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Holiday Notice For Freelance Work Guide Newsletter
December 26, 2017

Weekly Newsletter for Freelancers

Progressive Lenses. A Pain in Your Neck?

This year we issued our one-hundredth weekly newsletter to the freelancing community. It was an important milestone and a time of review. We decided that it was time to actually post the newsletter to our website and let Google search engines spread the news as well. This is the link to the 19/12/2017 issue here and the summary here. Our next newsletter and summary will issue on 9/1/2018 after the holiday break. In the meantime to all our followers and supporters:

For our end of year top tip for freelancers who are using multifocal glasses (progressive lenses) and are experiencing the very common complaint of neck pain, this article could be a solution for you: Progressive Lenses. A Pain in Your Neck? The article was written by Tennille Harrison and appears in You can read Tennille's article here.
Holiday Reading Idea

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