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College Students Freelancing 101 Guide To
Starting Writing With AI

College Students Freelancing

A recent LinkedIn report on freelancers (Also Known As the Gig Economy) stated:“ The gig economy is not a new phenomenon—freelancers have been around for a while. So have consultants, temporary workers, and so on.

The reason the gig economy has been under scrutiny for the past couple of years is that technology has lowered barriers to entry so much that “gigs” have become easily accessible to an unprecedented number of people.” The report can be read by clicking here. The scale of this mega trend is revealed by this article 405 Freelance Statistics for 2022: Market Size, Profile Data & Salary Rates which can be read by clicking here. The statistics are staggering. The opportunity for college students to tackle the burden of tuition fees, student debt and living expenses is helped by the arrival of AI content writing. 

AI content writing is a growing field that offers college students the opportunity to earn money while they learn. It allows students to enjoy their time on campus without worrying about how much money they owe and how much college is costing them. This is possible because AI content writing provides a way to earn money for living expenses and fees.

All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection. There are many online resources that can help you learn the skills you need to be a successful AI content writer. With a little effort, you can start earning money while you study. This Guide provides eighteen must know keys to success in starting out freelancing in AI Copywriting. 

One of the key questions that college students should ask is answered by this Jasper AI blog post titled: How Much Do Freelance Writers make in 2022? (Including per word, per project rates) written by Jasper AI CMO, Austin Distel which can be read by clicking here.

1. Look Into Which AI Software And Skills Training You Need

AI content writing can be a terrific way for college students to earn some extra money. It can be a flexible way to work around your other commitments, and it can be a terrific way to build up your portfolio. However, AI content writing can also be a bit daunting if you do not know where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. AI content writing software can help you create high-quality content quickly and easily. When you use AI content writing software it is smart to also use search engine optimizing software (SEO) so that your articles will have a competitive advantage when advertising your services. You can advertise that your articles are search engine optimized by AI in your marketing! This is the title of our article that we wrote on this issue Content Ranking Guide: Artificial Intelligence Using Surfer SEO’s and Jasper AI’s Artificial Intelligence which you can read by clicking here .

AI skills training can teach you how to use AI tools to your advantage. And there are plenty of online communities where you can find support and advice from other AI content writers. With a little bit of effort, AI content writing can be a terrific way to supplement your income and launch your AI freelancing career.

This article was written with the assistance of Jasper AI and if you would like a free trial of Jasper AI click here.

2. AI Content Writing Software Can Be A Shared Expense

AI content writing software can be a terrific way for college students to earn some extra money. Not only can it help to offset the cost of tuition, but it can also be a wonderful way to gain some real-world experience.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. First, you will need a quality laptop and high-speed broadband to use the software. Second, it is important to invest in some quality cybersecurity to protect your data, files, identity and finances .

Finally, you may also want to consider signing up for a virtual private network to keep your identity safe while working online. With a little bit of planning, AI content writing software can be a terrific way for college students to start earning money.

3. Consider Joining Amazon Prime Student To Further Cut Costs

College students can join Amazon Prime Student to save money on their college costs. They will also have access to additional benefits. The Amazon Prime Student program is a smart way for college students to save money.

4. A Dedicated Workspace Is Essential For Productivity

Many college students are looking for ways to earn money and gain experience while still studying. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is digital freelancing. As a digital freelancer, you can offer your services in a variety of areas, from content writing with AI to actual AI development.

However, to be successful, you need more than just a strong internet connection and top cybersecurity measures. You also need a dedicated workspace that is conducive to productivity. A dedicated workspace should have plenty of natural light, comfortable furniture, and enough space to spread out your work. It should also be free from distractions like television or noisy roommates. If you can find a workspace that meets all these workspace criteria, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful digital freelancer.

