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HTTPS matters to your business. Do you know why?
February 27, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for Freelancers

HTTPS matters to your business. Do you know why?

HTTPS is important to your business because it tells your customers that their information is more secure because the information between the customer’s browser and your website is not in “plain text”.

This means that the information is encrypted and a hacker cannot break in to steal the customer’s information. With the prevalence of hacking today this reassurance to customers is important. It is for this reason that customers are more likely to trust and complete purchases from sites that use HTTPS.

If you want to read more about HTTPS Tony Messer has written HTTP vs HTTPS: what’s the difference and why you should care? Tony’s article appears in and you can read it here.

If you have not completed this project for your website or blog you should follow our example and arrange to have it completed.

In the meantime this is a review of the cybersecurity book published by IT Governance Publishing: entitled Security in the Digital World by Graham Day.

These are the two websites that are currently in the process of being converted to HTTPS:

This means that we have had to reschedule our weekly newsletter for two weeks while we upgrade the cybersecurity of our websites.

With the Amazon Associates website case study another article has been added which you can read from below:
Top 7 Savings for Families on Apps and Games with Amazon Households. It is clear the Amazon Households offer substantial savings to families in the digital age.

The next issue of the newsletter will be 6th March 2018.

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