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Should a Freelance Writer Be Specialized or Be General?
July 18, 2017

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Should a Freelance Writer Be Specialized or Be General?

If you are a freelance writer one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is whether you should specialize or not. If you have good knowledge of a topic and you can write about a specialized area, it is making use of your experience to your advantage.

When I was working as a certified financial planner I was requested to be on the writing team that wrote the examination questions for the Financial Planning Association of Australia. The topic that I was given was the Code of Ethics where I had to write case studies.

There was a lot of work involved in it, but I had detailed practical knowledge of the operations of the industry and the ethical issues that financial planners came up against. When my planning career ended and I was considering what to do that would be useful to the world, I choose to develop this website.

As a result of changing industries, I lost touch with financial planning to a certain extent and probably lost a competitive advantage over other writers. Specialization is an important decision and needs to be thought about carefully.

John Soares has written an article entitled Four Reasons Why Freelance Writers Should Specialize which you can read by clicking here. You can obtain a copy of his ebook Make More Money For Less from his website.

Motivate Yourself!
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."– H. P. Lovecraft

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown is a Part of Motivation.

I guess everyone has to overcome fear at some stage of their life. It is about being human and facing the challenges of life. This is especially true when you are out on your own as a freelancer where it is perfectly natural to suffer from the fear and anxiety of failure.

It is to be certain that you are not alone in this. I decided to do some research on this issue and was amazed to find that the Udemy have even developed a training course on this subject. You can have a look at the curriculum here. Although I am an Udemy affiliate but, this is not an affiliate link. There are over 3,200 enrolled to do the course.

When I read down the list of the Curriculum I saw that they have a total of 15 lectures on the use of acupressure points to reduce fear and anxiety. I will have to place this course on my list for the frequent discounts on the Udemy courses where you can get them for $10.00.

The fear of failure is probably the greatest fear and anxiety for freelancers. Pamela Capala is a member of the Freelancers Union and has written the article How to Overcome the Fear of Failure.

Productivity Tip Of The Week

A Positive Mental Attitude Increases Productivity.
Are you like me and have trouble keeping your thoughts positive by thinking about the future? This is not easy if you have had past experience of failures. I would say that most of us have had those experiences as freelancers and in life generally. The issue is staying in the present moment or thinking about the future. Sports people would call it "playing in the zone".

One of the situations that readily comes to mind is trying to improve the risk management processes for variable interest rate housing loans which you can see here.

Clearly, it is an important issue, but we can get very little traction in bringing it to the public's or regulator's attention. The campaign could be seen as a failure, but rather than thinking about the past, it is better to move on and think about the future and how I can help those people who are trapped in negative equity and need to increase their household income. Clearly, freelancing is way of doing this.

I am currently working on this article for the website. This is what the article is going to be called: Freelancing can help you repay your housing negative equity. When it is completed and ready to share on this newsletter I will do so. The point of this story, is not to dwell on the past failures, but to move on and think of the future. By doing this it creates a positive mental attitude and increases productivity.

Craig Dewe has written an article called 11 Tips for Maintaining your Positive Attitude for the Lifehack Blog. You can read Craig's article here.

Work-Life Balance Tip Of The Week

Charging a Fair and Reasonable Price for your Services Matters.
Charging a fair and reasonable price for your services may not seem like a work-life balance issue to you at first glance. However, when you think about it carefully, you will realize that if you do not pay yourself fairly from your existing client-base you will have to work harder to generate your income goal. It seems pretty straight forward, right? This issue can affect whole industries. Here is one of the stories:

“When I was a certified financial planner working with clients I was one of CFPs who charged according to the hour and who was doing the work. I had two part time assistants helping me and their charge out rate was less than mine. We then discounted back to the clients all the commission that would normally have been derived from the sale of products. Most of the industry was different. Reliance was placed on commission from the sale of products.”

This meant that their income goal did not necessarily relate to their work-life balance, because to a large extent they were not in control. The issue from this story is that, as a freelancer, you are in control, but I recognize that it can be tricky to make this work in your favour.

John C (not me) has written about this issue in the Blog. The article was entitled: How to raise your freelancing rates with your existing clients and you can read John C's article here.

Financial Tip Of The Week

Freelancing Can Help You Repay Housing Negative Equity.
Can you imagine going bankrupt when you are about thirty and when you are a middle income family with two children in primary school? That is what fluctuations in the market value of houses can do. It has happened in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and is now starting in Australia. The issue is for many families that it causes anxiety, depression and probably split ups in the families affected.

It does require professional advice from a specialist lawyer. However, if you are advised to stay in your home and wait out the cycle in the rise and fall of the valuations of your home, what can you do? One of the main things that is within your control is to try to lift your family income and pay down your negative equity debt as soon as you reasonably can.

I have been talking to people that live in the affected areas of Australia and thinking about their situation. I have written a post about how freelancing can help them. The post on the website is here and also on this Facebook Page.

I have used a Facebook Promoted Post targeting one of the worst affected states in Australia. Let me know what you think of their situation. If you have ideas to help them send them to me via the contact form at the bottom of this newsletter or post them on the Facebook Page.

Freelancers And Cyber Security

We have gained approval from Robert Siciliano to bring you extracts from his books related to cyber security for freelancers. Robert Siciliano is an identity theft expert and consultant. He also gives self defense and personal safety seminars. Robert provides safety and identity theft fraud prevention tips and advice on multimedia channels in the United States. We have his approval to bring you weekly extracts from his books:

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