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AI Content Generator: The Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide 
to AI-Created Content, Graphics and Art

In the infographic published about the woes and difficulties of freelancing it was found that most freelancers struggle with meeting client demands. Are you a freelancer struggling with the same issue? Are you ready to take your content creation process up a notch?

AI Content Generator

If so, then you should consider exploring the fascinating world of AI-generated content. From generating bite-sized blogs to creating original articles, AI tools can help streamline your creative workflow. This, in turn, saves you considerable time and effort along the way.

However, there is a lot to know about the potential pitfalls. The legality surrounding artificial intelligence in the creative space is murky. That is why, in this ultimate guide for freelancers, we will explore exactly what AI-generated content is. Then, we will explore how it works and whether it should be an essential part of any freelancer’s toolkit.

AI Content Generator: An Overview

First thing first. What is AI-generated content? AI-generated content, created by AI or artificial intelligence, is a new phenomenon in the digital world. AI is not only capable of making recommendations or playing chess; it also can generate creative and informative content for websites, blogs, and social media posts. See an example of an AI  assisted written article by clicking here.

How does that work? AI takes raw data from sources like RSS feeds and creates unique content. In real-time, the AI content generator is sourcing content online to match specific:

  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Target audiences

Most AI software can detect patterns in data sets, categorize information, and transfer complexities into a simple language. This allows multiple types of AI-generated content to exist, from automated chatbots to AI-driven news articles. Are the results great?

It depends. In some cases, you cannot tell if a bot drafted the article. In other cases, it is glaringly obvious. However, when done well, you can use AI-generated content to boost SEO since it answers user questions accurately while helping drive more traffic to your client's website.

AI-Generated Art and Graphics: Benefits and Challenges

AI-Generated Art and Graphics: Benefits and Challenges

Content is not the only thing an algorithm can create these days. More recently, we've seen an increase in AI art and graphics (yes, like the recent photo frenzy the Lensa app created on social media). The basic mechanisms of how these works are like that of AI-generated content.

AI programs can generate unique and original designs that are either completely or partially based on data sets. This saves artists time since they do not have to start from scratch with each project. AI can also help designers solve problems that would otherwise be difficult or impossible, reducing workflow bottlenecks.

However, AI-generated artwork is still limited in scope compared with traditional art pieces. Likewise, the resources needed for AI programs are often expensive and hard to access. This makes it difficult for many people to benefit from the technology.

And, if you have been keeping up with recent news, you will know that the ethics behind where programs source art styles and techniques is still somewhat uncertain and unclear. Because the technology is so new, it is difficult to say whether AI graphics are ethical.

AI-Generation Tools

AI-Generation Tools: Exploring the Options

AI-generation tools are becoming increasingly popular for freelancers looking to accelerate their production processes and add a bit of AI sparkle to their content. These AI tools, such as GPT-3, Jasper, and AI Picasso can help with tasks ranging from natural language generation to generating images.

GPT-3 is a powerful AI language processing system used by over 300 AI apps. You can use it to generate AI texts for everything from blogs and emails to social media captions.

Jasper is a great alternative to GPT-3. It's one of the best AI-generated content tools for freelance writers at the moment. Their AI prompts include everything from email subject lines, Google Ads headlines, and product descriptions to mini blogs.

AI Picasso is an AI image generation tool that helps developers create complex images quickly. You simply must enter a few lines of text describing your ideal image and the program will create it for you. It is also great for improving designs as it will take a basic drawing and turn it into a high-quality illustration.

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™

AI-Generation Content Quality Assurance

We know what you are thinking. If anybody can access these types of tools, then why isn't everybody using them to make money as a freelancer? AI software cannot replace the role of a freelancer, regardless of what you do. In every case, you still need to push the content through a quality assurance phase.

This includes checking your content for plagiarism. Sometimes, you will find that one of two things happens:

  • The AI software did not change the content from the source they pulled it from
  • Someone else has used the AI software to generate similar content and has already published it online

Likewise, you will want to check for coherency, grammar mistakes, and spelling. Overall, we do not recommend sending off AI-generated content to clients without revising it first. You'll find that this type of software is great for helping get you started but doesn't replace your work.

AI-Generated Art and Graphics

AI-Generation Content vs. Human Generated Content

This topic is so important for freelancers that we are going to keep talking about how critical this is. AI-generated content has certainly come a long way, but it can never replicate the power of human-generated content. AI can break down texts in interesting ways, but when it comes to great copywriting, AI falls short.

Use these platforms enough and you'll see that AI struggles to understand context and emotional nuances. This can (and often does) lead to awkward copy and makes it hard for AI-generated content to be truly engaging.

As a freelancer, creating content yourself is always going to produce the most powerful results. You have the freedom to push boundaries and tell stories that AI simply cannot. Crafting well-written pieces gives you credibility as a freelancer, and at the end of the day, no AI program will ever have your unique point of view.

AI-Generation Legal Disclosure Requirements

As mentioned above, the legality of AI technology is still somewhat of a grey area. What are you required to know about AI legal disclosures as a freelancer?

