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15 Reasons To Use Tailwind App For Pinterest And Instagram

Tailwind App

The Tailwind App can help save you time and money when you are working with Pinterest and Instagram. This is especially true if you are running a business.

Pinterest probably isn't the first thing to spring to mind. Pinterest is a site and app that is generally considered a social platform. People use it to share images online. Other users will then "pin" these images to their personal boards. There are various reasons people might do this.

Generally speaking, the boards serve as inspiration. People will make boards associated with interior design, fashion, food, and a whole host of other areas.

They'll refer back to these boards when they want to refer to a particular item they want to purchase for their own home, an outfit they want to put together in their own wardrobe, a recipe they want to follow themselves, or anything else they've decided to save for later.

While this may seem inherently social and personal, it's important that business owners understand it as an opportunity to show off their goods and services! You can upload images of things you have to offer and then potential future clients can pin these images to their boards and come back to buy from you later.

It's also a great means of spreading awareness of your brand through (essentially) word of mouth. People follow others' boards and if one person pins your image, a large number of other people could see it, pin it to their boards, and share it with their followers in turn.

As you can imagine, it could only be a matter of a day before your products have been shared amongst a worldwide audience. So, we've established that Pinterest is important for business, but how exactly should you use it for business?

Well, there are all sorts of nuances that come hand in hand with effectively managing Pinterest for your brand. The good news is that Tailwind exists.

Tailwind is the smartest way to schedule and manage your posts on Pinterest. Let's take a moment to learn more about this unique app!

The Benefits Of Tailwind

So, what are the main benefits of using Tailwind? Here are just a few for you to consider:

1. Save Time With Automation

Save Time with Automationimage credit: tailwindapp.com

Curating an appealing Pinterest board is an extremely time consuming activity. You have to think about what time is best to post your images and then you have to make sure you're posting them in an order that's appealing.

Tailwind's bulk drag and drop calendar helps you to upload all of the images you want to share at once, but then allows you to automate the posting process - taking responsibility out of your hands and ensuring your images always go out when you want.

2. Maximising Your Reach With Automation

You want as many people as possible to see the Pinterest boards and images that you're creating and sharing.

After all, the more people who see your images, the more people who are going to be exposed to your products and services and the more people who are going to engage with them.

Tailwind can help you maximise your reach by allowing you to optimise the times your images are posted and shared - you can choose to have things go out when your target audience is most engaged on the platform.

3. Avoiding Boring Your Audience

If you have multiple images going out, it's easy to make the mistake of posting the same image multiple times. This can bore your audience, as nobody wants to see the same content on repeat.

Tailwind's Interval Pinning feature helps you to prevent the same pin going out repeatedly in succession.

4. Resharing Seasonal Content

Smartloopimage credit: tailwindapp.com

Sometimes you'll actually want to repeat Pins. This generally goes for seasonal content or your staple products or services that customers come back to you for time and time again. Perhaps you have a collection that comes out again once a year for a special occasion.

Tailwind Smartloop allows you to set up a collection of pins that you want to re-share. You add pins to your SmartLoop once, and then Tailwind App re-circulates them indefinitely.

5. Sharing Your Blog And Website Content

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The Tailwind browser extension can also schedule pins on Pinterest. It's available via Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, so apt for whatever browser you use.

You can use it to schedule pins from anywhere around the web, including blog posts, while removing the need to worry about saving website URLs or image URLs!

6. Measure Your Success

When you do anything in business, you really need to measure your success. Otherwise, you'll never know whether what you're doing is worth the time, money and resources you're investing into it.

Tailwind gives you deep analytical insight that will give you the opportunity to see what's working for your brand and what's not.

7. View a 30 Day History Archive

See what posts you've put out in the last 30 days so you can monitor what's going out and come up with ideas as to what should come next.

8. View Basic Board Metrics

You can see how you're doing and which areas you might want to work on further with access to analytics like followers, pins, repins and likes for each board you've put out there.

9. Monitor Organic Activity

Monitorimage credit: tailwindapp.com

This allows you to see what people are enjoying naturally rather than what people have been pushed to view through active paid advertising.

