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Desktop As a Service For Employing Freelancers 

Desktop as a service

COVID-crises promotes a work-from-home culture over in-office functioning. Consequently, businesses are hiring more freelancers for different job roles, such as content writing, accounting, business development, etc. This also means that traditional tools used to maintain workflows are now becoming obsolete. Thus, it may be time to make room for new transformational implementations like Desktop as a Service or DaaS.  

Desktop as a Service is a widely known desktop virtualization solution offered on the cloud. It promotes remote working via its feasible online access and secure infrastructure. For this reason, DaaS is also the technology we need for employing freelancers. Let us understand why.

How DaaS Supports Your Remote Workforce?

How DaaS Supports Your Remote Workforce?

The numbers revealed by IDC state that 60% of the workforce in the US will be mobile by the year 2024. This shift is currently being experienced in the market. Many businesses are hiring freelancers to work in varied unique job roles. This workforce probably never visits the office and communicates online.  

Considering the essential requirement of a freelancer workforce, a remote working setup is inevitable for businesses. DaaS is an optimum choice, and here are the reasons why.  

Remote Friendly 

Without central data storage and virtual desktops, the functioning of freelancers is difficult. From communication lag to sharing of data in an insecure manner, multiple problems take birth.  

Desktop as a Service allows remote working via the cloud. The desktop that is offered to the freelance employee contains necessary apps, data, and other information. Your freelancers can open the browser, key-in credentials, and access the virtual desktop in minutes. DaaS also supports BYOD, i.e., Bring Your Own Device. Whether a freelancer or regular, any employee can work from anywhere by using any device they have. The devices that DaaS supports include Android, iPhone, iPads, Tablets, & more. 

Updated Data

DaaS is a cloud service, and the data used by freelancers, in-house employees, and managers is stored centrally. This means that every mentioned user of the interface or virtual machine will have a copy of the latest data at any given time. 

If two users, one freelancer and another in-house employee, want to collaborate on the same data file, they can do so easily. Both users can log in to the DaaS server, open the file, and make changes. Every change made by one user is automatically reflected in the file in real-time. 

Another business case is when you change a freelancer with another or promote an in-house employee. During each transition, the new person in the position will always have updated data to look up to. They do not have to beat around the bush to get clarity.  

Global Management 

Global boundaries are shrinking, and businesses are now hiring offshore freelancers. International hiring usually caters to global client requirements, and its management is a hassle. The difficulty of sharing data and communication always creates a bottleneck. 

If a freelancer is working on a project and they require data related to it at 2 in the morning (according to your time zone), they cannot get an immediate response. There is always a time lag that stops you from receiving optimum results. 

DaaS does not sleep! Your global workforce can utilize a virtual interface to access important folders. This way, your freelancers are not restricted because of the time difference. You can work round-the-clock and achieve business growth.

Evolved Workplace 

If the COVID-19 pandemic had not happened, then DaaS would still benefit the freelance workforce. However, since we are living in a pandemic, the demand for flexible or work from home structureis increasing even for full-time employees. 

Desktop as a Service bridges this gap between office execution and work from home structure for your full-time employees too.  

Many small businesses already utilize DaaS for seamless interaction and collaboration. They have cancelled the subscriptions for rented office spaces and instead save expenses on a physical space. Employees on your payroll also benefit from it as they do not need to commute, move, or incur office-based costs.  

Think about it. You have a technology that allows management of your full-time, freelance, and global employees in one place. Your office can stay live 24/7, and your business can flourish.

Data Privacy 

When your applications and data are on the cloud, any lost device cannot lead to business loss, compliance risk, or cyber threat. DaaS hosts your data on the cloud, not on the endpoints. Since the hardware or endpoints utilized are just a medium to access virtual desktops, the units are not vulnerable. 

This is to say that if an endpoint is lost, you can revoke access and modify credentials to avoid data theft. Unless the employee has taken screenshots and saved data on the endpoint, your apps and data are secure. To eliminate data saving on endpoints, proper employee training is imperative.  

Other security measures utilized in DaaS are:

  • Multi-factor authentication to avoid unauthorized access. 
  • Internal access control to reveal only necessary data to freelance employees. 
  • Regular data and app monitoring via intrusion detection and prevention. 
  • Data encryption for secure data transmission. Resting data is also encrypted.

Backup Management

If the endpoint used by your freelancers is damaged or broken, data backup is impossible. Everything about your project stored on these devices is lost.  

Many third-party DaaS providers offer a data backup facility that  eliminates this issue by regularly backing up your apps and data. At the time of a disaster, you can retrieve data and apps almost immediately from any other device.  

Also, if a freelancer accidentally deletes the data file, they do not have to rework on it. It is possible to retrieve data from the backup image on the cloud.

Backup Management


For many businesses, DaaS means peace of mind. Considering the range of applications and data resources utilized by employees and freelancers in collaboration, it is necessary to have secure remote working technology. 

DaaS for freelancers allows secure remote access, uniform office communication, regular backups, and flawless global workforce management. If you want to utilize these benefits of DaaS, find the right hosted virtualized desktop provider to implement this technology today!

Author Bio:
Bhavleen Kaur is a content writer at Ace Cloud Hosting- a leading virtual desktop solution provider. She specializes in writing about VDI, DaaS, cloud technology, cloud-based desktop & likes to know about upcoming technology and trends. In her free time, you can find her reading novels or watching movies.

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