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Use These Brain Boosting Tips To Improve Your Freelancing Career

This article is by contributor Jenny Holt.

More and more of us are embracing a freelance career. In fact, newly released data suggests that US numbers of self-employed professionals could triple over the next two years. And with so many people working from home, freelancers could soon see their work-life balance starting to falter. Brain boosting tips for freelancers matter because without a traditional 9-5 routine, it’s easy to fall into working longer and longer hours. 

Use These Brain Boosting Tips to Improve Your Freelancing Career

One way you can offset this - and any accompanying brain fog symptoms is to keep your mind fresh and alert with a few simple tips. We’ve sought out the best of the bunch to keep those brain cells firing at optimum speed - and keep your career on the path to success.

Get Social-- In The Real World

Get social-- in the real world

This may sound contradictory but freelancers need to get off social media and get social in the real world. Social networks have been linked to depression - not to mention being a major trigger for procrastination. 

Limit your FB and Twitter time and make time for friends in real life instead. If you’re worried this could eat into your work time, why not attend a networking session within your industry instead? 

Not only will this give your brain a rest from the screen, you could make valuable contacts and get your grey matter working on socializing, networking and even marketing your services or products to potential customers.

Get Active

Get Active

Including exercise in your daily routine could sharpen your thinking and improve your memory. Those same endorphins that elevate your mood also get to work on your brain cells. Even better, exercise can also help new brain cells to grow

If you’re not quite ready to run a 5k start out with a brisk walk and build up from there. Try getting out into nature for the ultimate endorphin boost. Use the time away from your desk to work on a tricky problem or creative task to maximize your free time. 

Freelancers Union

Break Away

As any freelancer knows, if you’re not working - you’re not earning. And while the pressure to keep on working may be high, it can pay to take a break. Whether you take two hours, two days or two weeks is up to you, and it's a sure thing that your physical and mental health will benefit from the break. 

Break Away

If you can't afford a vacation, even time spent meditating can show results. To reap the maximum benefit, any kind of break from the internet or your screen will help. A break is the best way to avoid burn out, boost your brain power and enjoy the rewards of all of your hard work.

Try one or all of our tips and see for yourself just how much sharper your brain feels afterward. For the best results try exercising, socializing and taking a break from work all in one move by joining a gym or fitness class. By keeping your mind sharp you can keep on track for freelance success.

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