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20 Ways Freelancers To Businesses Can Earn $1,000's Per Month Extra Running Facebook Ads For Clients

Your clients need people like you who understand how Facebook Ads work. They don't want to have to spend hours and hours fiddling around, trying to work it out themselves. All your clients want is somebody like you who understands how the platform works and how to put their advertising budget to good use.

Earn Extra

The great thing about running Facebook Ads for clients is the financial reward. You could earn thousands of extra dollars per month, just by managing their accounts and providing them with the advertising punch that they want.

Your actions could boost their return-on-investment, get them more customers, and generally improve the standing of their brand. You could be just the person that they need to make a material impact on their efforts in the crowded social media marketing space.

Running a Facebook Ad campaign for a client can be a very profitable side hustle. If you do it right, you could top up your income with an additional $1000 or more per month.

What's more, it can become a genuine side hustle - not something that cuts into your precious time. Often all you need to do is keep it ticking over, and you can charge your clients a regular fee for the privilege.

While some work is inevitably involved, it's usually insubstantial compared to your regular operations. You can fire up your laptop for a couple of hours in the evening and do everything you need to do for a range of client accounts, and you're done - money in the bank.

Why Is Running Facebook Ads For Clients So Important?

Facebook advertising is one of the biggest opportunities on the web for your clients to engage with their customers and build revenue. More than 1.86 billion people use Facebook monthly, and over 1.23 billion do so daily.

It's by far the most active social media platform in the world and second only to Google in terms of overall usage. Your clients have Adwords campaigns for search, so it also makes sense for them to have campaigns on Facebook too.

Facebook Ads have several advantages. 

Facebook Ads Are Highly Targeted

Facebook Ads are one of the most targeted forms of advertising in the world, even more so than search advertising. Data available on Facebook users makes it easy to display ads to your client's precise niche.

The richness of customer information makes it less likely that you show dud adverts that do not interest users. Facebook lets you generate massive returns if you use it in a targeted way. The businesses that you represent stand to benefit enormously.

Facebook Ads Deliver Immediate Results

SEO and other digital marketing strategies often take a long time to come to fruition. It's hard for freelancers who sell these services to convince their clients that they're having an effect. Not so with Facebook Ads. Advertising on the social media giant usually has an immediate impact, if you get the advertising strategy right.

You can set up Facebook Ads for your clients on a Monday night and report the initial results to them on Tuesday morning. The high level of platform activity and the ability to specifically target high-value individuals makes it easy to deliver results. 

Facebook Ads Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Your clients want to know that the money they spend on expert help for their digital marketing efforts yields results. Diffuse financial performance is problematic for freelancers who are trying to make money using other marketing methods, like email.

The same is not the case, however, with Facebook Ads. You can track each customer the company acquires through Facebook advertising, calculate the revenue, and then prove the business case for what you're doing.

What's more, when you show your clients that you're making them thousands of additional dollars every month, it strengthens your bargaining position and enables you to ask for more money. 

Facebook Advertising Lets Clients Sell To New Markets

The internet has transformed the world into a global village. Anybody can connect with anybody else, so long as there's an internet connection. It's highly likely that your client is missing opportunities to sell to specific markets in your country or around the world.

Facebook Ads are a tool that you can use on their behalf to drum up interest for their products and services in new audiences. You could be the reason their customer base expands fifty percent or more. 

20 Ways Freelancers Can Earn $1,000s Per Month Running Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

So, we've established why Facebook Ads are essential for your clients. Great. What ways can you earn thousands of extra dollars per month from running Facebook Ads for them? Let's take a look.

1. Get Paid A Regular Fee For Managing Their Facebook Account

The most obvious (and common) way to earn money from running Facebook Ads for clients is to charge a regular fee for your services. You offer to manage a client's Facebook Ad account on their behalf, take control of their budget, and implement it in a way that benefits them.

Most clients love this approach. They don't know how to manage their Facebook campaigns effectively, and so they need somebody with the skills and knowledge to make it work for them. If you can sell yourself as that person, your clients will reward you. You give them an effective Facebook advertising campaign, and in return, you get paid.

One of the great things about this model is that it's scalable. You can run Facebook Ads for multiple clients, each of whom pays a regular fee.

What's more, once you've set up their ad campaigns, it's usually just a matter of letting them tick over, generating revenue for the business. You may need to tinker here and there, but the amount of time that you must dedicate to it is usually less than you might think. In effect, you're generating semi-passive income.

2. Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Work

Most clients won't just blindly pay you a fee for the work that you do. They'll want to see evidence that what you're doing is having an effect.

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that it allows you to analyse data on things like conversions and sales quickly. You can see the effectiveness of your marketing campaign in real-time and show your clients the extra money your work is making them.

