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Getting Started With Freelance Jobs

If recession means that your employer has had to let you go then freelance jobs are a good way to get back on your feet.

If you spent a few years in your career then you probably have lots of contacts who can point you in the direction of companies that outsource work in your field.

You may even find that your former employer is happy to subcontract work to you, even if the company no longer wants to be responsible for paying your health benefits.

Create a Website

A good place to start is by creating a website which will serve as your virtual shop window. This is where you let people know that you are available for work, what your skills are, what your fees are and how to contact you. Include examples of work you have done as well as testimonials.

The next step is to call or e-mail your contacts to let them know about your website and to let them know that you are available for freelance jobs.

Advertising Your Services Locally

Print up some business cards, send them to the people you know and encourage them to give them freely to everyone who might be interested in your services. You do the same. At the same time create profiles on online networking sites, especially those that relate to your field. This will widen the net when seeking freelance work.

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Start Networking

Go to local and regional networking events to promote your services. Take examples of what you have done and be prepared to spend a lot of time blowing your own trumpet. This may not come naturally but marketing your services is the only way to get freelance work and a roster of regular clients.

Be Prepared to Provide Freelance Services

Make sure that you have the equipment you need to do the work. You probably already have computer, scanner, printer, cell phone, PDA, external hard drive and USB key. These are the basics. However there may also be particular pieces of software or equipment you need for your field. Make sure you have these ready so that you can hit the ground running when freelance work comes in.

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