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Objectives Of A Digital Strategy For A Marketing Director

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Putting in place a digital strategy amounts to carrying out a series of digital actions allowing you to get closer to the objectives of your action plan. This means that it is necessary to have defined clear and determined objectives beforehand. But what are the different objectives that a marketing director can want to achieve thanks to digital?

Objective #1: Increase Awareness

This is obviously the first objective that comes to mind! The primary goal of a digital strategy, and ultimately inherent in all other objectives, is to improve the reputation of your company.

In the case of a digital strategy and to make yourself known; it is necessary to favour actions that allow greater visibility of your brand on the internet. Then are possible:

All Types of Online Advertising

  • The display (internet banner)
  • Buying keywords on Google Ads

advertising on Facebook (and Instagram), YouTube (which also belongs to Google) or LinkedIn

The Creation of Content for Informational Purposes

80% of prospects declare that they seek information before purchasing a product or service (IFOP). It is therefore in your best interest to create web content to answer questions that might arise.

By searching for information on a product or service on the internet, the Internet user will be able to find dozens or even hundreds of answers in the form of blog articles, videos, infographics, or images.

You, therefore, have every interest in being visible on a majority of requests on your sector of activity: it may be a bit early to talk about e-reputation, but the fact that your content is often visible will give you this expert guarantee in your field and will increase your notoriety.

A Presence Built on Social Networks

By animating your fan communities, or subscribers on your social networks, you build a strong relationship with them. An active community is a community that is growing rapidly, an active community that will allow you to increase engagement with your publications, and their visibility among those close to your fans. 

All the different actions that you will put in place will allow you to increase traffic on your different pages (your website, your blog, your e-commerce site ...).

This growing and constant flow will not only allow you to inform your prospects about your activity, your services, generate new customers, but it will also allow you to be better referenced by Google and other search engines.

Be careful though, the Internet is powerful, but not magic either. Your SEO will only be effective if you follow certain good practices when writing and posting your content.

Increasing your online visibility is a first step towards increasing your notoriety but being visible is not everything: after attracting interested prospects, you have to capture them, sell them the product or service for which they came to you. see them first, and make them want to come back, and recommend you.

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Objective #2: Increase In Turnover

Even if it is important for a company to enjoy a strong reputation if this does not translate into an increase in sales ... what is the point?! How then to increase your turnover thanks to the digital and the notoriety that you have been able to acquire?

  • First, and as seen above, by attracting qualified traffic to your website thanks to the content found on Google, social networks or in other websites (net linking)
  • By intelligently activating emailing to attract already identified Internet users: since you obtained their email legally and in accordance with the RGPD, it is a safe bet that your prospects will be interested in what you have to offer, right? 
  • Then convert your website traffic into prospects. Having a superb online site is useless if you do not offer contact points: contact forms, chatbot, call back requests. You have spent hundreds, even thousands of euros to attract the barge, do not let him go. 
  • It is often here that the shoe pinches .... this part there is indeed often neglected among the companies that we meet. Many investments are made in online advertising to attract, but extraordinarily little to convert, buy, and enchant, to bring back.

Attracting prospects on your homepage or Facebook page can sometimes be disappointing:

  • If a prospect does a specific search, they expect to find the content that the ad highlights, but this is unfortunately not always the case. If in a few seconds he has not found what he is looking for, he will continue his research and will probably buy from your competitor. 
  • when a prospect fills out an online form, he expects to be called back quickly, if not immediately. If you put more than 48 hours (or even less depending on the product or service sought), you will have already lost it.

Your digital efforts should not stop when our friendly prospect arrives on your site. Engage in conversation, take an interest in its issues.

The Inbound Marketing methodology is perfect for this objective and finally gives real meaning to all your digital efforts.

Objective #3: Improve Loyalty

Acquiring a new client costs more than retaining them, and yet the marketing budget of most companies is intended to win new clients, leaving a few euros for " loyalty" when it exists.

We remember this because we see it very often: building customer loyalty does not only mean knocking them out with emails to make them buy again, making profitable at any cost, and quickly this hard-won relationship.

To retain your current customers, digital offers you several avenues:

  • Write content dedicated to your customers (and not to your prospects). Take care of your customers, make them feel privileged (in the inbound marketing methodology, this phase is referred to as “enchantment”). 
  • Create specific/exclusive offers to receive by emailing or SMS via marketing automation scenarios.

Digital is a fabulous lever for improving customer relations. By offering services, experiences, or solutions to their problems, you will acquire your letters of nobility in this area from your customers. How? 'Or' What? There is a whole range of actions that you can take:

  • A dedicated after-sales service on social networks, to deal with complaints you may have on Facebook (including messenger) or Twitter
  • Digital logistical monitoring (implementation of an automated program to notify your customers of the evolution of their order or their complaint, request)
  • Specific client access (functionality that can be seen on many merchant sites: my account (order history, vouchers, etc.)
  • A website that intelligently adapts to its visitor through the content (you are not dreaming, it exists, we talk about it in this article)
  • Personalized and contextualized emailing according to marketing automation scenarios (programs based on the anniversary of the contact, on the abandonment of a basket, additional or cross-sales, a reminder of an appointment) ...
  • Satisfaction surveys to further qualify your database, analyse what you like or not like about your offer (setting up an NPS score can also help you prioritize your marketing actions: "what your customers really expect". Privilege field feedback, data, to the wet finger analysis of some of your employees ... or Maryse, the neighbour of the CEO who is necessarily knowledgeable in marketing and communication). 
  • Giving your customers the chance to rate their experience.

A satisfied customer is a customer who recommends you, and a recommended customer is more likely to buy, faster, and more often. Transform your customers into ambassadors for your brand, you have everything to gain!

As you can see, the objectives of a digital strategy go exactly in the direction of your marketing strategy. Digital must not be decorrelated from your marketing ambitions, on the contrary, it must magnify them!

Author Bio:

Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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