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How to Refine Your Freelance Writing Pitch
for Publishers in a Time of AI


Freelance writers have always had to make sure their writing pitch stands out in order to be successful with publishers. However, with the proliferation of AI technology, it can often be challenging for freelance writers to refine their pitch to achieve the desired results.

This article will provide up-to-date guidelines and tips on how freelancers can adjust their writing pitch to capture the attention of publishers in this era of AI. We will discuss proven methods and practices that can maximize the success of any freelance writer in the field and ensure they consistently deliver compelling pitches to publishers.

Freelance writers are still essential in the digital age for publishers to create engaging content.

Freelance writers remain an essential component for publishers who need to create engaging content for their audiences. However, they are all a part of the digital age and will use AI as a writing assistant to review their article for items such as readability, SEO, originality, and tone of voice. 

In all likelihood a top freelancer will know the SEO score of their article before they submit it to a publisher. If you are not doing this already you can try Semrush’s SEO content checker for a free trial by clinking HERE .

There is no denying that freelancers possess valuable skills and expertise which can bring unique perspectives, out of the box ideas, and unique takes on subject matters that give publishers something fresh and different. Freelancers also have the ability to submit a writing pitch quickly when wanted projects differ from general topics or require specialized knowledge or expertise.

Freelance writers have become even more important as the industry shifts towards digital media, as they provide a steady stream of fresh ideas and creativity which may be harder to find in-house. As such, freelance writers are here to stay in the digital age.

Freelance writers must now find the right balance between their craft and AI generated content

Freelance writers are now having to find the right balance between their own craft and creating content that makes use of AI generated tools. While leveraging AI-generated tools generally leads to more efficient methods of completing tasks, it is easy for freelance writers to rely on these resources too much and risk losing the human touch that comes with doing the job themselves.

Freelance writers offering their services must be mindful of how they use AI generated content and make sure that their own skill and creativity are always present throughout their work.

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The advantages that a well-crafted pitch can have when competing against AI articles

Freelance writers looking to stand out from the crowd may be happy to know that a well-crafted pitch can certainly make all the difference when competing for published projects in comparison to a sea of AI generated content.

Taking time to tailor the message can make all the difference, as it proves that you are paying attention to detail and genuinely care about the potential project at hand. Effort expended in crafting the perfect pitch establishing your credibility as an expert in your field — showing that human-crafted stories still mean something — will not only help you obtain projects in today's world, but it will also ensure long-term success.

Publishers on receiving a freelance writers pitch can quickly tell whether a writer has done their research on the publishers print media or digital media. This readily extends to being told in a pitch that no AI written material is included and for those that want to go the extra mile, a print out of the AI Detection and Plagiarism scan is a possibility.  This will likely evolve into a differentiation in pricing.

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How To ensure that your pitches stand out in a digital world.

Freelance writers striving to make a name for themselves want their pitches to stand out in the digital world. Carefully crafting a well thought-out pitch is key to achieving this. Presenting yourself in an authentic and professional way, with detailed explanations of who you are, and your qualifications will set the tone for how you are viewed by potential customers.

Additionally, providing expertise and resources that are complimentary to the project being pitching will make you memorable amongst rivals. All together, these techniques can help freelance writers increase the chances of their pitches becoming successful in a digitally driven world.

Freelance writers should focus on creating unique content that highlights their individual writing style.

Freelance writers have the incredible opportunity to craft their own narrative and show off their individual writing style. By creating unique content, they can add a creative spin to the topics they write about that will make them stand out among other writers in the field. This approach will allow them to use their own unique skillset and bring something new to the table - there has never been a better time for writers to showcase their talent!

Freelance writers should also pay attention to the details to stand out from AI-generated content.

Freelance writers have the unique advantage of being able to create content that is both human and relevant, rather than solely relying on AI-generated content. To stand out in this competitive landscape, it is important for freelance writers to pay close attention to the details when creating their work.

Not only should they ensure their writing is accurate and well-structured, but they should also take into account how their finished project can impact the success of their clients' businesses. Freelancers who master the art of creating unique content that speaks to their client's audience are sure to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace.

Freelance writers should be aware of the latest trends and topics

Freelance writers should strive to remain abreast of the ever-evolving trends and topics if they want to stay ahead in their profession. Not only should they be researching latest industry news and perspectives, but they should proactively seek out ways to harness related technologies such as AI-generated content.

Freelance writers need to have a laser focus on adapting to and understanding the evolving world around them in order to continue succeeding in their role and delivering quality content.


In a world of AI-generated content, freelance writers need to step up their game if they want to stay competitive. Freelance writers should pay attention to the details in order to stand out from other content and tailor their pitches in an authentic and professional way.

Additionally, they should create unique content that highlights their individual writing style, as well as remain aware of the latest trends and topics. Freelance writers who keep these pointers in mind will be well-positioned to succeed in today's marketplace.

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