And here's the clever bit: if you can show your clients that you're increasing their revenues by a substantial amount, you improve your bargaining position. Suddenly, you're able to ask for more money and make your side hustle more lucrative.

Don't be shy about negotiating for better rates. Once it becomes clear that you're generating thousands of extra dollars of profit for a client, it's in their interest to pay you more.

If you suddenly leave, their advertising could grind to a halt, and all the progress you've made on their behalf will evaporate. Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising by tracking individual users makes it easy to ask for more money and set higher rates.

3. Use Split Testing on Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Content Funnel

Split testing is the application of the scientific method to the world of digital marketing. Instead of just randomly changing a piece of your client's advertising campaign, hoping that it will have a positive effect, split testing allows you to test whether the change is beneficial.

Let's say, for instance, that you want to test two different texts to go with your ad.

You can't usually tell which will appeal to customers the most by eye-balling the copy. It is, for the most part, a guessing game.

Split testing, however, allows you to find out which is best in a concrete way. It shows you which ad got the highest clickthrough rate or conversion rate, letting you compare an old version of your ad to a new one.

If you're managing Facebook Ads for clients, using split testing is vital. It lets you improve on your client's Facebook campaign iteratively. You can continually refine their advertisements to see which maximizes the return on their advertising budget. Over time, you can use split testing to build truly potent campaigns.

4. Test Facebook Ad Images

Facebook Ad Images

Let's say that a law firm has asked you to manage their Facebook Ad campaign and supply you with a bunch of marketing images associated with their firm. Let's also suppose that you have all the information that you need about their target demographics and know precisely whom you should serve ads. How can you tell which picture you should use?

Here's where split testing can save the day. Facebook provides split testing tools from within the Facebook Ads Manager. All you need to do is use the wizard to create two ads whose only difference is the image representing the law firm.

Facebook will randomly serve up either one of the ads to users and collect information on them. This data could include things like the number of clicks each one receives, letting you see which picture performs the best.

Your clients often have no idea that A/B testing exists, but it can make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of their campaigns. More importantly, you can use it as leverage to increase your fees. 

5. Include Affiliate Links In Client Facebook Ads And Content

Clients are not only valuable to you because of the money that they pay you for your services; you can also use them to place affiliate links.

The way that affiliate links works is simple. A Facebook user clicks a link to an affiliate site on one of your adverts or posts for the client. The affiliate then tracks their IP and places a cookie on their computer.

The visitor browses their affiliate website and, hopefully, places an order. If they do, then the affiliate registers their order and prepares a commission for you. If the customer doesn't return the item or ask for a refund for 30 days (or whatever the vendor specifies), you get paid. Simple.

With affiliate links, you can see how you can make running Facebook Ads for clients more lucrative. All you need to do is take control of a client's Facebook Ads account, get their consent to run non-competing affiliate links, and then wait for users to click the relevant links to products.

You can see why it's so effective. Instead of paying for the advertising to reach them yourself, you're piggybacking on your clients' marketing budget and getting mountains of exposure for free.

6. Create A Goal For Each Piece of Content and Ad

The most successful Facebook Ads have specific goals. Usually, these goals fall into one of four broad categories: awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention.

Your client, for instance, might be a start-up finding its feet online. If so, then their goal is probably awareness. Right now, most Facebook users probably don't know who they are, what their brand stands for, or what they sell.

The task, in this case, is to use Facebook advertising to generate awareness. You want to make ads with a broad reach, high engagement, and that drive video views. At the awareness stage, the whole purpose of the ad campaign is to educate and inform.

The next stage is consideration. Consideration is where you try to get people to sign up for email campaigns or click through to your client's site to find out more about the product. Customers vaguely know what the company is about at this stage, and how they can benefit.

The third goal is conversion: the client's customers know what they sell and how they can benefit.

The fourth is retention: the client wants to hang onto customers it already has.

As a freelancer running your client's Facebook ads, you need to understand their goals. Get it wrong, and you could wind up losing them money and weakening your position.

7. Set Up A Contest For Your Client

Facebook contests are one of the most exciting and lucrative ways to get people interested in your client and help you make more money.

Before initiating a competition, you'll need to discuss the prize that your client wants to offer Facebook users. Once you know what the giveaway is, you're then free to go on and advertise.

Contests are highly effective for several reasons, but the overriding factor is their shareability. When a person comes across a video with a chance to win something, they will often forward it to people in their network who they feel would benefit.

These people then watch the advertising themselves and click through to enter, making contests a great tool at both the awareness and consideration stages. 

8. Create A Multi-Stage Funnel For Your Client

While the idea of creating a "multi-stage funnel" might sound complicated, it's not. All it means is that you're splitting up your client's audience into different groups at various stages in the buying funnel.

