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For Freelancers Having A Plan B Matters
August 20, 2019

Weekly Newsletter for Freelancers

For Freelancers Having A Plan B Matters

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Following are the brief summaries of the articles that we've featured in this newsletter. Click on the Go to the Newsletter icon below that links to the newsletter and check the articles.

Having a Plan B is often the key to success in life and freelancers are not an exception. The Freelancers Union has been working hard at building a better safety net for the freelancing community. It does not matter where the work starts because freelancing is an international movement. We share a retrospective and update on the reforms underway.

Stress management is a skill that is essential for most people, especially for freelancers because to meet gig deadlines often involves pressure. Daniel Rutter shares some simple tips to perform under pressure.

Apps are a wonderful help to freelancers because they can lift your productivity. Anna Johansson tells us about what she considers are ten of the best.

We have found some timeless work-life-balance top tips from Larissa Pham via the Freelancers Union Blog. We share them with you.

Freelancers are a small business. There is no point in considering yourself otherwise. Jonathon Long has an article about 12 big hurdles that a small business owner faces and how to get over them. It is an important read.

For our skills development and inspiration section this week we have looked at the important subject of the indicators that your children is being cyberbullied, sextortion and what to do plus overcoming the negativity of redundancy from being a employee on your way to becoming a freelancer.

Our Amazon AWS news and Associates Case Study latest news is shared along with our regular news on cyber security for freelancers.

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