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Can you imagine that you live in a country town with 5,000 freelancing skills available?
October 10, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for Freelancers

Can you imagine that you live in a country town with 5,000 freelancing skills available?

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If you work in a drought-affected regional area and you have had your work income reduced or been made redundant, we explain that there are now 4.1+ million people participating in the New Economy. We share the latest news on what is happening.

Free trade agreements have been in the news lately as Australia strives to compete internationally. However, Australian freelancers are already doing this. We explain how and why it is important to understand this.

The degree of innovation and co-operation between freelancers is quite amazing as they collaborate to increase productivity on cross-country projects by sharing skills.

Balancing “work time” with “family time” is an international issue and features in a global magazine which we share in the newsletter. We explain what Life Reimagined Ambassadors are and why they are important.

Smart freelancers need to have a financial planner if they have a housing loan. We explain why.

An update of training news and the Amazon Associates Case Study status is provided.

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