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Where To Look For Graphic Design Work
As A Freelancer

Graphic Design Work
As A Freelancer

Are you thinking of starting your career as a freelance graphic designer? But you do not know where to find a job for yourself and how to earn using your skill? You do not need to be worried anymore and wait for an opportunity. This article is going to tell you details about the top 6 websites where you will find opportunities for you to show your talent as well as earn handsomely. 

You can see several freelancing websites advertising get freelance graphic designer. Through the detailed explanations of each platform, you will be able to learn the criteria they need for appointing freelancers.

Let us get started:

1. Upwork


Upwork is a popular freelancing website dealing with millions of clients providing them many types of freelancing services. They offer enough flexibility and various choices to the freelancers to start a career. It is one of the largest platforms connecting freelancers and clients.

So, you can easily find clients and secure a good salary. This platform provides opportunities to graphic design freelancers to build a portfolio for themselves and gather experience to grow their careers.

The strategies that the platform use:

  • Upwork is a mobile-friendly application supported in android, iOS that is a big advantage to get a huge audience.
  • This platform comes with a workspace that enables freelancer graphic designers to know about feedback on their works. As well as it maintains daily data of each project and about its duration.
  • Upwork charges only 3% processing fees to the graphic designers of their total payment.
  • This platform comes with three pricing plans: Basic, Plus, and Business suitable to afford by its users. 

Upwork hires freelancers either by visiting their profiles directly or by uploading hiring notices to get a response from freelancers. As well as graphic design freelancers are allowed to communicate with the clients that play a vital role to understand their requirements. 

So, this platform can be your best choice to develop your career.

2. Fiverr


This platform is perfect for small businesses which hire freelance graphic designers abundantly. They offer a huge aspect to the graphic designer including designing of WordPress website plus business card design.

The strategies this platform supplies:

  • They prepare a record of each freelancer's client handling experiences, rating, and feedback by clients, etc. Thus, they highlight every graphic designer's quality work which reassures clients.
  • They provide services at a cheap rate of $5 and they do not even charge membership fees, but a transaction fee.

Here freelancer graphic designers find beneficial aspects as this platform uses multiple filters to make your profile highly visible when the client searches.

3. 99designs


This platform frequently advertises to get Freelance Graphic Designer and customers find it easy to hire for their projects. They appoint freelancers best on their skill and the competition is quite tough. They offer various designing works allowing freelancers to choose according to their own and satisfy with a handsome pay scale.

The strategies this platform apply:

  • This platform prepares detailed data of graphic design freelancers and exposes it to the clients in a listed form.
  • This freelancer-friendly site brings great opportunities for them by giving them access to skill-improving tools and as well as building a strong portfolio.

99designs often presents contests of graphic designing work and the winners are rewarded by getting projects and prize money from the clients.

4. Freelancer


This is the reputed freelancing website where freelancers find both part-time and full-time job opportunities.

The strategies this platform follows:

  • They arrange various skill tests for graphic designers where freelancer designers get a chance to show their talent and win a better position in their graphic design career. 
  • This site plays a user-friendly role for its freelancers and customers also. The customers are provided with all-time support and the freelancers benefit from a strong build portfolio of theirs.
  • This platform offers several membership plans including Intro Plan, Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Professional Plan which is suitable for every customer due to this vast pricing range.

For hiring freelancers, they adopt different methods. They often find the best graphic design freelancers from search filters after examining their profiles. Sometimes they post job vacancies where freelancers are selected from the responding list and frequently arrange contests where graphic design freelancers get appointed after giving conceptual answers to the clients.

5. Designhill


It is a platform for freelance graphic designers who get chances to express their versatile talents of creative logo designing, website designing and get a handsome amount after completing a client's projects. Through their PrintShop graphic designers can earn a high amount by selling their graphic gigs, joining in graphics contests. Here you will be able to find numerous clients after sharing your portfolio as it is a famous platform for individuals and small businessmen. Get more information about Top web and graphic design company.

The strategies that this platform maintains:

  • This platform arranges design contests in which graphic design freelancers can participate and share their thoughts, ideas, and can introduce their talents to the clients so that clients appoint them for their projects.
  • Clients find this platform most susceptible as they maintain a rule of money refunding in case clients find their results worthless.
  • Their pricing plan is suitable to its users as it ranges from low to high including Fastrack, Standard, Executive, and Premium plans.

Designhill handles a big graphic design team where you also can find a place for yourself. 

6. PeoplePerHour


This platform serves as the greatest opportunity for graphic designers to spread their unique designing works. They hire many graphic designers.

The strategies they adopt:

  • This platform allows freelance graphic designers to prepare a preset package to offer customers.
  • The freelancers are accustomed to varieties of designing requirements and have great knowledge about multiple graphic design software.
  • They give enough chances to the freelancers to communicate with their clients properly.
  • They do not have any membership charge and the servicing charge is quite low, around $0.78 + 10% of the total payment affordable to freelancers.

So, you can start your career easily through PeoplePerHour as a freelance graphic designer.

Hope you will find this article helpful. All these platforms claiming to get Freelance Graphic Designer can be your choice to build your career as a freelance graphic designer.

Editors' Note: This is a guest post and charges and fees quoted have not been verified by an independent check and it is recommended that you do so before using a platform that has been mentioned. 

Author Bio:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design . He loves to sharethoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design and other graphic design issues.

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