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How Incorporating Illustrations Can
Transform Your Marketing

Consider this When Hiring an Illustrator

The competition to get the bigger share of the market gets tougher by the minute. That is precisely the reason why businesses are aggressive with their marketing plans. They brainstorm on out-of-this-world ideas to generate leads. 

While there is nothing wrong with that, remember that tweaking some of your visual assets could go a long way. In fact, adding custom illustrations to your marketing strategies could create drastic results. 

In this post, we will share with you why incorporating illustrations can beef up your marketing plans.

It Makes Your Brand Unique 

You have probably stumbled upon a few platforms where you can get stock images. If we are to talk about the quality or the professional look of these images, we have to say that it is enough. But that is precisely the point. If you wish to stand out from the market, enough is not going to cut it. You need to be above the rest and having custom illustrations could help you with that goal. 

Let us assume that you are offering training services to corporate clients. You can just go to Unsplash or Pexels and look for images you can use for your website, social media, or other marketing collateral. But have you ever considered your competitors? Most likely, they are using the same images for their marketing assets too. How can you differentiate your brand from them? Again, that's where illustrations could be beneficial. 

You Can Tell A Story

You Can Tell A Story 

Storytelling will always be one of the best ways to educate and influence the market. And while you can always provide them with lengthy texts, only a few will appreciate it. The case is different with illustrations.

Since we are naturally visual creatures, excellent illustrations could easily capture our attention. When done right, you can relay the same information to your audience, without the need for a long explanation. This speeds up the sales funnel process, and you can already get profit in no time.    

It Simplifies Complex Ideas

Another reason why you need to use illustrations in your marketing is to simplify ideas. This is beneficial, most especially for new products and services. Remember, during our toddler years, our parents and teachers would use books with illustrations.

It is not just to capture our attention. But it helps us in forming our imagination. It helps us understand the entire story. That same principle applies to an illustration in marketing.  

It Makes Your Brand More Friendly 

When you use illustrations for your marketing, you tend to be playful, and you sometimes exaggerate expressions - pretty much like cartoons. Because of that, people will perceive your brand and your team as friendly and fun. And as you probably know already, the market supports brands that are friendly in nature.

Where to Use Illustrations?

Where to Use Illustrations?

There are many avenues or channels where you can use illustrations. You can place it on your website, social media pages, email newsletters, and even your packaging. And with a consistent style, you amplify your brand in different mediums.

Should You Use Illustrations All the Time? 

Generally, illustrations for marketing can be used by most industries. However, there could be exemptions. For example, if you are selling t-shirts, you should use the actual photo so that your potential buyers can manage their expectations about your products. But if you are offering cloud services, having an illustration of how a cloud works could help your potential market decide if they will purchase from you. 

You must use your better judgment and ask yourself what the intention of your visual assets is. Is it to show your real products? Are you aiming to tell a story? Do you wish to simplify ideas? 

For those who are not yet ready to transition to full illustration, then you can take a subtler road. How about using the hybrid form? It is where you combine real imagery and illustration.

Know Your Market

Know Your Market 

But before you brainstorm on the illustration for your brand, there is a crucial question you must answer. 

"Is it appropriate for your market?"

Your decision-makers should appreciate it because chances are, they will decide if they will patronize your products and services. Doing market research is important so that you can identify the best styles that can illustrate your brand. 

Consider this When Hiring an Illustrator

There are many graphic designers available today. But if you are to hire someone, set high standards. Take note that you are not just after colorful or visually enticing illustrations. The ones you should use for your marketing must tell a story. It should connect with your audience and relay your brand messages. 

Quite frankly, only a few professionals can do it. It is a skill honed by experience. That is why you must be cautious in selecting your graphic designer. Do not forget to ask for their portfolio and look for references so you can gauge their work ethics. 

Author Bio: 
This is a guest post article from Alan Walker from the graphic design company https://penji.co/.

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