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What are your freelancing concerns for 2018?
February 13, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for Freelancers

What are your freelancing concerns for 2018?

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Vital to freelancers’ success in 2018 and beyond is identifying the issues that matter to them and then trying to do something about them. Do you agree? You may well be surprised by’s survey results on freelancing issues.

Are you motivated to watch Amazon Web Services’ freelancing developments? Upwork’s Q3 2017 fastest growing skills index indicates you should be. We examine why.

Do you reconcile your bank and PayPal accounts statements? With the help of writer Justin Pritchard we explain why you should.

Freelance designers need more than the average share of creative ability and this flows over into watching your work-life balance as well. The Blog writer Brad Fitzgerald shares his views as a freelance designer.

Do you understand what the financial term APR means? Every self-employed worker should and we explain its meaning and what you need to know.

John Cosstick

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