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Freelancers Need To Know Success Stories As Inspiration

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I always find success stories inspirational, especially when you know the background has been a freelancer starting from scratch. There are few things more inspirational than when someone starts alone and builds a successful business. It helps you realize that if someone else can do it, you can do it too! 

If you visited this website impressasolutions.com you would never know that it was started by and is still owned by a sole freelancer, Julie Ewald. Fortunately, Melanie Ewald has written for the www.Upwork.com blog How freelancer Julie Ewald turned being broke into a business opportunity. You can read Melanie’s article here

Freelancers need to know success stories as inspiration

You can read more about Upwork here. You can look inside the Amazon eBook about Upwork below: 

For those who like online video courses this is the best-selling Udemy course on Upwork: How to dominate freelancing on Upwork (which has 17000 students). You can check here. (not an affiliate link). 

Motivate Yourself!
“Mental toughness is spartanism with qualities of sacrifice, self-denial, dedication. It is fearlessness, and it is love.”
Vince Lombardi

As Millennial Parents, Should You Be Concerned About The Future Of Work For Your Children, And Also About Retirement For Yourselves?

As millennial parents, should you be concerned about the future of work for your children, and also about retirement for yourselves?

Today I had to visit the bank. While I was talking to the bank teller, there was a young child of another customer investigating the electricity power points in the customer service area. This brought a shriek of warning from the next teller who was serving the mother to say that what the child was doing was dangerous.

The mother of the young girl said, “She’s okay” , but the teller was adamant, “Please stop her. I will wait until you do.” and with that, she stopped processing her cash withdrawal. The mother of the girl sighed and went over and picked the girl up.

This brought smiles and nods from the other customers. The young girl is what some call the generation alpha and will have more personal creative power and technology savvy than all past generations.

Christine Carter has written The complete guide to generation alpha, the children of millennials. Christine’s article appears on Forbes.com and you can read it here.

Why this story above is important is that generation alpha will be creative and powerful in generating their own wealth, but the millennial parents are lagging in wealth creation. 

Joe Myers has written Millennials have it worse than any other generation, study says for the World Economic Forum which you can read here. This is why millennials need to be interested in their own future wealth creation. 

Grant Sabatier has asked the question Will millennials be able to retire? on the MillennialMoney.com which you can read here. For millennial mums and dads, failure to think about their long-term future funding is as dangerous as a child playing with electric power points. The issues need to be understood. 

The book below looks at investing in the new economy where the future of work is in evolution for the alpha generation. It is taken from the current perspective for the millennial mums and dads. 

Productivity Tip of the Week

Freelancers Need To Understand The Creativity Of Their Brain

Freelancers need to understand the creativity of their brain

For many freelancers, creativity and productivity are linked. It is because creative thought is what creates the ideas that allow them to produce the services for which they are paid. It seems fairly straightforward, doesn’t it? 

Today, creativity and innovation are fostered globally as a part of the culture. There have been recent articles written on this subject and here is one by Elkhonon Goldberg entitled Creativity, culture and the brain which appeared in PsychologyToday.com which you can read here.

Freelancers need to understand that looking after themselves through work-life balance, monitoring and understanding when in the day they are created are important issues. One of the main issues for creative thought is getting enough sleep.

Most freelancers who have worked to midnight on a gig to meet a deadline would understand this. However, if you don’t Fiona McMillan has written for Forbes.com the article New discovery reveals how your brain changes when you need sleep which you can read here

To better understand how sleep can help you control stress, anxiety and to be more creative look inside this eBook: 

Work-Life Balance Tip of the Week

What Does Work-Life Balance Mean To You If You Are Millennial?

What does work-life balance mean to you if you are millennial?

More than any other generation before them the millennial generation are concerned about work-life balance. This is what the latest definition of a millennial is: those who are between 22-37 years old. See here.

Ryan Jenkins has written for www.inc.com that This is why millennials care so much about work-life balance which you can read here.