10. Compare Performance

You can use specialist features to see the repins of pins you've added to Pinterest. You can then compare how each of these new pins is doing in comparison to your most popular pins.

11. Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribesimage credit: tailwindapp.com

As we all know, creating good working relationships with others is the key to fostering good brand image.

The Tailwind Tribes feature available in Tailwind is the ultimate reciprocity tool. It helps other people share your pins on Pinterest while you share their content in return!

12. RSS Feed Management

RSS Feed Managementimage credit: tailwindapp.com

This feature may well still well in BETA, but it will soon be able to help you create a list of your favourite blogs and build your own personal feed.

You will soon be able to make use of the Content Discovery tab in your dashboard, where you simply add in the URLs of blogs and it pulls content from their site automatically.

This just makes content easier to find and pin from the people you already know and trust.

13. Affordability

Of course, you're going to want to reduce your running costs when you're running your small business in order to maximise your profits. Tailwind is an extremely affordable App that brings great value to your company.

14. Trust


So many people already use and trust Tailwind when it comes to optimizing Pinterest for their business. You can count on this App to really help you out!

You'll be able to find plenty of testimonials and recommendations out there!

15. Ease


Tailwind is specially designed with ease in mind. It really doesn't take long to get to grips with its features. They'll be benefiting you before you know it! We have been so impressed with Tailwind that we are promoting it as an affiliate which means we get a commission for helping them grow their business and ours.  Clearly, it is a Win/Win arrangement. 

Feedback From A User Of Tailwind – Shadman Khan

(Shadman is an Upwork Freelancer)

Shadman helped us develop our Pinterest site here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/frelancewkguide/ and we rate his performance for us as five star. Visit our Pinterest account and let us know what you think below in the comments section. Here is Shadman's report on Tailwind as a user:

I've been attempting to crack the Pinterest marketing hack ever since I started digital marketing and have been trying to grow my client's monthly traffic.

I spent a lot of time manually pinning resources from websites, joining popular share boards, following individuals in my niche, and creating attention-getting graphics that have the potential to travel viral.

After putting a lot of effort into an uninspired social media strategy that wasn't panning out, I finally decided to get tailwind in 2014.

Now, what's Tailwind? Tailwind is an online development and marketing tool for Pinterest and Instagram, but it's more than just that as it is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. It aims to save time and increase your reach.

In just a couple of weeks after started using Tailwind I've gone from barely receiving any Pinterest traffic to obtaining between 50-100 visitors each day, and therefore the traffic appears to be growing steadily.

Both the impressions and the monthly views of the accounts were increasing drastically.

With Tailwind, it was unbelievably simple to schedule Pins to be published throughout the day, create an automatic 'Smartloop' that frequently publishes evergreen content, and to bulk upload new Pinterest graphics/captions.

Theoretically, by consistently pinning every day and at best times, Tailwind allowed me to steadily grow my reach on Pinterest whereas driving traffic back to my websites.

I was managing all my Pinterest posting, contents and analytics in one dashboard comfortably and to attain hours of Pinterest marketing in less time, the affordable monthly fee is more than worth it.

It was just like a very big happy moment for me. In other words, it's a way to automatize the manual method of pinning and repining pins unlimitedly to your various boards.

There was another feature which I realized late that is Tailwind Tribes. This is the most powerful feature of using Tailwind currently. What I realize fascinating is that in almost every single Tribe, I receive more reach than I return.

And trust me, you need the Tribes max power if you actually want to see progress with your Pinterest marketing effort. Specialize in developing organic traffic first, and use Tailwind to increase your website traffic and grow!

Tailwind was solely designed for serious Pinterest marketing, later it had been additionally published for Instagram.

So I'll urge you to give it a try immediately if you're not using it yet both for Pinterest and Instagram.

From my very own experience, it makes running my Pinterest account much effortless and easier as I'm able to be more strategic and productive in my Pinterest marketing efforts and it saves me a bunch of time.

You can also choose the Free Trial plan for a start, and then upgrade once you're convinced.


My Upwork Profile: https://www.upwork.com/fl/shadmankhan

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