Some users will have never heard of your client's business before, and so for this group, you should use adverts that fall into the awareness category. Others will be considering their options: in which case, you'll want to serve up ads that help them decide they should choose your client's products.

Finally, segments of the audience will be returning customers, looking for reasons why they should do business with your client again.

By setting up a multi-stage funnel, you're making your client's advertising more precise. You're giving each person the type of marketing suitable for the buying stage they're in right now.

For instance, there's no point advertising money off subscription renewal to users who've never signed up. It's just a waste of money.

9. Use Facebook Pixel

If you've ever run an AdWords campaign, you'll know about the importance of remarketing. A customer sees a paid link in search results for a keyword, click on it, and then continue to see advertising for that company on sites in the ad network.

Facebook Pixel is the same. A user clicks your client's ad and then, regardless of what they do next, are shown your client's adverts across a range of sites that use Facebook remarketing.

Remarketing is a powerful tool that you can use to boost the performance of your client's Facebook Ad campaign (and the value of your services). Setting up Facebook Pixel is easy. It's just a piece of code that websites plug into their web pages to show adverts associated with cookies on the user's device.

10. Advertise That You Manage Facebook Ads On Facebook

While running Facebook Ads for your clients can be highly lucrative, getting clients is a massive challenge. While there's no sure-fire way to build a substantial customer base, one of the most popular methods is to use Facebook Ads themselves.

A client might stumble across your Facebook Ad, like what they see, recognize that they need help with their Facebook Ad campaign, and sign up immediately.

With Facebook Ads, you're presenting your clients with marketing in context. It's where they're most likely to look first for a fix for their Facebook Advertising woes.

11. Use Third-Party Tools To Make Running Facebook Ads For Clients More Efficient

When it comes to running Facebook Ads for clients, time is of the essence. If you're bogged down, fiddling about with each client's campaign for hours, then you have less time to advertise your services and take on new customers. It's a massive drag on your time - not something you want.

Many successful freelancers, therefore, use apps to help cut down on their workload.

One of the most popular tools is Canva. The monthly subscription is cheap, and the app allows you to create stunning infographics and images with a drag-and-drop interface. With it, you can concoct beautiful adverts in a fraction of the time it'd take on more expensive applications, like Photoshop.

Clickfunnels is also an essential tool for any freelancer wanting to earn thousands of extra dollars running Facebook Ads for clients. It's an online sales funnel builder that makes it easy to create sales funnels for different kinds of businesses. It gives you a helpful structure to build around and ensures that you don't omit any critical steps in the customer conversion process.

Finally, you might want to use a scheduling app like Calendly to organize your time, and Wave to cut down on your accounting costs. 

12. Take Advantage Of Online Educational Resources

Running a Facebook Ad campaign for clients isn't easy. If it were, your clients wouldn't need your help. As a freelancer, you need to continually update your knowledge on Facebook Ads and hone your skills.

You need to ensure that you're at the top of your game and can quickly deliver maximum value to your clients. After all, you want them to continue employing your services.

The good news is that there are dozens of resources on the internet that provide comprehensive education and tips for running Facebook Ad campaigns. You'll already know some of the material, but there may be some sector-specific things that could help you make a campaign for a client even more effective.

Other useful resources, apart from Andrea Vahl's, include sites like Social Media Examiner and Amy Porterfield's podcast.

13. Create An Opt-in Sequence For Your Client

While tailoring ads to specific Facebook users and doing A/B split testing can have a dramatic effect on clickthrough rates, it counts for nothing if your client's website is unappealing.

You could have the most stunning adverts and highly targeted, relevant campaigns, but if your ads just link to your client's homepage, it's unlikely to have much of an impact. Homepages do little to overcome user pain points.

If you want to run an effective Facebook ad campaign for your clients, you must speak to them about their opt-in sequence. Your role isn't just about running their ad manager on Facebook.

It's also about crafting the entire user experience, from viewing the ad to clicking the link, to arriving at the website and eventually buying the product. For Facebook Ads to work effectively, each of those steps needs to be polished.

A quality opt-in sequence includes a Facebook Ad, a link to a landing page that overcomes customer pain points, a call to action, and a thank you page. 

14. Help Authors Link Users To Amazon Purchase Pages Via Facebook Ads

Authors have a tough time. Not only is their work challenging, but they often work solo. The average author doesn't have a marketing team backing them up, helping them raise awareness about their book online.

Your job, therefore, is to help them promote their work in the most effective way possible. One of the best ways to do this is to link Facebook Ads to Amazon purchase pages.