Along with changing what they care about, millennial parents are changing parenting forever because technology is allowing them to tailor their lives to be creative and enterprising. Sadie Ball for www.mother.ly explains this with 5 ways millennials are changing parenting forever which you can read here.

This is why the millennial generation favors freelancing and a better work-life balance for their families. Charisse Jones for USAToday.com explains that is Why millennials want freelance careers instead of working full-time which you can read here.

The above article shows it is not only my opinion but that the rise of technology companies and their ability to break down the barriers between work and home life has contributed greatly to this change.

It has also empowered families to use technology to help their work-life balance, develop freelancing careers and start home-based industries.

Nathan McAlone for BusinessInsider.com.au has written Here are the top 19 apps. Millennials like way more than other age groups which you can read here. However, I believe that it is Amazon Prime membership that offers the best assistance to millennial families.

This is their current Australian offering here, but I expect it to increase greatly to offering everything included in United States’ Amazon Prime which you can see here.

Strategies for work life balance for millennials are important and even more so if you are parents because of the changes in society that are underway that will affect your children. Here are some strategies for success: 

Financial Tip of the Week

How To Sort The Good, Better, Best Financial Tips If You Are A Millennial Family?

How to sort the good, better, best financial tips if you are a millennial family?

Australia is the second top gold producing country in the world, see here. Yet, it all started with gold prospectors fossicking and panning for gold, see here.

There is a strong parallel today with innovation and technology and what are the correct financial tips on a Life Planning basis for millennials. Jessica Dickler for cncb.com has asked the question Are millennials financially doomed? which you can read here.

Why this is important is that millennial families need to find gold in financial tips and sort out the good, better, best financial tips according to Grant Sabatier at millennialmoney.com. You can read his 51 sorted tips here.

Beyond Grant’s tips, we have searched for the Top 100 Millennial Blogs and Websites for Millennials to Follow in 2018 and they are here.

Let us know your favorite, using either the contact form below or our Facebook page.

Amazon News

It is hard to believe the diversity of the Amazon innovation business model and the impact that it can have on apparently unrelated businesses. The latest move is the purchase of PillPack in the United States which is an online pharmacy.

In the United States, the prescription drug industry is worth $560 billion p.a. I tried to find the figure for Australia but gave up. One thing that is clear is that the costs to consumers will come down.

It is the power of competition! If you want to read about this development the link to the Claire Ballentine and Katie Thomas article in the New York Times is here.

As I said in the previous newsletter Amazon Australia is not participating in Amazon’s global OneLink technology. I know how it affects Amazon Associates, but I am not sure about how it will impact on the global business network of Amazon Web Services’ Partner Network. You can read about it here. If someone knows, send us a message on the contact form and we will share it.

From July 1st, 2018 Australian consumers will be locked out of Amazon’s overseas websites according to this article from Emily Piesse Amazon will block Australians from overseas sites from July 1. Here's how it will affect you which appeared on abc.net.au which appears here.

The weekly AWS news video link to acloud.guru is here. They are the leading trainers globally for AWS freelancers. 

Amazon Associates Website Case Study 

Amazon Associates Website Case Study

The history of the Amazon Case Study can be read at links to the previous newsletter issues. There is no change for this week as we are adjusting our articles to take into account the new offering of Amazon Home Services (AHS). Details of AHS can be read in the 12/02/2018 edition which is here

We have stopped showing the links for new articles as we have discovered that it could be having adverse impacts on the search engine optimization of the website Best Sellers Hourly. We will advise you when new articles are added. They are currently being worked on. 

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Freelancers And Cyber Security

We have gained approval from Robert Siciliano to bring you extracts from his books related to cyber security for freelancers. Robert Siciliano is an identity theft expert and consultant.

He also gives self defense and personal safety seminars. Robert provides safety and identity theft fraud prevention tips and advice on multimedia channels in the United States. We have his approval to bring you weekly extracts from his books:

What Can An Identity Thief Gain From Stealing My Mail?

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