos for book marketing research tactics coming out soon. 

17. What Demographics Does it Work in?

What demographics does it work in?

Currently, KDP Rocket only works in the US market. Soon you can access all the same data for the international market. A new free update for Rocket will soon bring this feature to you. 

18. One-Time Price For Lifetime Access

Buy KDP Rocket software for a once only price of $97. Get in fast as this is an introductory price. We guarantee you will be happy with the results. For just a small investment add a useful tool to your writing toolbox to boost book rankings. 

19. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Beat your competition RISK FREE when you buy KDP Rocket. KDP Rocket offers a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. That is how confident they are it will help you. If you are not happy with the soft aware, contact the company and they will process your refund. 

Get in now while it is available at a one-time low price of $97 – before it becomes subscription based. 

Affiliate Disclosure: We are a participant in the KDP Rocket Software's affiliate program which means we may get a commission if you purchase the product by clicking our affiliate link. But, this will not affect the price of the product.

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