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Do you know whether The Pomodoro Technique will work for you?
January 16, 2018

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Do you know whether The Pomodoro Technique will work for you?

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Critical for all freelancers is to identify which technique works for them to be their best at being creative and productive. For many freelancers, The Pomodoro Technique works and the results for many is more money in the bank. We look at how it works and why you should understand it.

Do you have a freelancer development plan? Stephane Kasriel, the CEO of Upwork explains why it matters to you because The Future of Work is changing very quickly.

The demon of procrastination can bite us all and in this newsletter, we explain how to control it.

How did you enjoy your freelancer’s holiday or did your fellow holidaymakers joke about your constantly checking for gigs? We explain how you can plan your holiday better next year.

Your accountant is an investment whose fees can give you the best Return on Investment of all your activities. We explain how.

The Amazon Website Case study continues. Our article Top 12 Valid Ways for Families to Save Money with Amazon Prime is now live. Amazon is amazing!

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