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6 Proven Ways To Earn Money From Pinterest

This article is by Contributor: Muhammad Ahmed Waien

Millennials are lucky in a lot of ways. They were born to an era of technological advancement that is reshaping culture and transforming lives. Communication is easier than ever, quality of life much improved, and so many more lives saved. All these achievements, and there are still no signs of stopping any time soon.

One of the many positive outcomes of technology has been the addition to the number of ways and means to earn money. While some believe technology is kicking humans out of jobs, it is equally true that technology has created multiple new domains and fields which cannot function without human capital.

Pinterest Money

The manufacturing of new products, maintenance of internet speeds, steadily improving the AI sector along with machine learning, all require direct use of human intellect. 

Without question the Internet has stood at the centre of all this progress. Numerous ISPs emerged on the scene over the years and choosing the right connection became ever more difficult. Though, you can click here and find the best ISP in your area.

The ever-increasing internet speeds made room for more creativity and social media sites sprung up on the scene. Their influence grew and soon they were monetized. 

Among such social media platforms is a famous name "Pinterest". Though relatively new, in its reach and influence, it is behind none. In September last year, there were over 250 million active monthly users reported.

That is a massive number and a big market to capture; an amazing opportunity to avail and a chance to top up your existing income without a lot of hassle. 

Here are 6 proven ways for you to earn money from Pinterest.

1. Become An Influencer


The base of any famous account on a social media platform begins with a lot of followers. The idea is to pin, and share pins and boards, that are popular. A business Pinterest account offers greater ease in this regard as it makes it easier for you to keep track of things. 

Once you know what attracts the crowd, you can start from scratch or even incorporate changes gradually into a current endeavour in order to build an empire of original content that attracts large crowds.

Once done, you should be able to get attention from brands, big names, and other businesses that are looking for place ads to enhance their reach. You can either re-pin their pins or invite them to group boards. Outcome? You charge them for it!

2. Become A Pinterest VA

Pinterest VA

The thing about social media is that it is consumed. You want to spend more and more time using it which usually results in learning the ins and outs. You become aware of what's popular, efficient ways to get the message across and of course, have a lot of followers. 

Your proficiency can prove fruitful and transform into a skill that gets you a chance to make money. All you need to do is manage multiple business accounts for clients that you may acquire.

Say what, who will let you handle their accounts? Why would they hire someone inexperienced? Well, your personal account, its size, quality, followers and pins will be something that will speak on your behalf and be out there as living proof of your capabilities. 

3. Consultant


Proven yourself as a Pinterest VA? Do you think about what taking the next step necessitates? With that said, the question that arises here is, what is the next step?

Take a leap and test yourself as a Pinterest consultant now! 

This may sound exciting and promising but there are a few requisites to consider before you put yourself to the test at the new level. You must have plenty of experience and a myriad of tricks up your sleeve to ensure you elevate your clients Pinterest game.

You must know the ins and outs of the trade that would help you establish as an authority on Pinterest thereby translating this skill set into a steady revenue stream.

4. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

The internet revolution brought along numerous changes, and many believe a lot of them were not good. While this opinion may vary, fact remains it offers many opportunities as well. Affiliate marketing is one incredible chance for you to avail and earn money.

Though Pinterest banned affiliate marketing back in 2015, the ban was short-lived and went out of effect again in 2016. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest does not ask for much.

Unlike other ways to earn money from these social media platforms your popularity, followers, and pins will not matter much. You would need to have decent keyword knowledge and a skill to describe pins so that they are easy to search. The easier to search a pin, the more traffic you get and the greater the number of sales. 

5. Blogger


There are numerous ways to drive traffic from one platform to another. With visuals being an advantage, Pinterest attracts a lot of attention.

Though a picture is worth a thousand words there are times when all you need is a well-researched article to guide through a problem. The idea is to attract traffic on Pinterest and guide it to your blog. Build healthy traffic and reap its benefits. 

Here are a few steps to help you raise money using both Pinterest and your blog:

  • Create boards related to your niche.
  • Display freebies and create pins.
  • Create pins that attract new readers.

6. Monetize Your Creativity


Brands and companies are always on the lookout for creative content and attractive pins. You may think you don't matter much but your skill is what makes you stand out. You may not have big teams but your ability to create pins is a serious skill and they will pay you for it.

In order to make a living you not only need what works on Pinterest, but you will also have to be super creative and know multiple ways to create pins. The best way to start off is to build up your own personal Pinterest account and attract all the attention you can.

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