Virtual offices can help you to project a professional image for your business and can help you to cut costs on office space and expenses. They can also help you to access AI-powered content writing services, which can be a major help if you need to produce high-quality content on a regular basis. They can also help students to start freelancing businesses and earn money while they study. Virtual offices can be a great asset for any business, big or small.


5. Having A Broadband Connection With Unlimited Hours Is Essential To Keep Costs Down.

A college student may be looking for ways to earn money while he or she is attending college. Digital freelancing is one of the many opportunities that you may consider. It is important to have a reliable internet and telephone connection to succeed in this field.

Also, you will need a dedicated study space at your residence. A library is not always an accessible space for digital freelancers. It may also be disruptive to other students who are trying to study. Where you are forced by circumstances to use public Wi-Fi be sure that you have a virtual private network on as well as your cybersecurity software operational.

6. Know Where To Find Work Online

There are lots of places online where you can find paid freelance projects. If you have trouble finding work, some of these sites may be a good option for you. AI writers are in demand on most freelancing websites that offer paid content writing projects. College students can also sign up for AI writers at https://www.essaywriters.net/ and earn money by authoring essays.

Another site that offers freelancing opportunities is PeoplePerHour. On this site, you can find projects in a variety of categories, including web development, graphic design, and copywriting. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are plenty of ways to get started with freelancing. So if

you're looking for a way to earn some extra money, be sure to check out this article from FinanceOnline.com 20 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners and Professionals in 2022 which you can access by clicking here.

7. Students At College Or University Have A Ready Market For Essays, Researchers, And Proof-readers

The digital age has created a lot of new opportunities for human beings. AI is gradually taking over many jobs that used to belong to human beings. But there are still many areas in which AI cannot compete with the human touch. There is always a need for human beings to check the results of AI. It is especially true for creative endeavours like content writing.

College students who have proficient writing skills and a good command of English can find plenty of opportunities to work as content writers, researchers, proof-readers, and essay writers. There is a growing demand for well-written and accurate articles, especially on topics that require research and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

As a result, content writers who can produce high-quality work can command particularly good rates. If you are a college student looking for a way to make some extra money, freelancing to your College or University market has potential.

8. Students Moonlighting As Freelancers Need A Good Friend Called A Productivity App

AI-powered productivity apps can help college students and freelancers to be more productive. Content writers can use these apps to manage their time efficiently and collaborate easily with others. By using these apps, you can easily earn money while studying for your degree.

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9. Social Media Platforms Matter To Student Freelancers In The Digital Economy 

Today’s students are digital natives who have grown up using social media. They are comfortable with AI and content writing, and they understand the importance of building a personal brand. College students can use social media to freelance and earn money while they are still in school. If they learn to use the right platforms, they can connect with clients and build a strong freelance business.

LinkedIn is a great platform for finding clients in the corporate world, and Instagram is perfect for connecting with potential customers in the creative industries. By investing their time and efforts in the right platforms, today’s students can set themselves up for success as freelancers.

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10. A Quality Website Not Only Needs To Look Good, But Be Cyber Secure

Although the popularity of freelancing has skyrocketed in recent years, it is important to remember that your website is still your calling card. It is how your clients will discover what makes you stand out among legions of competitors.

Your website is both your handshake and your sales pitch. And as such, it is essential to invest the time, effort, or capital to make sure that it looks professional. It also needs to be cyber secure. AI is a terrific way to make sure your website looks professional and content writing is a wonderful way for college students to earn money.

However, not all websites are cyber secure, so you need to choose your website hosting service provider wisely so that you do not get nasty surprises from hackers or plugins that fail. 

Everything you need to Fix, Speed Up and Repair your Small Office PCs.

11. Should You Tell Your Tutor About Your Freelancing Work?

There is no need to be shy about discussing your freelancing pursuits with your tutors - they will be very understanding and may even be able to offer some helpful advice. They understand that you need to be able to earn money to pay your expenses. And there is a good chance they have been freelancers themselves at some point.

