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How To Find Companies That Outsource

If you're going to start working for yourself, finding companies that outsource is a key first step.

Outsourcing has become a bigger trend as web technology has made it easier for companies to tap into a well educated, multi-skilled workforce from anywhere in the world.

These companies are the perfect customers for your freelance services, but how do you connect with them?

Here are some options to consider...

Target Your Old Workplace

Even if you feel betrayed because your old company let you go, don't neglect this as a source of income.

Often the reasons that companies downsize has everything to do with economic conditions and nothing to do with their appreciation of your skills.

The contacts you built up while working in the company can be valuable in helping you to access online freelance work. Call or email them to find out if your former employer is one of the companies that will outsource their work. They will already know about your skills and expertise which will make it easy for you to get started as a freelance contractor.

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Use Freelance Job Boards

Freelance job boards are another valuable resource for those starting out in self employment.

Whether these are freelance marketplaces like Elance and Guru, job listing sites like Indeed or Craigslist, or business networking sites like LinkedIn, these are a great place to find out what outsourcing companies need now.

Using freelance marketplaces has some advantages over the regular job listings sites.

First, freelance marketplaces generally allow you to post a profile, making it easy for you to show off your abilities.

Second, they have a ratings system. You can check the ratings and reviews that other freelancers have given to companies that outsource to determine whether they would be a good fit for you.

A Simple Search

Some companies never advertise that they have outsourced jobs available, so you will have to do a bit more research to find them.

You probably already know the top companies in your niche, and may even have some contacts there.

Prepare a killer resume, find out the best person to send it to and let people know that you are available for work. Follow it up with a phone call to make sure that the person has seen it. That will put you at the head of the list when companies that outsource are looking for freelancers.

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