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Freelancers need to understand the critical changes to Facebook
January 30, 2018

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Freelancers need to understand the critical changes to Facebook

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Critical changes were made to Facebook in the run up to the busy Christmas period. Did you catch them and more importantly, did you understand them? Mari Smith, a world leading expert on Facebook, explains what the changes mean.

Not being motivated to look after the cybersecurity of your business can cost you a lot of money. We explain why you need to have a clear understanding of cybersecurity.

Business development and keeping your freelancing business alive with new gigs is very important, we explain how you can do this with the help of Justine Clay from the Freelancer’s Union.

Dr. Chen has produced some simple exercises to reduce neck pain for office workers sitting too long at their computers. We provide a link to her research and recommendations to prevent this annoying and common complaint.

In the financial section, we look at the article Top online scams used by cyber criminals to trick you.

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