Well, let us say you have a website where you display your services and portfolio. If you're interested in ensuring your website is GDPR-compliant then you'll need to include the proper legal disclosure. This is especially true if you are planning to use artificial intelligence to process someone's data.

Other legal issues that are coming up regarding AI software and content include issues related to:

  • Privacy and surveillance
  • Bias or discriminations
  • Ethical challenges

Currently, governments around the world are implementing controls and laws to help regulate the use of AI. Most recently, the European Commission presented the Artificial Intelligence Act, for example. The idea behind the act is to set rules and standards for the development, trade, and use of AI.

As this develops and more countries implement best practices, you will be able to get a better understanding of what that means to you as a freelancer. When in doubt, put an AI disclosure on your website or in your service offering contracts.

AI-Generation Ownership of Copyright and Patents

When it comes to AI copyright infringement, most of the infractions occur on the business side, not the user side. Several AI companies have come under fire for AI and patents-related issues recently because the algorithms used to produce AI-generated content learn based on other artists, writers, and developers.

This means that these machines are looking at other writers' works, analysing them, and trying to produce similar texts. Is this a copyright infringement since they are not copying and pasting what the writers are writing word for word? Again, this is still a grey area.

One technologist told The Verge that "anyone who says they know confidently how this will play out in court is wrong.” So, even experts are not quite sure what AI means for copyright and patents.

AI-Generation Ethical Considerations

As a freelancer, AI can play an integral part in making your job easier and helping you create content faster. However, with AI technology comes the huge responsibility to make sure you use it ethically and responsibly. How can you use AI content generator software ethically?

Stay up to date on the news as more laws and viewpoints become known. It is also important to make sure AI algorithms are transparent for the platforms you use. Stay up to date on their rules, regulations, and disclosures.

At the end of the day, using AI as a freelancer holds a great opportunity to create amazing content. However, it is important to remain mindful of your ethical obligations as well. Stay informed of the potential issues surrounding diversity and representation as well as the accessibility of this type of content for disabled users.

Relying on AI software to generate content for you that you send off to a client as-is falls into the unethical realm of AI use. However, using it to help you produce creative ideas is likely fine.

If you are using an AI assistant in generating content for clients on your website it would be prudent to not only check the content with a plagiarism checker, but state that an AI Research and Writing Assistant is being used. Soon there will not be many websites where this will not be the case.

AI-Generation Security Risks

AI-Generation Security Risks

For any freelancer, security is a top priority. If you are using AI software or platforms in your freelance career, it is important to understand that there could be security risks associated with AI.

From assessments of private data security concerns and privacy security protocols to the potential for breaches on public networks designed to support AI development, you should always consider security when considering how to use AI technologies in your work.

Simply remain vigilant and protect your data like you would on any other digital platform.

AI-Generation Cost Effectiveness

Sure, there are certain security risks, ethical issues, and legal concerns surrounding AI software. But it is hard to deny the fact that it can be a great tool for budding freelancers. AI content generation automation enables freelancer writers to generate quick drafts for their existing content contracts.

This means that freelancers benefit from AI's ability to data mine and pick out relevant information. In the end, this saves them the hassle of manually checking resources and references from scratch. The result is an optimized freelance workflow.

AI also has unique automated compositional abilities that enable it to create engaging copy without any human input needed. Sure, you will need to edit the work. However, the framework and heart of the content are already there. Imagine the cost savings you could enjoy as a freelancer if you could use a program to help you research and structure all your SEO blogs.

AI content generation helps freelancers craft more compelling pieces at a fraction of the cost. This means it is worth considering for freelancers looking for an edge in the industry. However, it is still important to be mindful of the potential legal issues and pitfalls.

AI-Generation Best Practices for Freelancers

As a freelancer, AI content generation best practices include being mindful of AI-generated content's accuracy. As mentioned, it is important to double-check AI software-generated pieces of work for a fact check, plagiarism, spelling and grammar mistakes before presenting them as finished products.

Additionally, when using AI technology, you should take steps to keep your data secure to protect customer privacy.

Finally, it is helpful to think critically about how you can use AI as an aid rather than a replacement. Integrating AI into freelance workflows can save time and energy without sacrificing quality or creativity. However, it should not replace your brain by any means.

Instead, AI software should help automate work you do not have time for. This includes tasks like generating reports or verifying sources. You should never use it to replace your unique voice.

Another great way to use AI is to track content performance and help optimize the use of keywords in optimization efforts. This can provide you with valuable insights into engaging readers more effectively.

Become a Better Freelancer

Become a Better Freelancer

At Freelance Work Guide, our mission is to help you get paid for your skills. In today's freelance market, it pays to understand how AI content generators and artificial intelligence in general can help you optimize your workflows. However, these are not the only tools you need to succeed.

From understanding how to market your services to building your skills as a writer, we have several resources to help you become a better freelancer. Ready to up your skills and attract more clients? Click here to learn about how to write for the web. Then, browse through all of our guides and eBooks.

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