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15 Freelance Income Opportunities from Ai Content
Writing for Our Generation

Whatever you are doing online, content is king. Quality content is essential to attract and keep an audience, it is essential to rank in search engine results to get your website or blog noticed, it critically needed for engaging and persuasive product descriptions to encourage purchases and is expected on your social media accounts to keep your followers entertained and informed.

But creating content is not easy. It takes considerable time and effort to create good content, with a lot of research and understanding of a topic to provide good and accurate information. It can be difficult in terms of repetition too, for instance, you have fifty new products to list, which is fifty new product descriptions. As anyone who has ever done this will tell you, by the time you complete the first twenty, finding a fresh way to say ‘buy it today’ becomes almost impossible.

Then there are the days when the words simply will not come to you. Writer’s block is very real and incredibly frustrating, but when you need to get some content on a site, send out some clever posts on social media or deliver your latest blog, it can stop you doing anything. There is no simple cure either, so you are left staring at a blank Word file for hours not knowing where to begin. 

All these problems cost you both time and money, and it is no surprise that a different approach has been changing the content creation industry completely. Artificial Intelligence driven writing apps promise to help writers and creators generate content quickly, letting you focus on other tasks.

You can use AI writing for repetitive writing, such as product descriptions, or to help you with longer content by quickly generating a basic article that you can then adjust and add too. That is also a great way to overcome writer’s block too, as it takes away the blank page and gives you the starting point to build from.

While initial AI writing apps were a little clunky, and produced obviously artificial writing, things have progressed as the technology has been refined. Today, apps such as Jasper AI even offer the ability to select different voice tones for the writing and can generate excellent text that reads well and delivers on the goals of the written article.

With increasing competition in every industry or niche, having the right content is more important than ever, and AI writing allows anyone to generate quality writing quickly and easily.

Getting started with AI Writing

Getting started with AI Writing

With AI writing offering so many benefits, any freelancer or entrepreneur should be looking at the technology and taking full advantage of everything it offers. Even if you have no experience in content creation, it is straightforward to get started. The apps available today include comprehensive instructions but are intuitive to use as well. 

The first step is choosing the AI writing app you want to use. There are a large number on offer today with varying features and prices. You can find reviews across the internet that discuss them in more detail, but we will use one of the leading examples, Jasper.AI, to illustrate the process here.

Signing up is simple, just like every other service you add your email, details and payment and you are ready to go. Once logged into your app, you can choose the type of content you want to create, in the case of Jasper.AI that is done through a range of templates. Then you enter the company name you want to discuss, some details of the product and choose the type of voice you want to use, and the app generates text based on the information provided.

It is very easy to do, and although the various apps do vary in terms of quality on offer, all give a valid starting point to adjust manually. The best apps offer output that is ready to use without editing. 

When starting out, you way wish to try a couple of the free AI writing options available before opting for a commercial option. The free apps do not have the sophistication of some of the paid options, and will need editing into something you can use, but are a great introduction to the technology without paying any money. If you are struggling to know where to begin with a writing project, it is a great way to get some inspiration. 

15 Ways You Can Benefit From AI Writing As A Freelancer

1. Start A Blog And Sell Advertising Space

Making money from Google AdWords or similar programs is straightforward, but you need good content, and lots of it, to get anywhere. With AI writing you can quickly generate content and build a readership to earn from ads embedded on the site.

2. Write Articles For Publications Or Your Own Blog

Get paid to write without being a great writer? With AI writing it is possible. Through AI writing you can generate content on any subject for others or use AI writing to build a blog and monetize that in a number of ways. 

3. Create Video Content And Sell Advertising Space Or Products 

Video is the number one medium consumed today, and through clever scripts you can create videos that enable you to sell products or services, or place ads that can earn you money. AI can create interesting video scripts that discuss a specific niche or topic, and from there you can monetize through ads or affiliate links to associated products.

4. Create Social Media Marketing Content For Businesses

Every business needs to be online today, and social media is an essential aspect of building their brand and audience. Few have the in-house capabilities of running multiple social media accounts and delivering regular content, which is why so many turn to freelance social media managers. With AI writing you can generate content quickly and easily, enabling you to run social media for a number of clients simultaneously.

5. Write Ebooks And Sell Them On Amazon Or Other Online Portals

Whether fiction or non-fiction, books sell in vast numbers on eCommerce stores like Amazon, and eBooks are a particularly good option. They do not need upfront investment for printing and so on, no storage and no shipping charges. You can create eBooks about any subject using AI writing and sell them, quickly creating a large portfolio of books that generate profits every month.

6. Ghostwrite Books, Articles, Or Speeches For Others

There are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses and other individuals who need written content. Whether that be a book they want to sell, articles, brochures, product descriptions, speeches, blogs, video scripts and more, they are willing to pay to have someone create their content for them. Using AI writing, you could offer all these services and more, with writing the options are endless.

