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When you are starting freelancing there often is a financial reason for doing so. It is important that you start to earn money as soon as practicable. One of the shortcuts to becoming financially viable as soon as possible is to learn from the experience of others.  

We have summarised the purpose of the Ultimate Freelancing Library as being "Critical tips from the experience of others".

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Unemployment Is at a record high and Wage Stagnation and The Outlook for Youth Employment Is Worrying

Can your remember before the Corona Virus Pandemic when the infographic below was relevant?  It is less than a year ago!  How quickly the world and our futures can change.  This is why freelancing matters in the changed global economy.  Freelancing and learning new skills can help you build a financial safety net to take control of your budget and employment flexibility.  Our goal with the Ultimate Freelancing Library is to help you do this. We welcome feedback on our Facebook page, click on the Facebook icon on the top right to go to our Facebook page.

Unemployment Is at a Low, but Wage Stagnation and Under Employment Is A Problem

Freelancing Offers Numerous Benefits

Freelancing Offers Numerous Benefits

Why Freelancing Books?

Why Freelancing Books?

To help you get started, here are some of the best resources to learn all about freelancing:

best resources to learn all about freelancing

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