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Highest Paid Freelance Jobs of 2020

Freelance Jobs

As the business industry continues to become more competitive, it has become harder to earn money for many entrepreneurs. Hiring regular employees may seem too expensive for some, so many businesses opt to hire freelancers to augment their employees. This demand has created a niche for individuals who have made freelancing their primary source of income. These days, there are many freelance jobs needed in the market, but some types of work are considered the highest-paid freelance jobs you can find. 

These days, you can find more than 70 million freelancers around the world. 30 million of this count are doing it for the long term, and around 31% of these freelancers are earning more than USD 75,000 a year. Employees start ditching their 9-5 jobs to shift into the freelancing environment mostly because of the potential income and time freedom. 

What is Freelancing And A Freelancer? 

Freelancing has been around for ages, yet it has just gained recognition  and made big impact in recent years. With the influx of remote working environments and the continued rise of technology, freelancing has become a well-known source of income in this digital age.  It has become a place where clients can freely hire a person from a pool of talented freelancers to work on a particular job for a specific period. This situation has given rise to freelancing platforms as a place for hiring non- permanent workers. 

A freelancer is an individual with expertise on a particular skill that offers services to clients. Many freelancers enjoy earning a fair amount of money through freelancing. Depending on the skill sets, expertise level, and time spent working, once can make a decent income with any freelancing job. 

An effective freelancer also uses effective tools that can get the job done even doing work from home. So, you need to have adequate knowledge on the latest tools these days. Make sure that it is updated. For example, you need to make sure that your product key for your Windows 10 is valid and genuine. 

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs You Can Consider

If you are thinking of switching your office job to a freelancing stint, take note of these highest paying freelance jobs you can consider. 

1. Content Writing

Content Writing

In this digital era, content is considered the king for many businesses, companies, and organizations. Many are looking for high-quality content these days, making content writing one of the most in-demand freelancing jobs. Whether to write a blog, a book, a sponsored post, or any other articles, there is a massive demand for content writers

If you can create high-quality content, you can make content writing a feasible option for your freelancing stint. Depending on your expertise, you can charge between $50 - $500 per hour. It will also depend on the length of your content, and even your previous experiences with writing. 

As a content writer, you can write in a completely remote location as long as you can deliver the requirements. You also need to know email management and other services like Google Docs, Dropbox, and other tools necessary to help your writing jobs

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

There is no denying that social media has become one of the essential keys to grow a brand and make a business a success. However, most business owners find social media management a bit tedious and time-consuming. That is why many owners find social media managers to hire to help manage their accounts. 

Being a freelance social media manager means you are in charge of growing a particular brand through social media. Your job is to create a social media partnership with other brands, prepare, execute, analyze campaigns, promote product launchers, and other necessary activities to establish a brand's social media presence. 

3. Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is another in-demand freelancing job these days. The constant need to have a professional-looking and functioning website makes web developers in demand around the globe. With the rise of demand, being a web developer is a great option to earn a decent amount of money. Although the web design and development market are currently very competitive, creating a niche brand can give you the best freelance web jobs and make it a lucrative career opportunity. As a web developer, you can charge $500 to $5,000 per website. 

4. Programming and Software Development

Programming and Software Development

One can find tons of programming jobs in the freelance job market. Many companies now recruit developers to create a smartphone app that helps product growth while obtaining personalized, business-compliant support.

For freelancers who want to venture into this kind of job, understanding the fundamentals is essential, but spending time and money acquiring the coding skills is needed. You ought to be very strong at programming languages and have rock-solid awareness in fields like WebGL and iOS. With the necessary experience and expertise, software creation may enable you as a freelancer to raise loads of money with any high-paying programming and software development jobs. 

5. Translators

One of the most significant freelancing work these days is being a translator. Translating work involves converting audios and records into different languages. To be a good translator, you need a thorough and in-depth comprehension of each language; you need to prove that you can use a particular language almost at a native stage. When businesses want to communicate with people from other counties, they usually hire translators for any written translation needs. 

The strong demand for good translators is increasing rapidly in the digital entertainment industry. Anyone who is multilingual and knows two or three languages can pursue any high-paying translation. As a translator, your job may include translating written or audio text from one language to another.

6. SEO Specialist

Each website needs traffic to expand and generate sales online, thus making SEO an essential factor in this digital era. A freelance SEO professional allows businesses and bloggers to help make their websites rate higher on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. This freelance job is deemed as one of today's most significant and highest-paid in the freelancing industry.

As an SEO expert, you may operate on a website's off-page and on-page SEO. Your role also requires technical work such as setting up template codes, meta tags, meta descriptions, on-page time, and more. Off-page SEO is the job behind the platform, such as creating backlinks and traffic. It would be best to have analytical abilities and quantitative expertise to function as an effective SEO specialist. Having these essential skills will attract additional traffic to the client's website.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is anyone who performs a regular job in an online business. More often, the job comes as a personal assistant or secretary. Most business owners don't have enough resources to manage email, social networking, websites, podcasts, and employing a virtual assistant to assist with all of these necessary work is a good option. As the world turns on the internet more and more each day, a virtual assistant job remains to be in high demand. 

Final Thoughts

For years, there are many freelancing misconceptions. According to some, it is not a satisfying career and doesn't pay enough. However, these days, it is proving otherwise. As long as you are dedicated to your profession and can perform excellently, you can find many high paying freelance jobs in the market. The rapid growth of technology and networking channels have also made it possible to work remotely and alongside any parent company despite the time zone and location difference.

Author Bio

Maricar Morga worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. One of her activities became a nominee in the ICSC Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Awards 2018. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing. 

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