7. Create Press Releases For Businesses

A press release is an essential marketing tool for businesses today, but most do not have the in-house skills to write a persuasive press release that can get noticed. With dedicated templates for titles and intros as well as content, you can use AI writing to create quality press releases that businesses will be happy to pay for.

8. Write Product Descriptions

While many people have found a great way to earn money through eBay or Amazon, most will tell you that there is one thing they hate doing. Writing endless product descriptions. With AI writing you can offer a product description service, using AI writing to create as many listings as is needed, all at the click of a button.

9. SEO Services

SEO is integral to success on the web today. Without effective SEO a website, product or offer will never appear high enough in search rankings to be noticed. AI writing can create new content with the relevant keywords in place in the right density or add in keywords as it modifies existing content for a similar effect. In both cases, businesses are willing to pay well for SEO specialists to get the results they need.

10. Writing Real Estate Listings

Real estate is another market that has become ultra-competitive, and the right listing can be the difference between a fast sale or a property languishing on the market for months. Requiring accuracy, marketing and SEO skills, good real estate listings are a challenge to write, and time consuming to do so for dozens of new properties every week. Offering a writing service for realtors using AI apps can be very lucrative.

11. Create effective marketing content

AI writing can develop content based on the AIDA model, quickly creating effective that takes the reader through the Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action stages to encourage a purchase, signup or whatever the desired outcome is.

This is some of the most challenging forms of online content to develop and being able to produce effective marketing content is a valuable skill that businesses are willing to pay well for. With AI writing you can offer a comprehensive marketing content service for most situations.

12. Reputation Management

For businesses today, brand reputation online is crucial. With most customers only knowing the brand through online interactions, bad reviews or comments can have a damaging impact on sales. With AI created review responses, you can mitigate bad comments in just a few minutes, create testimonials and other content, helping to manage online reputations.

13. Email Writing Service

For B2B marketing, email still matters. Using AI writing apps and appropriate templates, you can offer an email writing service, quickly generating effective subject lines and engaging content that helps business book appointments of generate sales or inquiries.

14. Instagram Captions

For influencers and businesses, Instagram is an important marketing tool, and key to that are the captions that sit alongside posted images. They add to the photo’s story, encourage interaction and so on, but are time consuming to create manually. With AI writing, you can quickly create hundreds of Instagram captions as needed for businesses.

15. Write FAQs, Quora Answers and More

Most commercial websites have some form of FAQ, which are both time consuming and difficult to write. Questions and answers are also used as a marketing tool on sites such as Quora. You can use AI writing to offer these services to businesses, saving them time and effort.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

As with any tech-driven industry, AI writing is constantly evolving. Just a few years ago AI solutions could not compete with even basic manual writing, today services like Jasper.AI can match some of the best writing around. But to stay ahead of the game it is important to understand the best ways to use the technology and find new ways to adapt it to different uses.

By taking AI created writing and tweaking manually, you can quickly create unique content that still has the human touch that some automated content lacks. This gives you an edge over anyone just taking the generated text and using as is.

It is also important to understand your chosen app. They often introduce new templates to cater to different uses, try them out, understand the strengths and weaknesses of how it performs. Always view your generated text critically, is it good enough or will a few changes make all the difference? Those ten minutes adding a few touches to a piece can transform outcomes and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Finally, always look for new opportunities. Everything we do online requires writing of some kind. Be the first to adapt AI writing to a new use ensures you will maintain a lead over others.

The Future Of AI Content Writing And The Impact On Freelancing

As we have discussed, there are numerous new opportunities for freelancers because of using AI technology to generate content. For freelancers, the ability to create large quantities of content quickly and effortlessly can transform the freelancing experience. Because it frees up time while still earning money, for retirees and others just starting out looking to supplement their retirement savings, or those in rural areas who need remote work, there are a wealth of new opportunities that are both easy to get into and profitable.

It can be done alongside a full-time job too, ideal for those looking to start moonlighting with a side hustle, and helps any freelancer compete with writing services globally. One of the key questions is how this technology will impact those who are currently freelancing as writers.

Will AI writing simply replace them? The answer to that is no, in fact, to overcome writers block and other challenges of working as a freelancer, AI can be a valuable tool for even experienced writers.

Some projects will always need a human touch, but for repetitive tasks such as blog posts and product descriptions, AI is likely to be the go-to solution in the next few years. Even for larger projects, marketing and more, writers will come to use AI as a starting point to refine into a complete piece of work. This will not only improve productivity, but profitability, freeing up time for other tasks and allowing writing freelancers to take on a broader range of assignments.

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