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Career Change Advice
When Contemplating a Change in Career 

Career change advice is critical during a recession if you are considering changing your career, because if you lose your current skills set, it can reduce your future earning potential. 

Career Skills Developed During Your Working Life Are Valuable

Critical evaluation of your skills and potential may require the objective professional advice of a career counselor.

During a recession the opportunities in your field may be limited, but if you decide to go in another career direction your skills that you have developed may become outdated.

Career counselors are trained to give advice on career change. They will evaluate your skills and future potential as well as make a judgment as to your employment prospects and your industry's outlook.


Career Counselors Can Help Your Decision Making Process

Career change involves evaluation of your current salary in relation to market trends, as well as providing career-counseling services.

Career counseling is necessary when considering a career change, career exploration or development.

This facility provides access to information regarding potential employment opportunities as well as tips on how to negotiate for the best terms.

Career counseling advisors have skills in psychology and provide this service to people who may already know what they want but are unsure how to go about it.

The counseling process involves the completion of a number of assessments to determine interests, cognitive skills and personality.

Review Your Resume

Career change advice counselors also review their client's resume. This is important especially when one intends to incorporate a new role as one of your career skills in your career path.

Counselors provide advice on the best marketing techniques and make suggestions on how to improve your resume to achieve the best results.

Career advisors are also able to determine if your current roles are in line with your career objectives and make suggestions where they do not conform.

Using a Mentor Can Be Valuable

It is important for those contemplating a change in career to consider seeking counsel from a mentor. Mentors provide career change advice that can help propel your career to great heights and prevent you from making wrong decisions.

You need a mentor if you are moving into a new field or a new job. Their experience in a certain field may also help identify the reason for your stagnation at a certain point in your career.

They can also let you know from their or others experiences during a past downturn in an industry what the outlook is for future employment.

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