The upside of this strategy is that you set up a direct link to the most convenient e-commerce facility in the world. The customer simply clicks "buy," and your client's book is on its way in the post. The downside of Amazon purchase pages, however, is that they're not compatible with Pixel, so remarketing can be a challenge. 

15. Develop Lead-Generation Ads

Not all your clients are interested in ads that generate revenue directly. Some need you to build leads. Many companies in the B2B space, for instance, sell things that are not amenable to impulse purchases. It can often be weeks, if not months, from the first touchpoint with the customer to the eventual sale.

You can target this niche and make a lot of money in the process. Facebook Ad Manager, for example, lets you create lead forms that get people to sign up in exchange for a reward- usually a newsletter, training course, free chapter in a book, or a free trial. You can, therefore, offer businesses specific Facebook lead generation services, helping them build healthy client bases.

16. Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Clients' Events

Sometimes your clients will want you to promote an event that they've posted on Eventbrite or another platform. Events can be a real money-spinner for companies, so freelancers who can drive attendance stand to benefit enormously.

Again, the usual Facebook advertising rules apply you want to define and target your audience, split test your ads, and measure and tweak results. You'll also want to map your funnel, ensuring that you have a seamless transition between your ad and the event signup. Everything should work smoothly, including payment.

17. Use Facebook Ad To Launch Your Clients' Products

Another niche service that you can offer is launching your clients' products. Clients need freelancers who understand the strategy for launching a product and how to advertise effectively on Facebook.

In general, you'll want to split your advertising campaign up into phases: a pre-pre-launch phase, and a pre-launch phase. In the pre-pre-launch, you'll want to warm up your audience, create content, and test different demographics.

In the launch phase, usually one to six weeks before the product release, you'll want to focus on buzz building, implementing content, and building lead lists.

If you're going to focus on this niche, you must provide your clients with a roadmap and a list of objectives. Set out your goals from the beginning and make it clear how they stand to benefit.

18. Provide Niche Facebook Ad Services For B2B Clients

While many of your freelance counterparts focus on B2C marketing, there's a massive need for freelancers to help B2B businesses on Facebook too. While marketers typically view Facebook as a consumer-focused platform, there are vast opportunities to help B2B clients use it to make money.

The reason for this is the platform's reach. Recall that nearly two billion people use Facebook regularly. Among those people will be a lot of decision-makers in firms.

Just like everyone else, they're on Facebook, and they're very much open to companies advertising solutions for the firms that they represent. Thus, nothing is stopping your client from promoting their services to other businesses on Facebook's platform.

The B2B Facebook Ad management market is massively underserved. There are relatively few freelancers offering their services in this area, giving you a significant opportunity to earn megabucks.

B2B businesses need individuals like you who understand how to run Facebook Ad campaigns to attract companies and are often willing to pay handsomely for the privilege. You could make a more income by marketing yourself as a Facebook Ads for B2B specialist.

19. Run Facebook Ads For Health and Fitness Businesses

Health and fitness businesses face considerable advertising restrictions on Facebook. Companies aren't allowed to make health claims, talk about health issues, use images of tapes and waists, or post before and after pictures. It's challenging, therefore, for them to create compelling ad campaigns that do not flout the rules.

Health and fitness clients need freelancers like you to provide them with guidance, advice, and ad support to ensure that their ads are both kosher and effective.

The solution is to focus on the concept of "getting healthy," building email lists with giveaways, and post videos where you talk about what the client does.

Together with the other strategies we've outlined above, you can make yourself very valuable to companies in the health and fitness space and earn thousands in fees and commission.

20. Offer Facebook Ad Consulting

While Facebook Ad consulting doesn't involve physically running a client's Facebook Ad campaign, it can be highly lucrative. Companies need people with expert skills and knowledge to tell them what they should do and how they can set up a good campaign. What's more, they often need people like you who can train their staff and set them up to do it in-house.

Facebook Ad consulting is exceptionally lucrative, especially once you generate a name for yourself. Many consultants can earn between $1000 and $2000 per client, meaning that with just a couple of customers, you can make something getting close to a regular full-time income. More than that, and your Facebook Ad service becomes much more than a mere side hustle - it can be your primary job.

It's worth speaking to your clients about the kind of service that they want. Do they want a hands-off approach where you provide advice from a distance but don't take control of their Facebook Ad Manager account directly? Or do they want you to take over their ad management completely? Which route they decide to go down will affect how much you charge, but both can prove exceptionally lucrative.

Andrea Vahl is one of the world's leading experts on Facebook Ads and her skills and training are in high demand. It is why we have become her affiliate because we know that Facebook Ads represent an important opportunity for readers wanting to increase their income to undertake her training that is proven and is in demand globally.

It will allow you to build a business that you own and to have your own clients and to work from home if you wish. It is great for work-life balance.

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