So, they will be well-placed to offer tips on time management and organisation. If your freelancing is related to your course, they will be thrilled to see that you are putting your theoretical knowledge into practice in the real world. So do not hesitate to chat to them about your AI content writing gig or whatever other freelance work you are doing. They might just have some useful insights to offer.

12. Colleges And Universities Are A Hive Of Networking Opportunities 

Attending networking events is a wonderful way to meet potential clients and get your name out there as a content writer who specializes in AI. But before you start attending networking events, it is important to know how to conduct yourself.

For example, resist the temptation to pitch your services unsolicited - nobody likes being accosted by a salesperson, and you are likely to make a bad impression if you do this. Instead, focus on building relationships and getting to know people. If you conduct yourself in a professional and friendly manner,

13. Backing Up To The Cloud Should Be A Habit!

To succeed in the AI industry and make money, you will need to have a cloud-based hosting platform. This type of hosting will allow you to back up all your work, so you will never lose it. If you are a student, then you can use your cloud-based hosting platform to set up your own website or blog, and then sell your writing services to college students who need help with their own AI assignments.

14. Freelancing Requires Professional Development – The Same As A University Degree!

A good freelancer knows they need to constantly be learning and growing as a writer. College students who know how to write content and AI are in high demand and can easily earn money freelancing. A great freelancer always has a growth mindset and a desire to learn.

Content and AI writers who are interested in freelancing need to constantly grow and learn new skills to earn higher pay checks. If you are a college student interested in content or AI writing, be aware that you need to keep growing and developing your skills, because as a freelancer, you need to make sure that your skillset is always expanding, so that you can earn more money. This will be great in the long run.

15. Saying “No” To Freelancing Work Is Necessary When There Is An Assignment Deadline To Meet For Your Tutor!

AI is a huge part of content writing, and college students can earn money by freelancing. However, saying "no" to freelancing work is necessary when there is an assignment deadline to meet for your tutor! The idea of turning down paid work may be anathema for a student freelancer who is just starting out.

Nonetheless, when you are juggling work and studies it is imperative not to bite off more than you can chew. Stretch yourself too thin and you will find that not only does the quality of your work suffer, but your academia may also slip, too.

16. Do Not Forget The Taxman – Declare Your Freelancing Income!

If you are being paid to provide freelancing or services, prepare yourself for the financial consequences when you forget to declare your income. A taxation fine is not good for your resume either! The AI and content writing industries have been booming lately, and college students are often looking for ways to earn money by freelancing.

However, if you do not declare your income from these activities, you could be subject to a hefty fine. So, make sure to keep track of all the money you earn and declare it on your taxes. It is not worth getting into trouble with the taxation department just to save a few dollars.

17. Understand The Impostor Syndrome And Know That Even While Freelancing You Are A Professional

You are a student. But that does not make you anything less than a professional. Just because you are young does not mean your skills do not have value in the freelance market. AI is creating opportunities for content writers, and there is a lot of competition out there.

College students can use their AI skills to earn money by freelancing. Believe in yourself and know what your work is worth to paying clients. Focus on building value for the client, and do not undercut yourself on price. There is always someone who can do the same thing cheaper.

But if you focus on providing quality work, you will be able to build a successful freelance career while covering living expenses and help pay education fees. All of this while working your way towards a degree.

18. Be Aware Of Burnout Because It Is A Real Danger – Be Available For Relaxation!

AI is taking over content writing - at least, that is what some people predict. College students who want to freelance and earn money while they study for their degree need to be aware of the danger of burnout. Relaxation and rest are not an option - they are essential for your future self. The best way to avoid burnout is to structure your time wisely, set realistic goals, and take regular breaks.

AI might be taking over content writing in the future, but for now, there is still a demand for human writers. So, if you are considering freelancing while you are studying, just be sure to take care of yourself too. Your future self will benefit from pacing yourself as a freelancer while studying so that you do not burnout while working towards your degree which is the main goal!

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