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Career Ideas: Freelancing as a Career

Freelancing is one of the career ideas that fit very well with working from home, and helping you supplement your income.

Many people in employment, during a recession, are sometimes forced by circumstances to take a pay cut and/or work reduced hours. In these circumstances they find that they need to have something to do to supplement the income from their regular jobs.

These people would require additional career ideas and guidance on what they can engage in to increase their incomes.

To determine the ideal secondary career, a series of tests are conducted which gauge one's personality, aptitude and interest. These tests may well reveal a range of occupations that would best fit the candidate. The candidate can then select one from the range provided.

According to Going Solo -- A Self Employment Guide, freelancing has a number of benefits that may not be available in a regular job. As a freelancer, you are able to schedule your activities around your needs and life. You also have the freedom to choose the hours you want to work, giving you more time to yourself and family. 

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The Economic Environment Favors Freelancing and Outsourcing

The economic environment in the world today seems to favor freelancing as the best career change advice for people who are unable to obtain employment.

Companies are using outsourcing and freelancers in a bid to reduce operational costs associated with having a workforce such as; salaries, insurance coverage, mileage allowances and other expenses that contribute to the costs of  having employees.

Businesses prefer to hire professionals from outside the company because they need only pay them when the actual work has been completed.

The Internet is an Excellent Source of Career Ideas for Online Work Opportunities

Many good opportunities have opened up for freelancing work on the web. Anyone with a good skills level can readily get work on online job boards.

All one requires is to identify a credible site where such legitmate jobs are available and then register a profile on that site.

It is also advisable to set up a freelance website to provide an avenue to showcase your work, and provide information about your skills. This is a sensible marketing strategy for self promotion.

Escrow Payment System

Freelancers use escrow payment systems to guarantee payment. So, payment for work done is not a problem for freelancers.

There are three main payment methods to choose from, depending on which you prefer.

Many online sites run an escrow payment facility where funds are deposited with the site and are only released to you by the employer after satisfactory completion of the job.

This is not only a safe method, but it is also fair to both the employer and freelance provider. This system usually has a dispute settling process should the situation arise.

Alternatively, the online site may fullfil the role of facilitator by connecting you to the client. You then enter into a private arrangement with the client via your preferred payment option.

Finally, some freelance providers may require a deposit first before commencing work. This ensures that they obtain some payment for the preparatory work done in case of a complex task.

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