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How freelancers can overcome the fear of pitching for freelancing gigs?
January 23, 2018

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How freelancers can overcome the fear of pitching for freelancing gigs?

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Critical to starting out as a freelancer is overcoming the fear of pitching for gigs. It does not matter whether you are a writer, graphic designer, Amazon Web Services IT specialist or any one of the thousands of online jobs. We have a look at pitching for gigs.

New Year’s resolutions can be important for freelancers. We look at ten top resolutions with the help of Katie Perry and the Freelancer’s Union blog.

When you work for yourself it is important that you focus on productivity and not just being busy. This is also known as money. We look at this because money matters!

Jenny Holt is a guest contributor to and Jenny looks at the important issue of anxiety and how to overcome it.’s William Lipovsky has written 2018 Tax Tips for First-Time Freelancers. Don’t miss this.

I was reading an article about Amazon’s global workforce during the week. Did you know that it has now passed 500,000? New articles are starting to appear on our Amazon Associates Website Case Study.

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