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How freelancers can manage and develop trust with a virtual client?
January 09, 2018

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How freelancers can manage and develop trust with a virtual client?

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Managing online clients and building trust is important issue for freelancers. The reason is that you can have online clients that are on the other side of the world and you will never meet them personally. Chris Sturgess and Tom May have looked at how you can build trust with your virtual clients.

Do you know how to set freelancing goals, why you should and why you should reward yourself for achieving them? Andrew Blackman, Jay Douglas, and Florante Valdez look at the issues for this important topic.

GERT is critical for a lot of freelancers and we explain why.

How to manage late paying clients is tackled by Rebecca Knight from the Harvard Business Review.

Not sure about accepting payment in Bitcoin? Kevin O’Leary gives you the most important tip you need to know.

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